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Our Columbus SEO company gets it. You want to rank on the first page of Google. You’re sick of competitors outranking your business. You know how profitable SEO can be. Let our team of experts help unlock your potential. The Media Captain specializes in Search Engine Optimization and helps businesses increase their visibility on Google, leading to more website traffic, sales and leads. Whether the focus is on local SEO, Google My Business, technical SEO, link building, or content, we can help.

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Our SEO Services that Drive Results

We take the time to understand your business which will dictate our SEO strategy. We have high level thinkers on our team that will align our deliverables with your business objectives. The most important part of SEO is the upfront strategy. In developing strategies for hundreds of clients, we know how to prioritize high impact vs. low impact deliverables. When it comes to SEO, if you have the wrong in-house person or agency, it could set you back years. We pride ourselves on the ability to come up with a great strategy and having the support in place for implementation, tracking, and monitoring.

Strategy Development
The upfront strategy is one of the most important components of a successful SEO campaign. This is where we analyze your site and map out a prioritized list of SEO deliverables.
Content Creation
We know how important expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trust are for Google’s algorithm. We take the time to interview our clients. We also have a team of writers to create superb content.
Link Building
We come up with strategies for your business on how you can acquire more backlinks. From blogging for links and utilizing HARO to PR tactics, we cover all the basis to enhance your authority
Google My Business
The 3-Pack results get 44% of clicks on Google’s resutls page. Local businesses must rank in the local pack to get maximum local exposure on Google. Our GMB experts can help with your optimization.
Technical SEO
From page load speed time and fixing broken internal links to enhancing the look and feel of a page, our in-house technical SEO team can improve issues with your site, both technically and aesthetically.
Penalty Recovery
We have extensive recovery with Google Penalties. We can help detect and fix issues holding your site from ranking from its true potential.

SEO Success Stories

Learn more about how our SEO services positively impacted our clients’ bottom line.

SafeAuto's SEO Success Story

SafeAuto Insurance

100’s of KW’s
Rank in Top 10 on Google

Lift in organic traffic

The Media Captain was responsible for lifting a Google Penalty for SafeAuto. We disavowed millions of low-quality backlinks while simultaneously focusing on improving content quality. This resulted in a multi-million-dollar positive impact to their bottom line as their keyword rankings returned to top placement once the penalty was revoked.

The Waterworks SEO Success Story

The Waterworks

Increase in Website Traffic

Increase in Leads

Involving our SEO team during the web design process paid dividends for The Waterworks. Upon launching their site, The Waterworks saw a drastic uptick in organic visibility as they started ranking for their service specific keywords, including Columbus Plumbing Company, one of their most coveted keywords. This resulted in more website traffic and leads.

SRE Group's SEO Success Story

Schottenstein Real Estate Group

Community Occupancy Rate

Increase in Website Traffic

The Media Captain handles the SEO for Schottenstein Real Estate Group’s portfolio of properties. There is a strong local optimization component for each community. We focus on optimizing Google My Business pages and on-site optimization. Our work over the past decade has resulted in record occupancy rate and expansion for SRE Group.

Happy SEO Clients

How our SEO Services Transformed Businesses

Melissa Hornik
Kurgis Law Firm

“The Media Captain helped us rank at the top of Google for some of the most competitive personal injury keywords.”

Lauren Bateman
LB Music

“We rank at the Top of page 1 of Google for all important keywords for each location, thanks to The Media Captain. They’re the best we’ve ever worked with.”

Lance Marz

“Our SEO has never been stronger! With a company such as our own, licensed throughout the United States and in five Canadian provinces we need as much reach as possible and The Media Captain helps us deliver those results, allowing us to land more business and create new clients everywhere!”



Since we’re a full-service agency, we handle all elements of SEO. Gone are the days of content enhancement being the most crucial element to outrank competitors. Google now looks at the user experience and design of your site. They want expert-written content that adds value to a site. They seek technical elements of your site to be firing on all cylinders. Below is the support you can expect when working with our Columbus SEO company.

Web Development

We have developers on our team who implement all of our SEO deliverables onto your website. Rather than dealing with a different development team, it’s all under one roof, synergizing SEO efforts. Our development team can also handle page load speed updates and technical audits, which play a big part in the overall SEO success of your company.

Graphic Design

Recent Google algorithm updates targeted websites with bad UX (user experience). Our excellent graphic design team can look at a webpage, pinpoint deficiencies, and create a beautiful mock-up. Frequently, we see a lift in keyword rankings when our design team enhances the layout.


Google loves unique content. Our team consists of strong writers with journalism backgrounds and thoroughly researches websites ranking ahead of them. We identify what’s missing on our client’s website. We create questionnaires and conduct interviews to get expert insight from the client. We use this information to create powerful content to answer the question the user was searching on Google. Our content strategy is more thorough and effective.

SEO Experts with Experience

The up-front strategy is one of the most essential elements of SEO. Each client will have an SEO specialist with over ten years of experience devising their strategy. We can look at a website holistically and know what’s critical from an SEO and business perspective. It’s easy for someone to create an SEO audit using third-party software. This generic approach often results in deliverables that won’t move the needle for your business, leading to lost opportunity costs.
Our experienced team at The Media Captain is ROI-driven with high-level thinkers. You will notice a difference in the communication and deliverables in working with our agency.

Philosophy on AI

We leverage AI for SEO, but we don’t rely on it. Google has stated they are okay with content written by AI as long as it benefits people and isn’t focused on manipulating search results. When a client is too reliant on AI, this means they are producing the same content as many competitors in similar verticals. This doesn’t lead to unique content. We utilize AI for client questionnaires, headline optimization, and other elements but do not rely on artificial intelligence. We believe and have data to support that unique content from actual experts will outrank AI-written content.

SEO Timeline & Process

Below is what you can expect with our SEO process after signing a contract with The Media Captain. This includes our onboarding process, discovery, and when you should start seeing results.

  • Preliminary sales meetings to scope out work, pricing, and timeline
  • Onboard your account to coordinate the following:
    • Billing
    • Meeting times
    • Credential gathering
    • Client intake form
  • Assign your team an SEO strategist
    • This will be your main point of contact
  • While you go through onboarding, our team meets on your account to get acclimated with all aspects of your SEO project

The first month is dedicated to strategy development. We view this as one of the most integral parts of SEO. We develop an 8-12 month strategy to start, which outlines what we’ll work on and when each deliverable will be completed. The process is prioritized based on what we deem as high-priority SEO initiatives that will have the most impact on your business. Going through each of the deliverables below allows us to craft the perfect SEO strategy.

  • Getting to know your business
    • We’ll learn your business’s most profitable areas along with growth opportunities. Insights into your company help us devise our strategy.
  • Competitor research
    • We’ll look at competitors ranking towards the top of Google in your industry. We’ll determine what they are doing well and where there is room for improvement for your website.
  • Audit existing website
    • We will analyze your website from a user experience perspective to see if there’s room for improvement. Google values a robust user experience across desktop and mobile. Our team will ensure your website reads well and turn visitors into customers.
  • Audit URL structure
    • There is often a messy URL structure when we bring on a new client. The main navigation can be enhanced, and pages often need to be consolidated or further expanded.
  • Keyword Research
    • We have tools that show us what keywords your website is already ranking for, which leads to pages that can be enhanced with further optimization. We’re also able to see keywords your competitors are ranking for. After several meetings with your company, we craft a comprehensive keyword list. We utilize SEMRush to track your keyword rankings versus competitors. This keyword list serves as the official source of truth for progress, as we can showcase where we’ve improved the rankings of your business.
  • Strategy Presentation
    • We present our SEO strategy to you, the client. We want you to understand what we’re working on when we’re working on it, why we’ve selected this deliverable, and the anticipated results. After receiving your approval, we are ready to start implementing deliverables!
  • Each month, we work on an average of 2-4 deliverables, depending on the size of your business and the type of package you signed up for. Our deliverables are predicated on the SEO strategy we put together.
  • Our deliverables consist of the following:
    • Navigation enhancement
    • URL structure revamp
    • Page load speed audit
    • Technical audit
    • Graphic design and user experience enhancements
      • We incorporate UX into our SEO strategy with mock-ups and enhancement
    • Local SEO Optimization
      • Google Business Profile
      • Bing Places
      • Apple Maps
    • Backlink building strategy and opportunity analysis
    • Directory opportunity analysis
    • Content enhancements
    • Creation of blog posts
    • Title tag, description, heading, and alt image optimization
    • Internal linking audit and implementation
    • Creation of goals and benchmarks
  • Our goal is to improve your keyword rankings.
  • The deliverables we work on should result in an uptick in organic ranking.
  • Our keyword-tracking software will serve as a barometer of our success.
    • You will see where you ranked before starting with us and the hopeful continuous upward progression in keyword rankings.
  • When you experience an uptick in rank, this should lead to more organic website traffic and leads.
  • For some clients, it’s easier to rank than others due to competition, the authority of the website, and a variety of other factors. We never guarantee page-one ranking results and try to be transparent with our clients to set realistic expectations.

SEO Experts that Practice What We Preach

We’ve helped hundreds of business rank on the first page of Google. We;ve also been able to grow our agency over the years by
investing in our own SEO. We love SEO so much we constantly share videos on our YouTube channel. When you work with The
Media Captain, you’ll get SEO professionals that are passionate about driving results for your business.

Our SEO Experience


  • Extremely profitable since you don’t have to pay per click.
  • Organic drives some of the highest-quality traffic.
  • Grow your business with more leads and sales for sought-after keywords.
  • Gets you ahead of your competition and increases brand awareness and trust.
  • Drive traffic between informational and commercial search queries.
  • Drive either local or national traffic, depending on your business initiatives.
  • The local 3-Pack results get 44% of actual clicks on Google’s results page, emphasizing the importance of local SEO.
  • The top 3 Google search results get 54% of all clicks.

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