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What To Expect From Us:

The Media Captain, a premier Columbus SEO company, creates a search engine optimization strategy that targets the exact terms your future customers search for. Our services and strategies deliver consistently outstanding SEO results. Our SEO services target the most profitable keywords for your company so your website is high-ranking on search engines. We take an organic approach to building links and creating reputable content. Our strategy is diversified through on-site, off-site, and technical SEO. We build our search marketing strategy to align perfectly with your business’ initiatives. Most importantly, we continuously communicate with our clients and keep them in the loop on trends, changes, and results. We don’t want to make SEO seem like a foreign language. We will explain the process in layman’s terms so you understand our strategy for your business.

  • Increased rankings

  • Increased local presence

  • Increased page rank

  • Increased traffic

  • Increased conversions

  • Increased brand awareness

Why Search Engine Optimization?

First, a few things to ask yourself:

  • Have you taken proactive measures to drive more traffic to your site from Google?
  • Are you generating enough leads through Google, Yahoo and Bing?
  • Are your competitors ranking above you on Google?
  • Has your ranking dropped off of the first page of Google?
  • Have you consulted with SEO experts to learn about your past SEO history?
  • Have you analyzed the most valuable keywords for your industry?
  • Does your website have high quality and authoritative links?
  • Is the foundation of your website properly set up?

There’s a reason why Forbes said investing in organic SEO is more important now than ever. The Media Captain will answer the most important SEO related questions about your business. We’ll create a custom SEO strategy for you that will lead to more web traffic, leads and sales for your business. You’ll love working with our team of Columbus SEO consultants throughout your campaign.

Why We’re Passionate About SEO

We love how much more revenue a client can generate by appearing on the first page of Google for industry specific keywords. This drives us to get results for our clients. From the initial consult to the execution, we enjoy both the on site and off site aspects involved in our search engine optimization strategy. Whenever a primary keyword that we’re targeting for a client populates on the first page of Google, our client can expect a text or call from us right away. We get pretty geeked out about this stuff!
Let’s Strategize

Let’s Talk Results

Our agency is focused on bottom line results for all of our clients. When it comes to our SEO strategy, we make sure to implement a cohesive marketing campaign for your site that the search engines will love. Learn more about some of the recent success stories that we have generated through our SEO efforts.


Swan Cleaners

Swan Cleaners


Schottenstein Real Estate

Schottenstein Real Estate


What Our Clients Had To Say

These guys are good. Really good. Our company is a B2B roofing company and it's incredibly important that we show up in the local search for Columbus, OH. I explained this goal to Jason and The Media Captain’s team and they have really produced results in a short period of time. I understand what their strategy is and, more importantly, it makes sense. They keep me involved, ask the right questions about my company and their customer service is fantastic.
Adam C.
Division Manager / UB Commercial
The Media Captain created an SEO strategy for each one of our rental properties. From building the sites to optimizing them for SEO, we are able to rank very well in all of our markets. I can’t say enough about working with the TMC team!
Brian S.
President / Schottenstein Real Estate Group
I have been doing business with Jason Parks at The Media Captain for several years. Our relationship first started with him doing all of our social media business. It has gradually expanded to him handeling much of our PPC Internet Advertising. In addition, he has monitored all of my SEO programs and other PPC programs and has been diligent in troubleshooting all of my internet advertising without any prompting from me.
What I’m trying to say is that Jason is very proactive and “takes the bull by the horns” and gives the client a great deal of confidence that his internet advertising campaigns are being handled dillegently and properly. I also like that he is very hands on personally and is not just a front man who takes in business and sends it off to someone else. I have enjoyed our relationship immensely and have the utmost confidence and trust in him.
I am a huge internet and yellow pages advertiser so I do know a little bit about what is expected or what should be expected from someone in the business. I have been in business going on 50 years and wish I had met Jason much sooner. I give him a huge recommendation!
Richard D.
Senior Partner / The Donahey Law Firm
At the beginning, The Media Captain worked with me to develop a specific game plan to achieve our SEO goal. We then have bi-weekly status meetings where we check on progress and review the game plan, tweaking when appropriate. The Media Captain has also developed relationships with some very strong websites that they leverage to provide digital exposure for their clients. This is huge in the whole link-building side of digital marketing. They have optimized my website to be searchable, findable, and usable by my target audience. I highly recommend The Media Captain. I am very satisfied with where I stand on Google.
Christian D.
Divorce Attorney
The performance has just been outstanding with The Media Captain. We actually had to hire more people in the call center to take all of the leads we were getting. We are on top of Google search in every category that we want to be in. I would recommend The Media Captain because they have a fantastic suite of services, fantastic project management, performance, and communication. Pretty much all of those things wrapped into one.
Holly S.
Marketing Manager / The Waterworks

Our Expertise


In working with hundreds of businesses and having an in-house team of SEO experts, we have the experience to identify the primary issues as to what is holding your website back on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and implement a unique campaign to regain traction while generating more leads from the major search engines.

  • Helped Fortune 100 brands strategize and execute on complex SEO campaign
  • Assisted major brands in establishing their local presence by submitting thousands of locations to top tiered directories
  • Conducted research, built new websites and conducted redirects strategies after finding SEO deficiencies and improving upon them
  • Helped e-commerce websites get their products to populate on the major search engines
  • Recovered companies from previous negative SEO tactics to regain their ranking
  • Solidified relationships with top tiered websites related to a client’s industry where they were able to contribute content, establishing clients as industry experts
  • Created and distributed engaging blog content on internal and external websites

How Does SEO Work?

It isn’t rocket science

Even though SEO seems very complex, it isn’t rocket science. In working with our team of experts, we make sure to explain the process so not only do our clients’ sites generate better results, but you understand the process.

Search Engines, such as Google, like to see certain components on your web pages (Onsite SEO) and they want to see information about your web pages elsewhere (offsite SEO).

Imagine your website as a bestselling book

Imagine your website as a book. You want to make sure you have a nice cover (the design), you want to ensure that people can find different chapters of the book (infrastructure and architecture) and you want to make sure the content is compelling and flows naturally to the reader (content creation). If you were looking to place your cook book on a bookshelf at the local book store, you would want to make sure your book appeared in the right category, such as “cooking” as opposed to business, which is where keyword research comes into play.

All of the aforementioned comparisons to the book example are a part of “Onsite SEO.”

Just because you wrote a great book doesn’t mean it will sell

Just because you have a great book doesn’t mean that people are going to buy it. This is where Offsite SEO becomes important.

If John Grisham, the best-selling author, never placed his book in front of publishers, influencers and bookstores, it would have just collected dust and nobody would have read his book (aside from his mom, probably). The same is true for your website. Your business needs to get other websites talking about your content, mentioning your brand name and linking back to your site.

Ensure your SEO strategy has glamour!

One of our clients is an e-commerce jewelry company. We reached out to Glamour magazine, who then mentioned our client in an article on its website, which drove a mass amount of referral traffic back to our client’s site. Glamour also included a link back to our client’s site, which increased the authority and credibility of our client’s site, and thus, was positive in the eyes of Google.






If you want to establish a successful SEO strategy, executing on both the Onsite and Offsite SEO is crucial. Just like each page of a book is crucial, the same is true for an SEO strategy. Keep in mind, once the book is finished, there is still work that needs to be done to market it.

What Goes Into Our SEO Strategy?

We focus on the following 9 SEO components to ensure solid search engine ranking positions.

Domain-Level, Link Authority Features

Quantity of links to the domain, trust/quality of links to the domain, domain-level PageRank

Page-Level Link Features

PageRank, TrustRank, quantity of links, anchor text distribution, quality of link sources

Page-Level KW & Content Features

TF*IDF, topic-modeling scores on content, content quantity/relevance

Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features

Content length, readability, uniqueness, load speed

Domain-Level Brand Features

Offline usage of brand/domain name, mentions of brand/domain name in news, media, press, entity association

User, Usage & Traffic Query Data

Traffic/usage signals from browsers/toolbars/clickstream, quantity/diversity/CTR of queries

Social Metrics

Quantity/quality of tweeted links, Facebook shares, Google +1s

Domain Level Keyword Usage

Exact-match keyword domains, partial-keyword matches

Domain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features

Domain name length, TLD extension, domain HTTP response time
The most important ranking factors in Google according to 128 SEO professionals