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Our Columbus SEO Company strives to help businesses outrank their competitors on major search engines like Google and Bing. Since 2010, our Digital Marketing Agency has helped hundreds of clients rank on the first page of Google for coveted industry keywords.

If you’re not moving up the ranks on the search engines, we’re not doing our job. We work side-by-side with each Client to create a custom strategy while providing realistic expectations and goals.

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SEO Success Stories 

Learn how The Media Captain, a Columbus SEO Agency, has helped businesses in Columbus and beyond generate more website traffic, leads and sales through Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Services Offered by TMC

Our Columbus SEO Company constructs a unique strategy for each client and picks the services we feel are most advantageous based on the business type. Learn more about the many SEO services offered by The Media Captain.


Improving the content and overall user experience on your site plays a huge factor in ranking well on Google. 

Our Columbus SEO Company learn more about your business along with your competitors. This deep understanding helps us marry-up our SEO knowledge with your business objectives.

We have the technical expertise in-house to not only create strategy but also implement the more complex changes. We serve as your one-stop shop.

Our SEO Firm will conduct an audit of your website and look for key opportunities. Our team creates a plan based on metrics and key data points so we tackle all SEO tasks in a strategic manner.

We track all keyword rankings in a real-time reporting dashboard versus competitors. We’re monitoring your progress diligently to ensure there’s positive movement.

Whether we’re writing blog content, enhancing technical SEO items or changing title tags, we start putting the pen to paper with our SEO recommendations.

If there’s an opportunity that exists that we didn’t outline in our plan, our Columbus SEO Company can adapt. Our team of SEO Experts are quick and nimble, which is important for SEO.

On-Site SEO

Improving the content and overall user experience on your site plays a huge factor in ranking well on Google. 

When you move into a new house, you need a good foundation. The same holds true for your URL structure. This is an important SEO element that needs to be properly set-up from the onset. We analyze your existing your structure and make recommendations to improve navigation and site experience. If we’re building a new site for your business, we create a solid URL structure so you have a good foundation from the get-go.

We like to find pages on your site that can be enhanced and rewritten. Adding more depth to a page is something that will improve the overall experience, which creates positive responses from Google.

We work with many B2B clients and businesses that requires extensive knowledge of the product or service in order to write great content. We have journalists and copywriters on our staff. As part of our SEO process, we frequently tap into our Clients in-house experts to leverage their knowledge. We do this through questionnaires and phone interviews. This leads to better content, which is what Google likes to see. 

We analyze all of the content throughout your entire website. The goal is to ensure that each page provides the best user experience. There are many instances where we’ll find thin content, which we’ll recommend either deleting or enhancing. We also identify key pages on your site that can be rewritten. Having strong content throughout your site is a major element to a successful SEO campaign.

We have developers on staff that help implement our SEO changes. Whether you have a WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce or a custom website, we will assist with the implementation. This provides a more efficient and cohesive strategy.

We have journalists and content writers in-house. It’s important the content we create and add to your site is stellar. Our resources ensure this is the case. Whether you need a key service or eCommerce page optimized or a new blog written, our team will assist. 

E-A-T is an important Google ranking factor. We enhance your About Us, Meet The Team and Author pages on your site. The goal is to better showcase your expertise, authority and trust, which is what Google likes to see. 

Whether we’re creating a blog for your business or recommending a new page to add to your site, we’re choosing topics that will drive high-intent visitors with the goal of converting them into customers.  

We proof and edit our content prior to posting it on your site. It’s good to get an extra set of eyes on content before it’s released to your current or perspective customers. We ensure this is the case. 

Off-Site SEO

Our team will put together a detailed strategy on how to achieve success through off-site SEO. We follow white-hat tactics when it comes to our link building tactics:

Authoritative links pointing to your site can help your website establish trust. A great way to accomplish this is by tapping into your vendors and business partners. There’s often a “Partners” page on a website or a blog that you can be quoted in. We tap into your business relationships to identify opportunities to help with SEO.

If you’re a local business, getting mentioned on other websites in your local market is important. For example, if you sponsor a local baseball team, you are doing good in your local community and you can benefit with references on local websites. We help our Clients focusing specifically on local SEO come up with an outreach strategy.

PR plays a big part of SEO. When you get mentions on authoritative websites that link back to your website, it provides further credibility to your website. If your business is in need of PR, we can help.

We have tools at our disposal that help us identify key opportunities. For example, we can find all of your brand name mentions across the web that aren’t linking back to your site, which is low hanging fruit from an outreach perspective. We leverage the tools and technology at our disposal to improve your SEO.

It’s important for businesses to establish trust and authority within their industry. We look for opportunities for your brand to contribute articles to trade publication sites. We also look for ways to get key members of your team quoted in articles on industry related websites.

We analyze your competitors who are ranking well on Google. Most likely, they have authoritative links pointing back to their site. We identify their strategy and formulate a unique game for your business.

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Technical SEO

With our in-house development team, we’re able to fix technical issues of a website that could be holding back your search engine optimization rankings and derailing your user experience. Below are several examples of this.

We add your website into a tracking tool that notifies our team of crawl errors on your website. When we identify these errors, our developers fix them so your site is in good standing.

Google Search Console is the official source of truth when it comes to many issues on your site. Search Console also ensures your sitemap is submitted and pages are getting indexed. We immediately get all of our Clients added into Google Search Console and monitor the overall health of your site through GSC.

Your meta descriptions and title tags should be unique for each page on your site. Our SEO team ensures this is the case. We rewrite the meta descriptions and title tags with more compelling copy while also sprinkling in the proper keywords your business is trying to rank well for.

Having a secure site is an important trust factor not only to users who visit your site but also to search engines. We ensure your site is https and secure. We also make sure there’s no mixed content. This means all of the internal links are pointing to the secure version of your site and all pages on your site are also secure.

Duplicate content or spun can result in a Google Penalty (learn more). We make sure all content on your site is unique so there’s not a risk of Google penalizing your site.

Often times, there will be two pages on your site with similar content. This can cause confusion to Google and hurt your rank. 301 redirects will redirect one page of content into another page. This is a valuable technical SEO tactic that we help identify and execute.

Your sitemap tells Google which pages on your site need to be indexed and at what frequency. Without a sitemap, Google could never crawl your site, which means you wouldn’t get found on the search engines. We always make sure you have a submitted sitemap. We also ensure that your sitemap is optimized.

Google continues to put more emphasis on overall website speed. Our developers help optimize for this so you have a solid page load speed score.

Internal Linking is an important SEO element that’s easy to control. According to Yoast, Internal links connect pages and posts on your own website and external links connect your pages to other websites. If a post or page has many internal links pointing to it, this is a signal to Google that it’s an important or high-value article. Our agency helps with internal linking throughout our clients websites.

Local SEO

Ranking in the local pack and having a strong local presence is more important than ever. 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information [source]. “Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two year [source]. We have a strategy to help local businesses gain solid exposure by helping with the following:

When potential customers conduct a Google Search, one of their first areas of research is to seek company reviews. We help businesses get more positive reviews by being proactive in reaching out to their brand advocates. These reviews are often showcased on Google My Business along with popular sites such as Facebook, Yelp along with industry and local sites. 

We optimize Google My Business pages by picking the right primary and secondary categories, posting new content, enhancing photos and much more! Learn more about how to optimize your local SEO

A citation is any online mention of your name, address, and phone number for a local business. Our agency will help get your business listed to the most important websites through our citation building process.

We help make connections with relevant local businesses and industry related sites to enhance the local authority for your site.

Making sure your name, address and phone number are consistent on your website and across the web is important. We have a process in place to ensures this happens. 

We make sure there are proper local keywords in the right places throughout your site. We also enhance your site based on your industry and your local market. 

Why Choose The Media Captain for SEO? 

In-House Expertise

Our staff consists of journalists and writers, technical experts, designers and developers. Whether you need help with on-site, technical, off-site or local SEO, our well-versed team can assist.

Proven Track Record

The Media Captain has been in business since 2010. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their search engine optimization over the past decade. We’ve worked on successful campaigns for small, medium and large sized businesses.

ROI Driven

We care about results. In order for this SEO relationship to be a successful one, we need to improve your organic presence on Google. We’re motivated to get your site ranking well so we can help you generate more business, which will appease both parties!


With our commitment to clear and open communication, our clients understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. While SEO can be complicated, it should never be too difficult to explain the overall strategy in a way that makes sense to the business owner or marketing manager.


Our team takes the time to get to know your business and then work together so there’s synergy that aligns with your business objectives and our strategy. We have a ton of data and case studies from over the years that ensures our strategy makes sense for your business.

Dedicated SEO Strategist For Your Account

Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain

Each client is assigned a dedicated marketing strategist well-versed in SEO.

Our Clients appreciate having a local expert motivated to improve SEO rankings.

We pride ourselves on our communication. We let the Client know what we’re working on, why we’re working on it and the results from our efforts.

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What's SEO and Why Is It Important? 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results [Source].

In layman’s terms, there are many businesses that want to rank towards the top of Google. This doesn’t just happen magically. There’s strategy involved to make it happen, which is something our Columbus SEO company can assist with.

 Why is SEO Important?

You don’t have to pay for each click to your website in the organic results. It’s “earned placement,” which makes the top positioning extremely lucrative. The first five organic results account for 67% of all traffic [Source]. If you can rank well on Google, you are not paying for each click, which will make your marketing efforts more profitable.

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Penalty Recovery

If you’ve been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update, it’s important to identify the issue and move quickly to fix it. Our agency is at the forefront of penalty recovery.

We helped a billion dollar car insurance company recover from a massive penalty caused by manipulative backlinks [read success story]. We’ve identified algorithm changes and have been quoted in major publications for doing so.

The Media Captain knows what to look for and how to solve the issue by taking the following steps below:

There’s not going to be one smoking gun with major Google updates. Instead, there’s typically a battery of smoking guns. We look at your entire site (and other web properties) to detect what could be causing an uproar from Google.

We analyze thin content and duplicative content throughout your site to see if this could be an issue.

We analyze your website traffic and keyword rankings based on key dates when major algorithms rolled out. This tells us whether or not it was an algorithm that you were negatively impacted by or if it were something else.

Low quality backlinks can be hurting your SEO. We analyze your backlink profile to see whether there’s a need to disavow or be more proactive with link acquisition.

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