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The beauty of a robust online ad campaign is with the right strategy, you can generate leads and sales instantaneously. Whether you need help with Google PPC, Display Retargeting, Remarketing List for Search Ads, Google Shopping or Paid Social (to name a few) we have the resources and expertise to drive qualified traffic to your site. 



When someone types in a search term on Google or any other search engine that’s relevant to your industry, online advertisements provide your business with the capability to generate instant leads, sales and awareness for your company. Not only do we set up A vs. B tests with ad copy and display graphics, our development team creates customized landing pages that are optimized with conversion and sales top of mind.

We find the right channels to run online advertisements for your business. We have extensive expertise with Google Adwords, Google and Bing Merchant Center, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads along with many other channels.

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Why The Media Captain?

Our agency has generated numerous sales exceeding $10,000 from just one click that cost less than $2.00. If an online advertising campaign is properly executed, it can result in a dramatic boost in revenue for your company. We have unique platforms to manage budgets and create robust advertisements, like Single Keyword Ad Groups, to drive a high quality score and low cost per acquisition.

We manage millions of dollars worth of ad campaigns. We’re a certified Google Partner and certified in Google Adwords.

We have paid advertising strategists on our staff that will get to know your business. It is important to be familiar with your most profitable services or products so we can bid accordingly to generate a positive return on ad spend for your brand.

We manage your budget and when we see opportunities to double down on top performers to drive more sales for our clients, we pounce.


We are extremely proactive when it comes to online advertising management. While the business owner or marketer is familiar with certain business objectives, we are experts when it comes to finding the right keywords and guiding your team in the right direction with its online advertising strategy.

Below are some of our areas of expertise pertaining to online advertising:

  • Determine most profitable services or products
  • Determine areas of growth within the business that can be leveraged from paid advertising
  • Determine return on advertising spend formula [ROAS] to help with our bidding and overall strategy
  • Determine which channel best suits clients’ business
  • Campaign creation and detailed set-up (advertising copy, keywords, display graphics)
  • Display Retargeting set-up, creation and monitoring (Social + Google Display Network)
  • Update PPC advertisements to reflect most recent promotions and key initiatives
  • Check spend vs. conversions for budgets
  • Monitors movers based on click-through rates and cost changes
  • Adjust bids
  • Monitor or pause poor performing campaigns, advertisements and keywords
  • Look for negative keywords to enhance quality of clicks
  • Look for missed opportunities based on impressions
  • Split out ad groups to narrow and refine campaign
  • Create new ads and ad copy and analyze and pause losers

Let The Fun Begin

Wouldn’t it be nice to be out to dinner on a Saturday night and when check your phone, see and an email notification informing you that several new leads came in for your business?

While we take online advertising seriously, we have fun throughout the process. We’re going to teach your team the strategy we’ve deployed so you understand our game plan. We don’t want this to seem like a foreign language to you. We let our clients be as involved as they desire.

Ultimately, it is our job to drive you new business through paid advertisements. If you want to generate new business from different online advertising channels, we recommend contacting our agency for a free consult.

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