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The Media Captain helps our clients strategically select the best places to advertise across the web. We have the experience and expertise to create profitable campaigns for your business [view success stories].

Google, Facebook and Amazon hold the largest share of total U.S. digital ad spending [source]. Based on your product or service, we help solidify a budget and goals to ensure profitable results.

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Our Paid Ad Services

Our Online Advertising Process

How do we choose the best channels to invest in for online advertising? It all starts with getting to know your business.


We take the time to understand your business.


We conduct research to see what your competitors are doing right and wrong. This helps us better formulate our strategy.

Budget Selection

We find a budget you’re comfortable to start with and confirm the money to spend on each core channel we select.


Our Columbus online advertising company learns about your most profitable services or products.

Channel Selection

We learn where your customers are most likely to find and purchase your product or services. This includes research across Google, Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (to name a few).


We find key messaging and promotions that will turn visitors into customers. Our team works on all creative unique to the channel and platform we’ll be advertising on.

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Growth Areas

We find the growth areas within your business to leverage for paid advertising.

ROI Analysis

We determine the return on investment needed to ensure profitable results.

Oversight & Implementation

We implement your campaigns for optimal performance. We then closely monitor the results and continuously make tweaks for improvement. We are in close communication with your team while providing updates on key metrics.

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