Columbus Graphic Design Company

Our Columbus graphics designers specialize in identity, branding, logo design and web design that will set your website or marketing assets apart from the competition. Our goal is simple. We want to make your brand stand out with stunning design.

The Media Captain has helped entrepreneurs create and design logos for their very first business. We’ve spearheaded rebrands for billion-dollar companies by enhancing their logo and identity.

Whether your company is a small, medium or large, The Media Captain can bring your vision design visions to life.  

Below are common projects companies utilize our design team for. We’ve also included examples of our work so you can see the quality of work our team has produced! 

New Logo Creation

Our design experts learn your business, so we know your core values, mission and goals. We also look for inspiration from the business owner or marketing managers we’re working with on the logo project. We take this information and come up with numerous logo designs for your team to choose from. We present you with a color scheme, font standards along with the logo. There is typically back and forth communication after we first present the logos to your team, but we work with you until you get a logo you’ll love.

Enhancing an Existing Logo

If a business has been around since the late 80’s and hasn’t changed their logo, they’ll come to The Media Captain for refresh. Typically, we keep some of the core elements such as color scheme and freshen up the design. In a similar fashion to new logo creation, we present several versions for your business to choose from.

Branding and Identity

Our team will create a brand standards document for your company to follow. This includes the color schemes, font family and different usage of logos for various situations. For example, when using a logo for social media, a different size element of your logo will need to be created versus your main image as there is less real estate. This brand standards/brand identity can be shared with your entire company to ensure there’s more cohesiveness. 

Design Enhancements to Website

You want to make a strong first impression and a stellar design will do just that. Whether you need a new site or want to refresh your existing site, design is a crucial component. A strong design will establish your brand identity, it’ll increases brand awareness and retention, it will set you apart from your competitors and it’ll increase the perceived value of your business. The following is an example of a wireframe and mock-up we created for a website rebuild. This will show you how the design brings the site to life.

Original Homepage

Redesign: Wireframe

Redesign: Mockup

Social Media Graphics

Social media posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. One of the reasons our social media services are in such high demand is that we have graphic designers that assist with the imagery and we also have video production experts to produce compelling content.

Print and Traditional Design

While the core focus of our agency is Digital Marketing, our design team is heavily involved in print design. We’ve helped brands with the design for newspaper advertisements, trade shows and everything in-between.

Sales Booklet

Newspaper Advertisement

Promotional Flyer


Whether you need assistance with display advertising or social media marketing advertisements, we can help. We’ve created thousands of digital advertisements, which has led to an uptick in click-through rate, engagement and conversions.

Business Cards & Letterhead

If you need help coming up with a professional design for your business card, we can help. It should be noted that we don’t do the printing. If you are looking for printers, we recommend FedEx Office. If you need assistance putting your business card together with strong design elements, this is where we can help.

Packaging Design

If your business needs packaging design assistance, The Media Captain is here for you! We’ve worked with eCommerce brands and retailers in selecting the right color scheme and design for bottles, boxes and shipping elements.


We have numerous graphic designers on staff. We have worked with hundreds of brands to improve their visibility by creating compelling graphics. When you work with our Columbus graphic design firm, you’ll have a responsive group of designers who have a keen vision that aligns with your brand voice.