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Generate Reviews for Your Company

Our goal is to enhance the reputation of your business.

The Media Captain can help your business generate more company reviews to enhance your online reputation. We’ll create a streamlined, organized process to stay proactive with your review management.

We’ll set your business up with an automated series of messages to send to all of your customers. We can dictate messaging based on initial feedback to ensure only positive reviews hit sites like Google and Facebook.

Importance of Online Reviews

Don’t Wait for a Negative Review to Be Proactive!

Most businesses reach out to us only after they receive a negative review. This lackluster review will stand out like a sore thumb since they don’t have many reviews associated with their business to begin with.

We preach a proactive strategy to continuously get positive reviews to further strengthen the trust of your brand while offsetting potential negative reviews. This is why our strategy is effective and used by the majority of our clients.

Review Sites


We’ll determine the most important review sites (Ex: Google, Facebook, Yelp). We’ll get you integrated into our software to help you generate more reviews on these channels through strategic outreach and follow-up.

Find Brand Advocates


We have the capability to distinguish between brand advocates and brand detractors. The initial touch-point via email or text allows us to push the positive feedback to sites like Google while keeping the negative feedback internal and away from the public.

Automated Process


We’ll craft an automation for emails and texts that’ll be sent to your customers asking for reviews.

Manage Feedback


We’ll respond to reviews on all channels that come in through our software. When there’s a question we don’t feel comfortable answering, we’ll loop your team into the mix.

Review Management FAQ’s

Yes. We’ll be able to associate numerous business emails into our software so you get notified when a review comes through. We’ll route this to the appropriate stakeholders on your team and our agency will oversee the reviews coming through for your business as well.

No. If someone leaves a negative review on Google, there’s no way for us to take down the review. You can file a complaint with Google If it’s valid) or there are ways to reach out to the customer to see if they’ll remove the review, which we can assist with. There’s no way for us to magically remove a negative review. Our strategy will help offset any negative reviews though. We like to tell our clients that a prospective customer is more likely to trust a 4.9 rating than a 5 star rating.

Yes. We work directly with numerous platforms such as TrustPilot and YotPo and can assist with your eCommerce product reviews. eCommerce reviews are extremely valuable because they can increase conversion rate percentage when your product reviews populate in Google Search and on paid advertisements for PPC and Shopping. Learn more about our eCommerce marketing capabilities

Yes. We’re notified of any positive or negative review that comes through via your Facebook business page. We utilize different software so we receive notifications on your brand mentions.  Your dedicated account strategist would also monitor these notifications. We’re constantly removing spam comments, responding to questions or forwarding onto the appropriate stakeholder on your team if a more detailed response is needed.

Yes, in addition to online reputation, we offer social media marketing services. We also offer search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and more. Learn more about our other core services.

Yes. You’ll have a dashboard where you can see overall sentiment for your brand and share this report with others within your company.

Want to Start Generating Positive Reviews? Contact Us!

Contact The Media Captain to speak with our team of marketing and web design experts. We look forward to learning more about your business while guiding you in the right direction on a web marketing strategy.