Google Shopping Experts Columbus, Ohio

The Media Captain has extensive experience with eCommerce marketing and can help with your Google Shopping needs. Our team of experts manage millions of dollars for eCommerce Clients across a wide variety of verticals. Our goal is simple. We want to help your business generate more sales and improve profitability through Google Shopping.

Client Success Stories for Google Shopping


Google Shopping is the leading driver of customer acquisition for DermWarehouse. Millions of dollars has been generated through Google Shopping Ads with a profitable return on ad spend. The Media Captain manages this campaign and paved the way for success by segmenting by products, brands and price point.

Darby Creek

The Media Captain helped turn Darby Creek into a multi-million dollar brand, in large part due to Google Shopping. After hiring The Media Captain, Darby Creek experienced a 636% year-over-year growth in revenue. They saw a 320% year-over-year transaction growth and a 13:1 Return on Ad Spend on Google Shopping.


“We have had a great experience with The Media Captain. Our Google Shopping Ads have had a great return on our ad spend and they continue to help drive a lot of traffic and conversions to our site. Their team has GREAT communication, always keeping us in the loop when  increasing/decreasing budgets based on results and trends with REAL data. Money very well spent!! Thank you TMC.”

– Josh Foltz, Owner, Darby Creek Trading

Our Process for Google Shopping

When it comes to Google Shopping, we have processes and procedures we follow to ensure success for our clients.

Product Discovery

We learn more about your products and what makes them stand out versus the competition. We analyze price points along with product photography.

Product Page Analysis

If you need a custom site in .NET or another technology stack, our team can build it from scratch.

Campaign Structuring

We structure your Google Shopping campaigns based on price points, brands, categories, seasonality and more. This allows us to see what type of products are performing best.

Feed Creation

We create your Google Shopping Feed so your products start populating on Google via image results along with price point.

Review Recommendations

Product reviews populating on your shopping ads increase conversion rate percentage. We will make recommendations on ways to get more positive reviews.

Oversight & Optimization

Once your campaigns are launched, we are enhancing and improving the campaigns to get the maximum return on investment.

Feed Optimization

We analyze your product page on your website to ensure it’s optimized for eCommerce conversions.

Budget Selection

We will make recommendations on initial budgets while projecting ROI metrics that align with your business objectives.

Communication & Real-Time Reporting

Our Clients are set-up with real-time reporting so from the get-go, they can monitor their ad spend, revenue and profitability. The dedicated strategist assigned to your account are in frequent contact to provide campaign updates.

Dedicated Experts


In working with The Media Captain, you have dedicated experts assigned to your account who are certified in Google Ads and Analytics that have experience in driving sales for Clients. We strategically select our Google Shopping Experts based on your industry. You will have close communication with your strategist as we strive to make your campaigns profitable. 

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