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You need a website. You want it to look fantastic. You want the mobile experience to be great. You want your customers to be wowed when they visit. Of course, you want your site to be a tool to enhance sales. The Media Captain has a team of local web design experts in Columbus ready to help. We were voted the “Top Web Designer in Columbus” by UpCity. Hundreds of local businesses have given us 5-star reviews based on their experience. Your new website from The Media Captain will be an asset you’ll be proud of that will convert visitors into new customers.

All-Star Columbus Web Design Team

When you work with The Media Captain, you have an all-star team at your disposal. From project managers to designers, developers and SEO experts, you have all the resources you need to build the website you always dreamed of. Don’t lose sleep thinking about how your competitors’ sites are better than yours. Once TMC completes your project, your competitors will be envious of your site.

All-Star Columbus Web Design Team

When you work with The Media Captain, you have an all-star team at your disposal. From project managers to designers, developers and SEO experts, you have all the resources you need to build the website you always dreamed of. Don’t lose sleep thinking about how your competitors’ sites are better than yours. Once TMC completes your project, your competitors will be envious of your site.

Technical Mastery

Your business is reliant on a functioning website. You want to sleep well at night knowing your website is running smoothly 24/7/365. We have development experts based here in Columbus that will ensure the technical aspects of your site are sound. We host hundreds of websites [learn more]. Reputable businesses in Central Ohio and beyond put entrust our firm with their site. If an emergency arises, we’ve got your back. We’re local and readily available. We’re well versed in WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and many more! 

Web Design & Hosting Experts Since 2010

View Our Agency’s Portfolio of Sites

Since 2010, we’ve built hundreds of websites for all businesses types. From small and medium sized to larger brands, our Columbus web design firm is confidently able to handle all types of projects. We encourage you to view some our web design projects below. To view even more sites we’ve built, view our portfolio page.

Design & Development Experts

We’ll be blunt. We’re not going to be the cheapest option when it comes to building a new site. The reason is that our work isn’t outsourced and we have numerous experts working on your account. We deliver a damn good product that you’ll be proud of. Many people don’t realize the different skill-sets required for a great site. You need a developer to ensure all technical aspects are sound. Our designers bring forth a professional look and feel. Our project manager helps facilitate all communication while keeping the project on-time and organized. Having SEO experts involved allows for search engines to love your site upon launch. If you want a solo shop development firm, we’re not going to be the right fit. If you’re looking for a team of experts that are proactive, takes initiative and obsesses about your site being best of industry, The Media Captain is ready to set sail on your site project. 

Project Manager

Your main communication point who will ensure deadlines and deliverables are met while keeping the project organized and moving forward.


Our designer will bring your website to life to ensure the look and feel exceeds your customers expectations.


Our developers take care of the coding and technical components to ensure your site is functioning seamlessly.

Our Web Design Agency’s Proven Process

We have an extensive process that’s been created by our Columbus web design experts over the years. Below are the steps we follow from start to finish.

We learn more about your business along with your project requirements to create an extensive checklist of all needed components for your site build.

our discovery strategy

Road Map
Just like a house needs a solid foundation so does a website. We create a URL structure, user flow and visual sitemap to ensure the website architecture is in place.

visual sitemap example

We create a skeleton of each important page to organize the layout. We get the sign-off from the Client before proceeding onward.

example wireframe

We bring your site to life by placing imagery and text on the page so you can see how it will look on the actual website.

example mock-up

We help with the overall organization of content throughout your site and help optimize it for SEO purposes.
We create a link where you can start viewing how the site will look across all devices.

responsive web development

Quality Assurance
We have a thorough quality assurance spot-check to make sure we’re fully prepared prior to launch.
Site Launch
After launching the site, we keep a close eye on your site performance.
Throughout the entire development process, you have access to your project manager, designer and developer.

Popular Platforms

Our full-stack development capabilities allows us to confidently build your site on the most popular platforms. Whether you need an eCommerce site or a standard business site, we can help.

We not only design and develop WordPress sites but we can custom customize plugins along with any component of a WordPress site [learn more].
If you need a custom site in .NET or another technology stack, our team can build it from scratch.
Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. We are well versed in Shopify [learn more].
This popular enterprise eCommerce platform is one that our development team is extremely well versed in.
This extension to WordPress is another popular platform we build eCommerce sites upon for our clients [learn more].
If you’re leaning towards BigCommerce, based on our eCommerce experience we can help.

Website Hosting Services

The Media Captain is a trusted leader when it comes to website hosting in Columbus. It’s important to put your site in the hands of trusted experts. We host hundreds of websites for well-known businesses that trust our firm with keeping their website up and running at all times.

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. Think of web hosting like the home where your website resides. We have the development and technical resources in-house to confidently oversee all aspects of your website hosting so your site is running 24/7/365.

  • We take daily backups of your website, in case anything were to ever happen to your site, we’d be able to revert to prior days versions.
  • We ensure your site is running at optimal speed levels at all times.
  • We have a staging and production environment. This allows us to implement changes in staging to make sure everything works well prior to rolling out to production.
  • For WordPress clients, we update plugins on a monthly basis to ensure your plugins aren’t out of date, which can cause issues in the future.
  • Our developers are on call and ready to assist with your website. Rather than calling into GoDaddy or another provider, we handle the issue so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business.

Why Media Captain for a New Website?

In-House Expertise

A project manager, designer and developer will be assigned to your account. We have the key people in place to make your site build smooth sailing [Meet The Team].

Proven Track Record

From Fortune 500 brands to small and medium sized companies, businesses of all types have trusted TMC for their website development needs [View our portfolio of sites].

Getting to Know You

We have an extensive discovery prior to building your site so we understand all technology requirements and business objectives.


Building a site from scratch can be complex. We like to provide clarity to each client so they understand what we’re working on, why we’re working on it and when it will be delivered.

ROI Driven

Some websites are built strictly for branding purposes. Most sites we develop have marketing goals that accompany them. We offer the digital services so marketing coincides with development [view digital services].

Additional Services Offered By TMC


Below are some of the most common questions we receive when it comes to businesses inquiring about web design services:

How long will it take to complete my site?
On average, we’re able to finish sites in 8 weeks. This is dependent on our development queue along with the size and scope of your project. We’ll work with you on a realistic deadline and come up with pricing based on your scope of work. Contact us for a free consultation.
Are your development resources in-house?
Our core team of designers and developers are located in our Columbus office. This is important as many businesses enjoy face-to-face meetings and dealing with local developers. As we’ve grown, our developers and project managers have expanded beyond Columbus.

See what Lasting Impressions had to say about our development communication. [view testimonial]

Who will be working on my site?
You’ll have a project manager dedicated to your account throughout the site build. This will ensure we are hitting on key deliverables and keeping the project on track. You will also have a designer from our team to make sure the look and feel of the site meets and exceeds your expectations. There will also be a developer on your site to make sure all technical items are in-tact and your site is operating seamlessly.
When will I be able to see my site?
After you approve the wireframe and mock-up, you’ll have a link to the development site. You’ll be able to view our progress on desktop and mobile throughout the site build. We have meetings either weekly or bi-weekly with your company to answer questions, showcase progress while making sure all parties are aligned.
Do I have to pay for my entire website up-front?
No, we do not require full payment up-front. On average, we require a 35% down-payment but this estimate depends on project size and scope.
Will I be able to edit my website?
Yes. 90% of the sites we build are in WordPress and have a content management system. You’ll easily be able to login into the CMS (Content Management System) and make changes yourself. Included in the majority of our site builds are training courses so you can confidently manage making changes.
Do I have full control of my website?
Yes. Within our agreements it clearly states that you own all development and design files associated with your site. Your website is a crucial asset to your company and we would never hold this hostage.
Do you host websites?
Yes. We have a great website hosting plan that many of our clients take advantage of.  We take daily backups of your site, have an emergency backup in place if there were ever an issue with the original backup. We have a staging and production environment. If you are not familiar, staging is a test environment where we can deploy changes to ensure everything works smoothly before rolling out to production, which is a live environment [Learn More].
Do you optimize the websites you build for SEO?
Yes. SEO is a core service here at The Media Captain and is ingrained in our DNA. We make sure your foundation is in-tact with the right URL structure. We optimize title tags and descriptions throughout the site. We conduct necessary redirects. Our agency has an extensive SEO checklist that we go through prior to site launch.
Can you help me with website edits post site launch?
Of course! We’re not going anywhere. We’ll be your partner during development and afterwards. We’ll learn how much you’ll want to rely on us for website edits post site launch. Some clients have simple changes that require less than an hour of work. Others rely on us heavily for over 10-hours of work per month. We’ll come up with a good solution.
Do you offer ongoing digital marketing support?
Yes. We have a great team of digital marketing experts. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with SEO, Social Media, PPC and more. View all of our digital services HERE.
How Do I Get Started?
You would first set-up a consultation with our agency. We’d get a better idea of the scope of work and we’d be able to properly quote the website project for you. If you decide to move forward, we’d send over a proposal. Once the agreement is executed, we would assign the appropriate team members to your account. We typically need 5-7 business days to make these assignments and get prepared on our end. We then have a kick-off meeting and follow our standard process and procedures, which you can learn more about below on this page.

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