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SMS open rates can be as high as 98%. Consumers have 192x more unread emails than text messages [view more SMS marketing stats]. There’s no denying the power of text message marketing. Is your business leveraging SMS marketing to its full potential?

The Media Captain, an award winning marketing agency, will help you capture more phone numbers while deploying a strategy to drive more sales via SMS. We’ve been at the forefront of text message marketing, helping large and small businesses succeed with SMS.

Our SMS Marketing Expertise

Core Services for SMS Marketing

You can utilize SMS marketing for promotional purposes and for order updates. Below are all of the services we can perform when it comes to SMS marketing.

  • Personalized Promotions 
  • Offers or Discounts 
  • Remarketing 
  • Surveys 
  • Order Confirmations 
  • Tracking Information 
  • Delivery Updates
  • List Management 
  • Automation 
  • Lead Capture 
  • Klaviyo Integration 
  • Reporting & Analysis

Deploying the Right Strategy

We create a custom strategy for each SMS Marketing client. A strategy for our B2B clients will differ from one for our eCommerce clients. For eCommerce, there’s going to be more of a focus on promotions while driving instant sales. For a B2B, there’s more thought that goes into educating prospects and clients. 

The Media Captain’s team is very technical. We automate SMS marketing within Klaviyo for eCommerce accounts or HubSpot for non eCommerce. We’re able to pull in revenue generated from SMS campaigns for eCommerce clients. We’re also able to track other key information such as open rate, clicks, opt-outs and much more.

Success Stories


DermWarehouse is our in-house eCommerce brand. We’ve been utilizing SMS since our inception in 2015. Text message marketing has been one of the biggest drivers of sales for our company. We’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue from SMS while making it a key aspect of all major sales and promotions. We’ve also created automations and flows within Klaviyo for SMS, meaning our text messages are delivered at key times each and every day. 

View DermWarehouse Success Story

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Working With Media Captain For SMS Marketing

We practice what we preach. We’re one of the few agencies to have a seven figure eCommerce brand. We’ve been early adopters of SMS marketing. We’re going to deploy the same tactics that’ve worked for our businesses and our clients’ companies for your account. 

After our team of SMS experts learn more about your business, your past SMS history along with your goals, we’ll work towards making SMS a key part of your marketing strategy.

Looking for SMS Marketing Support?