Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Law firms understand that in order to grow their legal practice, online marketing is a necessity. Over 30% of potential clients start their attorney search online and over 65% of law firms spend most of their marketing budget online [source]. 

Our digital marketing agency has extensive experience in online marketing for law firms. We’ve achieved fantastic results in some of the most competitive legal practice areas. We’re proud to have helped law firms start from scratch while taking established firms to new heights. Whether you need online marketing support or a new website, The Media Captain is here to help. 

Our Legal Marketing Experience

  • We’ve been in business since 2010 and helped many law firms over the years
  • We have extensive legal marketing experience across multiple practice areas
  • We’ve written thousands of pages of content for different law practices
  • We’ve managed millions in ad spend for our attorney clients 
  • We’ve built many high performing websites for our attorney clients 
  • We’ve helped our attorney clients rank on the 1st page of Google a wide array of competitive keywords [view SEO strategy for personal injury attorneys]
  • We’ve written long form blog content that’s helped drive qualified traffic to our clients sites
  • We’ve created compelling social media posts for attorneys

SEO For Law Firms

Whether you have an established firm or are starting your practice from scratch, we know what it takes to improve keyword rankings for your legal practice. We have SEO experience across many legal practice areas.

We got Kurgis Law Firm ranking in the top position for some of the most competitive keywords pertaining to personal injury and auto accidents, resulting in an 82% lift in organic traffic. [view this SEO strategy]. After interviewing their attorneys, we were able to produce strong content for each practice area page, leading to many keyword wins.

We helped Needleman Law Firm achieve top ranking for small business bankruptcy related keywords. After numerous meetings with the client, we knew small business bankruptcy was his specialty, and optimized his website content for this niche.

We improved keyword rankings for Lewis Legal Solutions, a divorce attorney, for prenup queries in their local market shortly after launching their site. It can take time to achieve SEO wins after launching a brand new site. Based on competitive research, we knew optimizing their prenup page could lead to one of these key wins, which it did.

“After opening my own law office, I needed help creating a website and establishing my web presence. The Media Captain built the perfect site for my firm. I continued with their services for ongoing SEO, online ads, and social media posting. After only 2 months, I am already very busy with new clients and cases. The online marketing clearly worked and it was much faster than I expected.”
– Mary Lewis, Lewis Legal Solutions

Web Design For Attorneys

When it comes to building websites for attorneys, our team knows what to look for from a design and user experience perspective. We understand what moves the needle and will help build a site that will lead to a higher conversion rate and an increase in organic traffic.

Schiff & Associates experienced a 38% increase in average time on site and a 24% increase in contact form submission after The Media Captain launched their site.

We followed the strategy below for Schiff & Associates in designing and developing their site.

  • We like to highlight each of the attorneys at the firm to convey expertise, authority and trust.
  • We leverage strong video and photo content to highlight the personality of the firm.
  • We build out strong practice area pages that are optimized for the right keywords in the right suburb, city and state.
  • We make it easy to get in contact with the firm through live chat, contact form submission and strong call-to-actions.
  • We showcase reviews to build trust amongst prospective clients.
  • We make it easy to navigate the site so a prospective client can find the key information they are looking for in an easy manner.

“The Media Captain team was first class throughout our whole experience. The site build was truly a seamless experience with Grade A customer service.” – Zach Schiff, Schiff & Associates, LLP

Below are other websites we’ve designed and developed for attorney clients:

Google and Bing PPC

For most legal clients, we allocate the majority of the monthly budget (around 70%) towards Google and Bing. The intent is strong on these search engines, which often leads to a higher conversion rate.

When someone types “Tampa Divorce Lawyer,” into Google, for example, there’s a strong chance the person conducting the search is looking to hire an attorney, meaning they have a high intent. If you have a strong and compelling advertisement, this can lead to new business for your firm.

David Goddard was ready to launch his own personal injury law firm in West Virginia. We explained to him that with a brand new website with little authority, it could take time to reap SEO benefits. We knew by launching a PPC campaign targeting his main practice areas, we’d be able to drive instant, quality traffic to help generate new leads for his firm. We were able to generate a cost per click of $3.23, which is relatively inexpensive for personal injury attorneys, while driving more than 1,000 conversions over the first six-months, leading to an influx in leads.

“The Media Captain was there from day one for my firm. They helped build my website and successfully launch my marketing strategy. I highly recommend them.”
– David Goddard, Goddard Law.

Google Local Service Ads

We help attorneys with the complex set-up of Google Local Service Ads. We also help optimize accounts once the structure is sound to give our clients the best chance of ranking in the three pack placement. We also provide our clients with best practices on how to optimize their accounts to ensure ongoing success and improved visibility.

Social Media Advertising For Attorneys

Even though we typically spend less money on Facebook and Instagram versus Google for our legal clients, social advertising is still an important part of the strategy.

For Kurgis Law Firm, we leveraged their television commercials for their social media advertising creative. We used these video spots for retargeting on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which helped reinforce the brand message after someone dropped off their site.

We then used the video spots that were specific to car accidents and targeted specific areas of Ohio where vehicle crashes are more prone to happen, like major freeways throughout the state.

This strategy yields more than 1 million impressions per month, which helped increase website traffic more than 22% compared to the prior year.

Social Media Posting For Attorneys

Social media posting helps with brand awareness for our legal clients. Oftentimes when a prospective client is making a decision on what law firm to move forward with, they will look at the firm’s social media channels before making a decision. You don’t want your social channels staying stagnant.

For our legal clients, we recommend distributing posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and your Google Business Profile.

We focus on showcasing the following core themes for social media for attorneys:

  • Success Stories & Testimonials
    People like to know about the wins your firm has experienced over the years.
  • Attorney and Employee Features
    Getting prospective clients familiar with the attorneys at your firm makes more of a personalized connection.
  • Practice Area Knowledge
    Sharing your knowledge on your core services helps establish trust and authority. Recording videos is a great way to garner strong exposure for this sort of content.
  • Fun Facts
    Whether your firm is involved in a local charity or has a fun fact to share, this helps make your social media content more engaging.

Reputation Enhancement

Online reviews differentiate your firm versus competitors. When someone sees more positive reviews on Google for your firm versus the others, this makes a prospective client more likely to proceed with your law firm. We have software in place that can help automate the review process for your firm.

For our legal clients, we see that a proactive outreach effort garners the best results when it comes to collecting online reviews. We recommend designating someone within the firm as the review manager. This person is responsible for coordinating internally with the attorneys to see which of their clients had a positive experience and then reaching out to those clients for reviews via our review platform, where a sequence of emails will be automatically sent out to clients.

If you are a solo shop firm or only have a few attorneys, this process can be streamlined by the attorney reaching out directly to clients.

We see more than a 50% lift in online reviews come through when this strategy is implemented. We have dozens of attorney clients with over 100 online reviews, in large part due to this strategy.

Law Firm Marketing Statistics

Below are statistics that emphasize the importance of online marketing for law firms:


When searching for a lawyer, 57% of consumers conducted their own search, 59% asked for a referral, and 16% did both [source]. While referrals are important, people trust those listed high in search results on the internet.


Only 27% of law firms report having a blog [source]. Establishing a blog strategy is a great way to drive long tailed search queries to your site while also helping to establish quality backlinks.

Social Media

76% of lawyers and law firms using social media use LinkedIn, followed by Facebook at 60% and Twitter at 37% [source]. LinkedIn is a great channel for attorneys to distribute content on behalf of their firms page. We see great results when attorneys share content to their own personal LinkedIn account, expanding overall reach.

Mobile Friendly

68% of law firms say their website is mobile-friendly [source]. Having a mobile friendly site with strong call-to-actions, such as your phone number, email and contact us is imperative.

Case Studies

Only 47% of firms show recent successful cases on their websites [source]. Case studies are a great way to showcase your firms skillset and expertise and should be incorporated more frequently onto attorney websites. You can view our case studies to get an idea of how we like to structure this!

Live Chat

Only 5% of firms say their sites use live chat [source]. Live chat is a great way to capture more leads by answering questions in real-time.

Our Strategy For Legal Marketing

Location Matters
Where do you want to generate new business from? Do you have one physical location in one specific city? Do you have multiple offices throughout the state? Does your practice focus on national practice areas? We help create a location specific strategy that aligns with your business goals. 
Practice Area Focus
Does the majority of your revenue come from 1-2 specific practice areas? Are there lucrative practice areas you want to grow? We learn your more about your practice areas during our discovery process. We then create our digital marketing strategy to align with your most profitable practice areas. 
Competitive Research
We look at which competitors are outperforming your firm from a digital marketing perspective. Are you being outranked on Google? Are you being outbid on your ads? We’ll find your diffencies and improve upon this based on the tactics we see working for other law firms. 
Conversion Rate Optimization
According to Law Technology Today, 35% of the time, phone calls from prospective clients are not answered. 42% of the time, law firms take an average of 3+ days to respond to a message from a new potential client. We take a proactive approach to improve your conversion rate percentage.
For an attorney, reputation is everything. Yet many attorneys ignore their online reviews. Our reputation enhancement services allow for our law firm clients to be more proactive in soliciting reviews. 67% of online reviews are left on Google. Stronger reviews can lead to more organic traffic and a higher conversion rate percentage.  
We are strategic in the topics we select for our legal clients. We’ve seen instances where thin content that’s poorly written has penalized attorney websites. We devise a blog strategy that aligns with your firms business objectives. We strive to drive highly qualified traffic to your blog that can result in new potential business. 

Practice Area Specialization

We’ve worked with attorney clients in the following practice areas listed below. We are proud to be a trusted digital marketing agency for law firms!

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Employment Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Real Estate Law 
  • Family and Divorce Law 
  • Commercial Litigation

Working With The Media Captain

The Media Captain is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We work with legal clients throughout the country. Our mission is to help law firms generate more online leads through our various digital marketing and web design services.

Our team is extremely communicative. We pride ourselves on developing the right strategy for clients based on our experience. We have all of the resources in-house execute on each element of our strategy.

We encourage your law firm to reach out to The Media Captain for a complimentary consultation.

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