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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that our agency receives prior to bringing on a new client and during the working relationship.

We’re established. We’ve been in business since 2010. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses. From Fortune 500 brands to small and medium sized companies, we’re a trusted entity [read reviews]. We’ve been named a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. by UpCity and a Top 1000 B2B Business by Clutch. Whether you need digital marketing or development help, we can help.

Our extensive knowledge when it comes to digital marketing along with our skilled development and design team.

We care about our clients. We’re strong communicators. We’re ROI focused. We’re technical yet creative. Clients realize this when working with our team.

In working with hundreds of businesses, we are up-to-date on the latest trends and technology. We know what strategies work and don’t work based on data from clients across all verticals. Instead of spending time attempting to develop the best strategy, we’ve done the legwork to help your business get the most efficient results.  Rather than having to hire full-time associates, our agency can serve as the key marketing and development extension for your business.

Yes. There are some agencies that will maintain ownership of your site and creative files associated with your site (verbiage, images, etc). We feel that your site is your baby, which is exactly why you should own 100% of all components.

  • On the digital marketing side, we have an extensive onboarding checklist that maps out a 40-step checklist to ensure we get all credentials and follow all steps prior to successfully launching campaigns. We put a lot of time into learning your business and marrying this up with our digital marketing knowledge to ensure we create the best strategy. We also have meetings and calls throughout our onboarding process. More detail on our communication process can be found further in the FAQ section.
  • For development, we create a requirement list so both parties know of the necessary deliverables. After agreeing upon the requirement list and scope of work, we map out a timeline, introduce our team members and set-up meetings to ensure a smooth sailing project. 

This depends on whether or not you’re signing up for digital marketing or development services. For development, we typically require a 35% downpayment. For digital marketing, we charge for the upcoming month in advance. Each project varies but this is a general rule of thumb. We accept credit cards, ACH and checks. We have an admin assistant on our staff that will coordinate with you and get aligned on all billing components.

  • For digital marketing, we include either a 30-day or 60-day opt-out within our agreements. This is dependent on the resources we allocate towards an account and how much time it will take to properly offboard. We’re firm believers that if we don’t generate strong results for your business, there should not be a long term commitment.
  • For development, there isn’t an opt-out as the nature of the business is different. We do have extensive measures in place to ensure the site build is to your liking from start to finish. As stated previously, we charge 35% up-front, which provides our clients with more peace of mind.
  • For digital marketing, we take all of the information from our preliminary calls and meetings and assign a digital marketing strategist that we feel will be the best fit based on your industry and the deliverables needed. Think of the digital marketing strategist as the coach who is dictating the overall strategy while ensuring your campaigns are smooth sailing. A lead digital strategist will also oversee your campaign.
  • For development, we assign a project manager, designer and developer onto your account. These three key team members with a wide variety of skills help your site from start to finish.

We do have several freelance staff members who assist if there is a heavy workload or project request queue. 90% of our staff members are full-time associates located in Columbus, Ohio [Meet The Media Captain’s team].

  • For digital marketing, we integrate our clients into a real-time reporting platform. They have access at all times to key metrics such as Google Analytics insight, contact form conversions, eCommerce revenue, SEO rankings, social media engagement (and more). Success for marketing is typically achieved when we drive more traffic, leads and sales for our clients.
  • For development, before going into development, we prepare wireframes and mock-ups to ensure the client is happy. These spot checks and constant communication with our team ensure smooth sailing results.

We have numerous developers in-house and have emergency support if an issue arises with your site. This is one of the key differentiators with our agency, we’re truly a one stop-shop with our digital marketing and development capabilities.

  • For digital marketing, this is a tricky one to answer. We do not guarantee results. I’m sure you’ve been pitched via email “Instant SEO results for $99.” That’s not us. There are times for SEO when your site won’t reap the benefits until the next algorithm runs, which can be 6-8 months in some instances. When we come up with our initial strategy, we’re always transparent in terms of how long we believe it will take to see results. PPC, of course, is more instant and easier to gauge.
  • An average website build takes us 2-3 months to complete. There have been instances where we’ve completed a site in a week on a rush delivery. This is completely dependent on the complexity of your site and how much content currently exists. For example, if you have all verbiage and photos, this will expedite the process. If you are looking for a general timeframe for how long it will take to complete a site, 2-3 months is a good ballpark. In our discovery, this will be outlined. You also have email and phone support to our agency.
  • For development, we have bi-weekly meetings to update our clients on the progress of their site. If a client wants an expedited site delivery, we can offer weekly meetings. During this time, we review our work and discuss future deliveries.
  • For digital marketing, this is dependent on the package you select. Our standard process is weekly meetings for the first 3-weeks of your campaign, followed by bi-weekly meetings until we reach the 2-month timespan. At this point, we transition to monthly meetings. You also have email and phone support to our agency.

We do offer rush delivery on projects, if we feel we feel confident we can fulfill the request. This requires an additional fee as we have to pay staff members overtime in most instances to finish the project.

We’ve worked with so many businesses across different verticals that it’s infrequent that we see a new industry that we haven’t done either development or digital work for. There are some agencies that focus specifically on a certain sector, like law marketing firms. We’ve worked in conjunction with many of those sector specific marketing agencies and have never felt like they hold a “secret sauce” for that vertical. We feel the diversity in our clients is a differentiating factor. We spend a lot of time on our up-front strategy, getting to know our clients business, which allows us to deploy the proper game plan.

We started our own in-house eCommerce brand, DermWarehouse, that’s now one of the largest dermatologist owned skincare sites. We now have hundreds of thousands of customers, which is a testament to our design, development and digital marketing work. When it comes to eCommerce, we truly practice what we preach. We’ve also helped our clients generate over $75 million in eCommerce revenue. Whether you need help scaling beyond $1 million, like Darby Creek Trading [read success story] or you want to scale to $20 million, like JendCo Safety [read success story] we have the resources and know-how to do so. Being able to marry-up the digital marketing and development once again helps when it comes to eCommerce.

We have two divisions of our agency, development and digital marketing. Each department works in conjunction with the other. For digital marketing, SEO, SEM (paid ads on Google and Bing), social media marketing and email marketing are the core suite of services we offer and the most in-demand. For development, the majority of our work is WordPress and eCommerce development. We also do a great deal of graphic design work. We do have custom development capabilities and take on other marketing projects [view all marketing services].

Unfortunately, we do not. We try our best to achieve optimal results for our clients and feel confident in the strategies we deploy. Our reviews and reputation back up our work. Marketing and development can be subjective and because of this, we must be compensated for our time. We also do not take on projects for equity stakes in businesses, which is something we’re frequently approached about.