Columbus eCommerce Web Development and Design

If your business is looking for eCommerce web design and development experts in Columbus, The Media Captain team is here to help. We are experts in a variety of e-commerce platforms and will find that best e-commerce solution to fit your business needs. Our Columbus eCommerce web design and development experts will not only build your business a stunning site, we’ll optimize the site to be SEO friendly and come up with a marketing plan to help drive sales post site launch. 

ecommerce-web-designMike is a lead developer on The Media Captain’s team. He’ll be instrumental in helping you choose the right platform and technology for your eCommerce site. 

Our Award Winning Agency is well-versed building eCommerce sites on the following platforms:

» Shopify 

» WooCommerce 

» Magento 

» BigCommerce 

» SquareSpace

» Custom

Below are sample eCommerce sites built by The Media Captain:


» We have the design, development and digital marketing expertise to make your site look great and and serve as a sales engine for your business.

» We started a brand from scratch, DermWarehouse, that’s turned into a multi-million dollar business. This brand was a Media Captain venture and provides us with invaluable data to be used across other clients.

» We’ve helped launch eCommerce sites for new companies that have turned into multi-million dollar businesses. Our team loves growing alongside your business!

» We’ve re-done sites for established eCommerce companies that were looking to rebrand and replatform

» We’ve helped many eCommerce businesses grow sales through our eCommerce marketing services.

» We offer hosting services to make sure your eCommerce site is running 24/7/365 and that are daily backups taken of your site. We also have staging and production environments for proper testing.

» We have development resources in-house so when you need our assistance with a site change, you can easily contact us for support.

» We were voted a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. by UpCity. We’re local to Columbus but we work with businesses near and far. With a decade of experience, we have a proven track record when it comes to eCommerce development.

Lasting Impressions Talks eCommerce Experience with Media Captain

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We have an extensive questionnaire we go through for all eCommerce clients. If you schedule an intro call with our team, we can better customize the questionnaire based on our conversation since we’ll have a better understanding of your business.

This list below explains what we need to know to quote your project. Don’t be intimidated if you can’t answer all these questions, that’s what we’re here to help you with!

» Are you looking to build a new eCommerce store from scratch or are you looking for a redesign?

» If this is a new site, do you have a platform of preference?

» If this is an existing site, are you looking for a redesign on your existing platform or a replatform?

» Do you currently have product photos, descriptions and price readily available either on your existing site or in an Excel file?

» How many total products do you have?

» How many total customers do you have?

» Do you have a payment gateway such as Braintree or A payment gateway connects the your site to the bank.

» Do you currently utilize a third party shipping platform such as ShipStation?

» Are there variations of each product?

» Do you have all size dimensions listed in an Excel spreadsheet or on your current site? (height, width, length) and weight

» Please list in detail your shipping requirements. We consider a simple solution to be using basic ground, 2-day and next day air from USPS, UPS and FedEx. Would anything in your shipping not align with this (LTL/Freight/Etc)?

» Do you ship free samples?

» Do you include free shipping on your products?

» Do you offer free shipping over a certain purchase value amount?

» Do you offer discounts at the product and category level?

» Do you have a tax solution (such as Avalara) in place to account for state and county level taxes?

» Do you want a third party review platform on your site or do you need a third party review platform such as Yotpo or TrustPilot carried over to your new site?

» Do you have a firm deadline for when you need your eCommerce site completed?

» Are there any custom components needed for your site?

» Are there 2-3 sites you like that you’d like our eCommerce experts to take inspiration from?

Columbus eCommerce Design & Development Experts 

With our eCommerce web design, website development and search engine marketing services, you can accomplish the following:

» Showcase your brand in a way that will impress future and current visitors and customers

» Enhance product pages and checkout process to improve conversion rate percentage

» Optimize the site for mobile responsiveness – Compatible across desktop, tablet and mobile

» Fast site load speed time to provide optimal user experience

» Incorporate LiveChat for real-time chat capability

» Add session recording to help you better analyze user experience

» Provide recommendations and platforms to better capture email addresses via your eCommerce platform

» Add blog onto your eCommerce site to establish your authority and trust within your industry and help with overall SEO

» Make sure the site is integrated with plugins/add-ons for Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping and Amazon Shopping

» Incorporate tax solution to account for city, state and country taxes

» Robust Product Features for Optimal SEO and Exposure

» Easy Way to Manage Your Products and Content for Future Updates

» Integrate Shipping Functionality onto Site

»Integrate Review Functionality onto Site

»Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console onto site

We look forward to learning more about your business. We take pride in our discovery and up-front strategy to provide you with the best recommendations along with accurate pricing. If you contact our agency, we will get a call scheduled within 24-48-hours. After the introductory call, we can turn around a quote fairly quickly. There are some projects that are extremely complex and can take weeks to quote since they require several meetings. 80% of eCommerce sites that come through we can provide a pricing quote within 48-hours after our intro meeting.

We recommend you read what others have had to say about working with The Media Captain [Read Reviews]. We also recommend checking out our website portfolio.

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