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Are you looking for an agency to help you manage and improve your email marketing performance? The Media Captain has a team of experts proficient in email marketing. Our Columbus email marketing experts can help with the copywriting, design, automation, list organization and overall management.

Whether you have an eCommerce business looking to integrate with Klaviyo or if you are a B2B business or B2C seeking MailChimp or Constant Contact support, we can help.

Why TMC for Email Marketing?

We’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for eCommerce clients through email marketing. We’ve helped B2B and B2C clients solidify more leads and new clients via compelling email marketing strategies. Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized company, we have the staff, skill-set and experience to generate ROI positive results for your business through email marketing.

Email Marketing Services


An expert on The Media Captain team will oversee your account and help dictate strategy and make key decisions based on metrics and business insights.

List Oversight

We cleanse lists to ensure email messages are getting delivered to real people, improving your open rate and eliminating the risk of your emails going into the spam folder. We also come up with proactive ways to capture more leads on your website and through social media marketing.

Graphic Design

We have a team of designers that will make your email blasts professional and visually appealing. Our emails are designed to convert based on your business goals.


We have content specialists on our staff with journalism backgrounds that will make your email messaging stand out. We create promotions, strong call-to-actions and compelling copy within emails.

Automation & Flow

Email automation and flows are important to generate more conversions and sales while freeing up your time. We get to know your business goals so we can create the perfect automation.

Technical Support

We have a team of developers who are well versed in technical areas to improve email marketing. Whether you need complex automation or pixels placed on your site, we can fulfill complex requests.

Email Marketing Platforms


Our team is well versed in Mailchimp. We pick the right plan on the size of your email list and create campaigns. We love MailChimp and have several dozen design templates that we’ve custom made for our clients.


Our team is well versed with this CRM and email marketing platform. We have the ability to set-up email automations to align with your sales funnel with HubSpot.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact and MailChimp are similar in that we primarily use each platform for B2B and B2C clients, not eCommerce. We’ve inherited many clients who use Constant Contact and we stick with this platform if the proper foundation is in-tact [view pricing].

If you are an eCommerce business, there is no better email platform to be on than Klaviyo. We’re a Klaviyo certified partner. There is so much customization and targeting ability, which makes this a desirable platform to increase revenue [view pricing].

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

What is your ideal email marketing client?

We like to nurture existing lists that have been organically obtained and create an email marketing strategy that aligns with your business. For example, we help a lot of businesses set-up an email capture on their website, increase the amount of emails in their database and generate more awareness via email marketing with a consistent schedule of compelling emails.

Do you work with eCommerce businesses?

Yes, we have extensive experience helping eCommerce businesses with email marketing [view success story]. There is great opportunity to increase the amount of revenue coming from the email marketing channel if you have the right foundation and execution.

How many email blasts do you send per month?

This varies based on the client and the industry. For eCommerce businesses, we could be sending tens of thousands of emails based on automations in place. For B2B businesses, it could be 2 email blasts per month promoting news, information and events. We recommend scheduling a consultation with TMC so we can determine how many email blasts to send.

Do you purchase email marketing lists?

If a client requests a list be purchased, we use third parties to purchase the lists. We inform the client of the price and pass this expense off to the client. The purchasing of email lists is not our core competency and we have not seen great success with the purchasing of lists and sending out mass email blasts. If you planned to reach out to us for the sole purpose of list purchasing, we recommend you contact DataBase USA.

How much do you charge for email marketing services?

For starters, you will have to pay the email marketing platform based on your list size. This is a payment that would go directly to a company like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, etc. We determine how much work and how many emails would be involved on our end before dictating pricing. When we offer other digital marketing services, it can be easier to accumulate messaging based on other initiatives in place like blog posts and social media content.

As a client, what would my involvement be with email marketing?

There is upfront work that will be required on your end. We’ll need to obtain your lists and get approval on messaging and solidify the strategy. After the first 30-45 days, we like to have the clients approve messaging and design. There is less heavy lifting after the first 30-45 days though.

What else should I know about email marketing?

Content is king. When you are blogging and creating content for social media, this is a natural segway for email marketing. Digital marketing is synergistic and email is a core channel within the digital marketing web.

Looing For Email Marketing?