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We’ll Help Automate Your Sales Process

We’ll get your CRM working for you to make closing leads easier.

HubSpot is a robust CRM for businesses that powers marketing, sales and services. Our agency, The Media Captain, is extremely well-versed in HubSpot. Rather than learning the ins and outs of this extremely powerful sales tool, let our experts guide you through the robust set-up, and leverage the most important features for your business.

Why Utilize Our Columbus HubSpot Services:

  • 90% of customers using HubSpot’s Sales Hub see a positive return on investment in the first year.
  • HubSpot’s sequences will help you automate your sales process so you never miss a follow-up with a lead.
  • Snippets and templates help streamline communication and save time.
  • Create a product library and quoting system for prospective customers and even accept payment directly through HubSpot!
  • Meeting links are available for easy scheduling.
  • Our team will help you get organized to make the most out of this very powerful sales tool.

CRM & HubSpot Experts

We have an extensive onboarding process to learn your business inside out.  This helps us come up with a unique HubSpot strategy to align with your business goals and objectives.

We use HubSpot as the CRM for our agency and for our in-house eCommerce brand, DermWarehouse. We practice what we preach when it comes to HubSpot as it powers our multiple brands. We also help many of our clients with HubSpot set-up, optimization and oversight.



Our team will set up and optimize your HubSpot account, making it easy to stay organized and close leads.



We will help you create the most important templates and snippets so your sales team can save time and correspond with leads efficiently.

Product Library & Quoting System


Sending quotes through HubSpot keeps your entire sales process in one place. We make it easy by setting up a product library so anyone on your team can easily create and send quotes.



We’ll get you set up with sequences and workflows to automate both your sales process and other functions throughout your business.

Sales Strategy


The Media Captain will help you devise a sales strategy that works based on your business and goals.

Form & Landing Page Buildout


Utilizing HubSpot’s forms allows you to automatically pull in data to HubSpot when anyone submits a contact form on your website.

Success Stories from our Columbus Hubspot Clients

Learn about the sales we’ve driven via Hubspot Marketing for our clients.

Park Perfection is our in-house beauty brand. We leveraged HubSpot for outreach to national retailers. Our outreach efforts led to a partnership with Nordstrom. This partnership would not have been possible without the organization and structure set forth within HubSpot.

Park Perfection also leverages HubSpot for its outbound sales reps. The sales team at Park Perfection uses HubSpot to reach out to spas, salons and dermatologists throughout the country. HubSpot is the hub for all aspects of the outbound sales strategy.

Want to Improve Your Sales Process? Contact Us!

Contact The Media Captain to speak with our team of marketing and web design experts. We look forward to learning more about your business while guiding you in the right direction on a web marketing strategy.