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The Media Captain has a strong focus in eCommerce marketing and development, serving as a one-stop-shop for eCommerce brands.

Whether your eCom site is looking to scale to $1 million, $5 million, $20 million or beyond, we’ve helped eCommerce businesses of all types scale through marketing and development.

We’re one of the few agency’s that successfully launched a multi-million dollar in-house eCommerce brand. We practice what we preach, which is why Top Firms named The Media Captain a Top 10 eCommerce Agency in Ohio.

eCommerce Marketing & Development in Columbus, OH

eCommerce Marketing

We help eCommerce brands scale through our digital marketing efforts. We run tests to determine what form of advertising and which channel yields the best return on investment for your eCommerce business. This has helped us generate over $100 million in revenue for our eCommerce clients.

eCommerce Development

We build stunning eCommerce sites that are optimized for conversion rate and sales.

Based on your business objectives, we’ll pick the right eCommerce platform for your business.

We have the design, development and digital marketing expertise to make your site look great and and serve as a sales engine to scale your eCommerce operation.

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About Our In-House eCommerce Brand

Jason and Stefanie Parks, the Founders of The Media Captain, started DermWarehouse in 2016.

The brother and sister duo took DermWarehouse from $0 in sales to over $5 million in annual revenue.

DermWarehouse is now one of the largest dermatologist owned websites in the United States, thanks to The Media Captain’s digital marketing prowess.

eCommerce Marketing

Learn more about our core eCommerce marketing services that drive sales for our Clients. 

Online Advertising

We strategically pick the best channels for your eCommerce business that will yield the best return on investment.

Learn more about our online advertising services.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great way for eCommerce brands to advertise on the most popular search engine in the world. This is a key channel we integrate many of our eCommerce clients with.

Learn more about our Google Shopping Services.

Google PPC

Pay-Per-Click Advertising can drive potential customers to your eCommerce site by bidding on the right keywords. We help eCommerce brands with PPC Ads across Google and Bing.

Learn more about our PPC Services.

Email Marketing

Integrating our eCommerce clients with platforms like Klaviyo and MailChimp helps drive more revenue at profitable rates. Email marketing yields one of the best return on ad spend of any online channel [source]. We create email automations and shopping cart abandonment flows to drive more sales.

Learn more about our Email Marketing Services.

Social Media Posting

Crafting the right posts for your eCommerce brands helps establish a unique identify. We craft Facebook and Instagram posts for our eCommerce clients along with stories to tell the story of each eCommerce client in a captivating way to their audience.

Learn more about our Social Media Services.

Social Media Advertising

We’ve help grow brands into multi-million dollar operations through social media advertising. If you are trying to introduce your products to a brand new audience, there’s no better way to do so than through social media advertising.

Learn more about our Social Media Advertising Services.


Ranking well on Google will yield one of the most profitable return on investments for eCommerce brands. Rather than having to pay for the traffic, you own it.

Learn more about our SEO Services.


Our agency gets your eCommerce business integrated into our real-time reporting software. You will have access 24/7/365 to your ad spend, revenue and top performing campaigns.


We pride ourselves on our up-front strategy when it comes to eCommerce marketing. We have so much data at our disposal from our clients and experience across a wide variety of verticals that will come up with a custom strategy for your business that we feel confident in.

eCommerce Development


We’re well versed in Shopify and can help with the development and design.

Learn more about our Shopify Development Services!


We’ve built many eCommerce sites in WooCommerce. We can also customize your WooCommerce site along with the plugins to fit the need of your site.

Learn more about our WooCommerce Development Services!


We’re well versed in Magento, always staying up-to-date with the latest version. Whether you need help with maintenance or the site build, we offer support for Magento sites.


We’ve built and managed sites on BigCommerce. We’re well versed with this eCommerce platform and can assist with your BigCommerce needs!


SquareSpace is a popular option for smaller eCommerce businesses, especially ones that have a Square point of sale system. We can help with your eCommerce site build in SquareSpace!


If you have custom development needs pertaining to eCommerce, our in-house developers can support with this project.

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Dedicated eCommerce Experts

Michelle is a developer at our Columbus Marketing Firm

Our Clients love the fact that we are in close communication with them. We’re quick to respond and proactive. We know our only way to succeed and forge a long lasting relationship is by generating more sales for your business.

You will have a dedicated digital marketing strategist, designers and developer assigned to your account, depending on the services you sign-up for.

We take great pride in our ability to construct the right eCommerce strategy for your business to drive profitable results.

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