Shopify Website Experts 

Whether you have an established Shopify store, would like to get your new eCommerce site up and running or would like to migrate from another platform over to Shopify, our team of experts can help.

The Media Captain knows the ins and outs of building a Shopify store and have the resources to help you succeed [meet our team]. What differentiates our agency is that we have the design, development and marketing skill-set in-house. eCommerce is engrained within our DNA, making for a seamless experience from start to finish.

How We Ensure Shopify Success 

  • Our project manager will work with your eCommerce business to fully understand your project and help with overall organization of your site. 
  • Our graphic design team will make sure your eCommerce site is a perfect representation of your brand that customers will rave about. 
  • Our web designers and developers are versed with Basic Shopify for new businesses, Shopify Standard for growing businesses and Advanced Shopify for enterprise clients. The HTML and coding issues that many non developers get stuck on with Shopify will not happen when partnering with The Media Captain. 
  • Our eCommerce marketing experts will help you focus on generating sales post site launch. We can serve as your one stop shop for the design, development and marketing. 
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Why The Media Captain for Shopify?

  • We have a great understanding of Shopify. This familiarity with the platform will help us guide and drive your site in the right direction.
  • Our developers are proficient with Shopify’s coding standards.
  • Our graphic designers will make your Shopify site stand out versus others in the marketplace.
  • We’re well versed with Shopify’s third party apps. We know the key apps to install based on shopping cart functionality, shipping requirements and marketing enhancements.
  • We have the ability to customize Shopify themes and templates.
  • We assist with inventory management to ensure your inventory count is accurate. If you have a Shopify point of sale system, we will make sure the POS in your store is talking with your eCommerce store so all inventory is up-to-date.
  • We will optimize your Shopify store for SEO.
  • We will get your site set-up with all proper tracking for Shopify success post site launch. This includes Google Analytics. integration and Facebook Ads integration to track eCommerce revenue, add-to-cart, etc.
  • Our team is based in Columbus. We love working with local Shopify businesses and expanding their footprint well beyond Central Ohio.
  • We provide post development support. We’ll be there for you when your site launches.

Next Steps 

We’d love to learn more about your eCommerce business and brainstorm on the direction we’ll take with your Shopify site. Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we’ll create a project requirement list for alignment on overall organization. If you are comfortable with our vision and the project requirement list, we will provide a pricing quote.

Thanks and we look forward to a smooth sailing Shopify experience! In the meantime, see what 50+ business have had to say about working with The Media Captain.

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