Columbus Social Media Marketing

The Media Captain’s team of experts will come up with a unique social media plan for your business, provide your account the attention it deserves while driving actionable results. We’ve helped small and medium sized businesses, up and coming eCommerce companies along with Fortune 500 brands succeed with social media. We have a skilled staff well versed in content writing, paid advertising, tracking, graphic design and overall strategy. We are data driven yet creative, which is key when it comes to properly executing a social media campaign. We look forward to speaking with you about your goals and discussing how we can help your business [contact us today]. 

Social_Media_Marketing_ColumbusCassidy is a digital strategist at The Media Captain. When you work with our agency, you have a dedicated strategist that oversees your account to ensure it’s performing at an optimal level. If you have questions or ideas on your campaign, Cassidy is available via phone, email or text to answer those questions and collaborate with you!


We’ll create a robust game plan and implement the strategy across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (to name a few). Our agency will set-up, manage and optimize your social media campaigns to get the results you always desired.

• We’ve generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients from our social media campaigns.

• We’ve run tens of thousands of advertisements for hundreds of clients across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (to name a few). 

• We have invaluable data at our disposal to know what works and what doesn’t work based on past client campaigns.

• We have content specialists to help formulate ad copy and compelling social campaigns specifically for your business. We have paid advertising experts to help serve the advertisements to the right audience. We also have technical experts to properly set up and track all pixels and conversions.

Prior to launching a social media campaign for Crew SC, our team spent the day getting to know the key stakeholder to help better formulate the strategy.

•  We’re local to Columbus. While we work with clients from all over, Columbus is our hometown, so we know what messaging resonates with your targeted audience.  

• We help you come up with goals and objectives for social media, which makes it clear to both parties what we’re trying to accomplish. We like to know the following:  

– Are you looking to drive more sales or leads via social? 

– Are you looking to have more compelling content created and distributed throughout your social channels?

– Are you looking for an agency to handle all aspects of your social media or will your team still be involved with some components? (Example: Client to handle the daily posts and Agency to handle the advertisements.)

– Are you looking to improve customer service via social by doing a better job responding to inquiries? 

• We’ve been in business for over 10 years. We have a proven track record working with small-, medium- and large-sized businesses. It’s no coincidence that UpCity named The Media Captain a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. We get results for businesses, which is how we’ve grown over the years. [Read Client Reviews]


Each client is given access to a real-time reporting dashboard to track all key social media metrics for your account. This allows you to monitor your campaign progress by analyzing ad spend, revenue generated from social, engagement and much more. Engagement and compelling content is important. It’s also important to track revenue and return on investment, which our real-time dashboard does.

When you work with The Media Captain, there are phone calls every other week to go over the key performing benchmarks. A strategist will break down this data to tell you what’s working, what’s not working and where we can improve and further optimize.


We get to know your business – Thanks to our clients, we have consumed delicious beer and food, stepped into the Octagon with UFC fighters, tried on stylish apparel and test driven some nifty cars. Ultimately, we need to understand your business to deploy a successful social campaign.

We determine which social channels would best fit the demographics of your company – If your customers are primarily on Instagram, it is our job to figure this out and serve content and ads based on customer attention.

We get to know your brand so we can better sell your product or service via social!

We determine the type of media that would best fit your brand (video, carousel advertisements, static images, etc.) – Each piece of creative performs differently and we will help determine the most successful type of media to serve.

We run tests like a mad scientist! – We test creative, ad copy and targeting to double down on our winners and divest from poor performers.

We make sure your company is equipped from a customer service perspective to handle inquiries from potential or existing customers.

We ensure all messaging aligns with your brand standards while adding our unique twist to increase engagement.

We have fun! Social media is serious business, but we’ll have a good time when we work on your account.


Below are the four most common mistakes our agency sees when it comes to businesses social media marketing prior to approaching our agency:

Lack of Quality Content
Lack of Strategy/Distribution
Lack of Resources/Consistency
Lack of Tracking

If your business can execute on the four items above, social media can be a game changer and drive more exposure, leads and sales for your company. Why do most businesses fail when it comes to social media marketing? Continue reading as we dive deeper into this.


So often, a company will schedule out 20 social media posts over the course of a month but the pictures and messaging being distributed just isn’t compelling. There are stock photos being used constantly and there’s no personality behind the posts.

We have journalists and storytellers on our staff. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, so we have extensive experience and data at our fingertips to tell us what works and what doesn’t work.

We know how to find the best stories about your business and bring them to life through photography, video and quality copywriting. The Media Captain has all these resources in-house, which leads to more engagement, a cheaper cost per click and ultimately, more sales, leads and revenue for your business.


Bubbles Tea had good product photos but no photos that showcased personality, which was leading to lackluster social media results. Our agency conducted a photo shoot to capture images throughout Columbus with models who represented their clientele. We utilized the photos for a social media advertising campaign. The result? A 135% increase in engagement and a 24% increase in foot traffic.


It would be a shame if all of Stephen King’s books were never read by an audience, right? If he just wrote the book and let it collect dust on his nightstand, this would happen. In order for his books to reach massive scale, he needs to connect with a publisher, who distributes the books to stores, online outlets, etc.

The same holds true for social media content. Your business has a great story to share yet so many times, this doesn’t happen.

The Media Captain will be proactive in coming up with content to distribute via social along with an advertising plan so your content is seen and noticed by your target demo.

Our team creates a content calendar for paid and organic media on social. We outline the copy, imagery, budget and goals, all of which the client approves (see example below). There are some clients that want to approve each and every post. There are others that trust our agency to steer the ship and don’t seek any approval after the first couple of weeks. We’ll find a solution that works best for your business!



Our agency is diligent in running split tests to find winning creative, audiences and demographics.

The goal is simple. We want to continuously improve on our past advertisements. When we can do this, it brings down the cost per click, cost per impression and cost per sale/lead.

We create split tests on the following components of our paid social advertising:

  • A vs. B Test on Creative
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Text
  • Split Test on Targeting
    • Interests
    • Age
    • Demographic
    • Location
  • Split Testing on Bid Strategy and Objective


We helped B-Wear Sportswear launch an eCommerce site and took their sales from $0 to over $3 million in revenue within 3-years. This was spearheaded via social media advertising. What started as a budget of under $5,000 increased to over $200,000 per month.

The Media Captain came up with over 150 different variations of social media advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to find the winning ad copy and targeting combinations, which it doubled down on while eliminating any poor performing ads.

Not only did the social media advertising strategy help increase revenue for B-Wear, it helped them determine their most popular t-shirt designs, which helped dictate the design of future apparel selections.


Below is an example of how we structured the ad campaigns within Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll see we are able to track ad spend and revenue to determine the ROAS (return on ad spend) to gauge success. We set-up multiple variations of ads, which we constantly do with our A vs. B testing process, to see the campaigns that performed the best.

Even though this campaign had a budget of over $30,000, we manage campaigns anywhere from $300 per month to over $30,000 per month. If you want to talk about your social media strategy, contact The Media Captain!


Businesses are busy running the day-to-day of their business and in many instances, forget about social media marketing. They don’t view social as an integral part of business, in large part due to never investing the necessary resources into making social media work.

Below are stats that reiterate the importance of social media marketing:

  • Last year, people spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day, across devices (that means about 1 of every 3 hours spent on the internet is on social platforms). If you don’t think your customers are on social media, think again.
  • 92% of all Instagram users say they’ve followed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase after seeing a product/service on Instagram.
  • 87% of e-commerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision.

When you bring on a team of experts in The Media Captain, you’ll get the strategy, time and resources needed to generate the results you’ve always desired from social media.

Katie is a designer on our team who will help your business create compelling graphics for social media. 


Below is a checklist of items we’ll set up for your business to ensure ideal structure, tracking and foundational set-up for your business from a social media perspective. We follow a 35-step checklist to ensure all components of your social campaigns are properly structured:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Twitter for Business
  • Adwords for YouTube Advertisements
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Retargeting pixel through Google Tag Manager for all social channels
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • “Add to Cart” tracking for eCommerce
  • Contact form submission via social
  • Integration into our real-time reporting dashboard

Your business will have a team of social media experts at its disposal when working with The Media Captain!