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Our Columbus Social Media Company is ready to enhance your online presence. Our team of experts will pick the perfect channels to promote compelling content for your business. In working with our digital marketing agency, we will steer your social media ship in the right direction to drive the engagement and ROI from social media marketing that your business deserves. We are creative, proactive and data driven in making key decisions for your business on the social frontier.

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Social Media Success Stories

Regardless of your business size or industry, we have the experience and expertise to ensure successful results. We encourage you to view our social media success stories!

Dedicated Social Media Marketing Support

A dedicated strategist from our team will be assigned to your account to enhance your social media marketing. It is our job to find compelling stories within your company and bring them to life. This is done through copywriting, graphic design, photography and video. We then distribute your content on popular channels where your target audience is located, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business (to name a few). The more compelling your content, the better your advertisements and organic posts will perform. The Media Captain excels in combining our creative flair with an ROI driven campaign.

Our team has worked with hundreds of business [View Marketing Success Stories]. We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to social media marketing. We spend a great deal of time learning your business so we can nail down the messaging, content strategy and distribution. We look forward to working with your business and creating a memorable social media strategy that will get people talking about your brand while driving more customers.


Why is social media important?

Social media helps you connect with current and prospective customers. It gives your brand a personality and identity. It can help drive sales for your business while also providing robust customer service support. Parents, grandparents and CEO’s are all on social media. It’s no longer just fun and games. Social media is a serious revenue generator for all business types. There is no better way to get your message to the masses than social media.

Why use an agency for social media?

We hear from a lot of businesses that struggle to do social media marketing in-house. They either don’t have the time to implement the day-to-day. They could lack resources, like having someone proficient in Facebook Business Manager to serve ads and track properly via pixels or have a graphic designer to leverage for professional graphics. Having an outside perspective and a fresh set of eyes also helps. If you’re not driving new business or enough new business, an Agency like The Media Captain is what can help you take your social media to new heights.

How many post per month?

We average 25-30 social media posts per month for our clients. This varies based on the size of your company and your type of business. During the discovery process after you first contact our agency, we create a custom plan to solidify the amount of posts.

What Channels do you post on?

This depends on what type of business you have. For B2B businesses, we’ll be more aggressive on LinkedIn. For a restaurant, we’ll focus more on Facebook and Instagram. When we create our strategy, we solidify the best social media channels for your business. The most popular social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business for our clients.

Do you post stories?

Of course! As part of our social media package, we post on Instagram Stories, Twitter Fleets and Facebook Stories. This is incorporated into our social media strategy.

Who creates the content for my account?

You would be assigned a dedicated strategist from our team. They would help solidify core themes for your social media accounts. For example, we like to feature team members, highlight key services or products and showcase your expertise. Once the strategy is solidified, you would work with our social media copywriter and one of our graphic designers. They would bring your story to life through compelling social media posts!

Do you provide a content calendar?

Yes! We map out all of the social media posts for the upcoming month in a calendar type format. We present this to our client for approval before moving forward with scheduling out the posts.

What about social media advertising?

We have extensive experience with online advertising. What differentiates our firm is that not only do we create the posts we also formulate a strategy to help with distribution to increase exposure. We determine what your monthly budget is and what channels to advertise on.

What defines success?

This depends. For an eCommerce business, it’s typically a strong return on investment where online revenue outweighs ad spend. For a B2B or service based business, success is when we get people interacting with your content and taking action to gather more information. As part of our onboarding process, we come up with goals and objectives unique to your business.

How do you go about getting content?

We do have photography and videography capabilities. This is an additional cost outside of our monthly social media management. During the discovery process, we analyze your creative to determine if more assets are needed in addition to what you have and what our graphic design and content team can come up with.

Do you create the posts and schedule them out?

Yes. We have software that helps us schedule our social media posts. There are some platforms where we make the posts in real-time directly onto the site.

How do you manage comments and interaction?

We make sure to set-up a contact point on your team so you will be notified of customer service responses. Your dedicated strategist would also be notified and help to oversee this.

What if my time is limited from an oversight perspective?

We’re the captains of your social media. We’re more than capable of scheduling out great content and garnering strong results with limited oversight.

Do you have PR services to accompany social media marketing?
Yes, we offer public relation services. When you have a good story to tell, it’s important to get the word out via social media. Another avenue to take is to get media publications to talk about your story. We can help in this area with our PR services. 

The Media Captain Difference

In-House Expertise

A project manager, designer and developer will be assigned to your account. We have the key people in place to make your site build smooth sailing [Meet The Team].

Proven Track Record

From Fortune 500 brands to small and medium sized companies, businesses of all types have trusted TMC for their website development needs [View our portfolio of sites].

Getting to Know You

We have an extensive discovery prior to building your site so we understand all technology requirements and business objectives.


Building a site from scratch can be complex. We like to provide clarity to each client so they understand what we’re working on, why we’re working on it and when it will be delivered.

ROI Driven

Some websites are built strictly for branding purposes. Most sites we develop have marketing goals that accompany them. We offer the digital services so marketing coincides with development [view digital services].

Our Social Media Process

Channel Selection

We hone in on the social media channels we feel will be most impactful for your business.


Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Through compelling content and posts, you can connect with a meaningful audience to drive awareness and sales. Through Facebook Ads Manager, we solidify a budget and come up with an advertising strategy for your business. We also boost your posts to get more engagement and drive more sales.


For B2B Clients, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. We help businesses create and schedule posts to deliver key messaging to current and prospective clients. We assist with LinkedIn Advertisements and LinkedIn In-Mail. If you need a comprehensive B2B LinkedIn marketing plan, The Media Captain can help.


Instagram is owned by Facebook. We leverage Facebook Ads Manager to schedule advertisements across both Facebook and Instagram. There is a different audience on LinkedIn versus Facebook so we craft our ads specific to this popular channel. We also create Instagram posts, Instagram stories and monitor engagement and comments for our Clients.


While Snapchat isn’t for all businesses, there are over 300 million users of Snapchat. We help brands come up with a strategy for Snapchat and advertise effectively on this channel.


Twitter is a powerful social media channel for businesses. We help craft a strategy to create compelling content that your audience will appreciate. We also advertise for clients on Twitter and monitor brand mentions from a customer service perspective.


If video is a natural fit for your business, you should consider TikTok. Once of the fastest growing social media sites is a great way for brands to connect with a large audience through short, compelling videos.

Social Posting

Creating great content combined with the proper distributing requires the proper strategy, oversight and implementation. Below is the standard process we follow: 

Theme Selection

We determine core social media themes based on your business goals and objectives. These themes provide clarity for what type of content we’ll post for your brand and improves consistency amongst your social posts. It also gives a clear direction amongst the Agency and Client for the type of content that’s needed to garner strong engagement. Each brand is different so we develop core social media themes for each client at the very beginning of the campaign. Examples of themes would be employee showcase, sharing product or service expertise and client success stories (to name a few).

70-20-10 Rule

70% of the content we create for our Clients will build your brand. 20% of posts are content from other sources that we’ll share. The final 10% is self promotional content. Most prospects do not want to be sold via social media through organic posts. The 70-20-10 rule helps us create engaging content that’s informative and entertaining while keeping your brand top of mind.

Content Audit

We conduct an audit into the photos and videos you currently have. If you’re light on assets, don’t worry, our design and creative team is here to help. Heading into a campaign, it’s important that we understand what we have to work with from your team before providing recommendations.

Social Posting

We create a set number of social media posts for your business across the most important channels that will resonate with your target audience. Social posting includes the copywriting, graphics, scheduling of posts and boosting the posts for optimal exposure.

Copywriting & Design

Our team of social media specialists are writing content for your brand on a monthly basis. Each channel has a unique tone, which is why we have strong writers to confidently handle the copywriting. With our in-house design team, we are able to create professional and compelling graphics that will correspond with your social media posts. Whether we’re sharing a testimonial, statistic or another sort of custom graphic, our design team will make your imagery perfectly align with your brand and look great.

Oversight & Reporting

A dedicated strategist from our team will be assigned to your account. They will be the ones responsible for dictating the strategy, scheduling out the content, serving your ads and making sure we’re exceeding your expectations.

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social media is important for many businesses. Below is our approach when it comes to paid advertising on social media: 

Budget Solidification

We determine your advertising budget and make recommendations on how to allocate ad spend across the key social media platforms.

Target Audience

We research and find the best audience to target for your different advertisements.

Ad Creation

We write the ad copy, create the graphics and come up with unique concepts to create memorable advertisements.

Media Selection

We determine what type of media will perform best for your brand. Some businesses do better with video, others with photos and many with a hybrid approach.

Competitor Research

We analyze your competitors advertisements across the core social media channels to get inspiration for what they are doing well and where we can improve.


After someone drops off your site, you want compelling messaging to follow them around. This is the beauty of retargeting, you can drive sales and conversions by enticing people to come back to your website. We utilize the core social media channels to deliver captivating retargeting ads.

Boosted Posts

If you just make social media posts without putting a budget and advertising strategy behind it, you can end up with little exposure. Not boosting your posts is the equivalent of writing a great book without anyone reading it. We make sure posts are boosted so the work that goes into creating the posts gets rewarded.


At the beginning of a campaign, we set-up all tracking parameters so we can properly monitor results.

Monitoring & Oversight

A dedicated strategist from our team will be assigned to your account. They will oversee your campaign, make adjustments and recommendations to ensure a profitable return on ad spend.

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