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Are you looking to drive more traffic and leads to your site through PPC advertising? The Media Captain’s team of certified paid advertising experts can help. We’re extremely well-versed in Google Ads and Bing Ads. We manage tens of millions of dollars in ad spending for clients across many different verticals.

Our Columbus PPC company prides itself on the ability to learn your business inside out. We set up proper campaigns based on your goals and objectives and continuously oversee and make necessary adjustments to hit your benchmarks. Our PPC Management firm is creative and technical, which is needed with online paid search.

Whether you need help setting up a campaign from scratch or want someone to improve an existing campaign structure, The Media Captain can steer your PPC management in the right direction.

PPC Client Success Stories

Schottenstein Real Estate Group

The Media Captain has managed SRE Group’s Google PPC Ads for over a decade. Schottenstein Real Estate Group has retained a 98% average occupancy across all communities since investing in PPC. Their website traffic increased 10x since adding PPC to the mix. SRE Group is able to bid on extremely relevant suburb keywords for each one of their properties.

Feazel Roofing

The Media Captain took over the PPC for Feazel shortly before the 2020 pandemic. The roofing leader in Columbus relied heavily on PPC as their sales reps couldn’t go door-to-door. Google PPC was the new sales rep for Feazel. The PPC efforts by The Media Captain helped generate 108% more online leads for Feazel. They also recorded their best sales year on record, in large part due to Google Ads.

Dedicated PPC Experts

It’s important to have a PPC professional monitoring your account while making the necessary adjustments to improve your performance. Adding negative keywords, adjusting ad copy, and increasing the budget based on a strong conversion rate can drive more leads for your business. When you work with The Media Captain, you can rest assured that we will strive to hit benchmarks via PPC that yield profitability for your business. You will meet with your strategist regularly to review past results and future ideas. Small, medium, and large-sized companies trust our team to manage their accounts effectively.  We look forward to working with your business to generate more leads and sales via paid search. 

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PPC Testimonials

“We couldn’t have grown like we did without PPC. The Media Captain recommended this over 10-years ago and it’s been a huge traffic and revenue driver for our business. Whenever we open up a new community, having a corresponding PPC campaign ready to go is at the top of the list of key initiatives.”

– Brian Schottenstein, President, Schottenstein Real Estate Group

Our PPC Process

Our PPC Management Company has a proven process we follow to ensure success for our clients: 


We learn more about your products and what makes them stand out versus the competition. We analyze price points along with product photography.

Ad Copy Creation

We come up with numerous variations of compelling ad copy for your PPC ads.

Structure & Segmentation

We create numerous campaigns and ad groups so your PPC campaign is structured properly.

Conversion Tracking
Our development team is able to work directly with our strategists to get all tracking in place so we can properly analyze and track performance.
Communication & Real-Time Reporting

Our Clients are set-up with real-time reporting so from the get-go, they can monitor their ad spend, revenue and profitability. The dedicated strategists assigned to your account are in frequent contact to provide you with key campaign updates.

Budget Selection

We pick a budget that you’re comfortable with to start. The beauty with Google PPC is budgets can be adjusted at any time. We can increase or decrease the budget at any time based on performance.

Keyword Selection

We pick the right keywords to align with each ad group and campaign.


We create sitelink, callout, location and call extensions for your business.

Landing Page Analysis

A great landing page can be the key to success for a PPC campaign. We analyze your landing page experience and have the development skill-set to put together a landing page for your business.


We determine a conversion rate percentage that will drive profitable results for your business. We outline these key performance benchmarks and make it our goal to outperform these KPI’s.

Match Types

We determine whether broad match, phrase match or exact match will drive the best results for your business [learn more about match types].


We determine whether we should bid based on manual cost per click or alternatively bid for conversion optimization.

Oversight & Optimization

Once your campaigns are launched, we are enhancing and improving the campaigns to get the maximum return on investment. Our Clients are set-up with real-time reporting so from the get-go, they can monitor their ad spend, revenue and profitability. The dedicated strategists assigned to your account are in frequent contact to provide you with key campaign updates.

What Differentiates our PPC Company?


We manage millions of dollars in ad spend for clients across many verticals. We’ve generated over $50 million in eCommerce sales for our clients and captured tens of thousands of leads for our non eCom clients. We’re a Google Partner and Google Ads Certified. We won the award for “Best PPC Campaign” by DashThis. We were also voted a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. by UpCity back-to-back years. We have the experience and results to back up our work [view testimonials].

Communicative and Curious

We are communicative and have ongoing meetings to discuss strategy and ways to continuously improve performance. We are genuinely curious about your business and strive to learn it inside out as this helps us get better results for our clients.

Practice What We Preach

What makes us unique is in addition to the millions of dollars we manage in Ad Spend for our clients, Jason Parks, the President and CEO of The Media Captain also started DermWarehouse, which is now one of the largest Dermatologist owned skincare and beauty sites in the country with over 200,000 customers. DermWarehouse generates millions of dollars per year in revenue and PPC is one of the main revenue driver. This entire account is managed in-house by The Media Captain’s team. We practice what we preach and we have the data to back it up.

Industry Experience

We’re well versed across numerous verticals (B2B, B2C and eCommerce). Regardless of your business, there’s a strong chance we’ve run campaigns in your vertical or a similar sector.

Technical Resources

We have a great team of developers in-house. There’s oftentimes tracking and other technical requirements needed prior to launching a PPC campaign and we have the right people to address your more technical needs.

Design Resources

Where the user lands on your site is very important for PPC. We have in-house designers improve the overall landing page experience, which helps enhance conversion rate percentage.

Dedicated Strategist

You’ll be assigned a dedicated strategist to your account. Having this constant point of contact managing your account ensures the best results for your PPC campaign.

ROI Driven

The ultimate goal of any PPC campaign is to generate a positive return on ad spend. This means generating more revenue versus the actual ad spend for eCommerce. On the B2B and B2C side, this would mean generating more leads that ultimately turn into new business opportunities versus the actual advertising spend. In order for this to be a long lasting relationship, we need to justify the ROI. We’re always cognizant of this.

Ability to Pivot

If we’re not seeing the ROI we envision, we can quickly pivot. When something isn’t working, we let our clients know and are solution oriented to find a better way to improve.

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