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If you are looking for a proactive and ROI driven company to manage your PPC campaign, look no further than The Media Captain. Our team of Google Ads and PPC experts are certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. We were the winners of the “Best PPC Campaign” from DashThis in 2019. We set-up and manage profitable campaigns for eCommerce, B2B and B2C businesses. We have the expertise and experience in-house to drive more leads and sales for your business through Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Alec is certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics and would help oversee your account.


•  We manage millions for both large and small businesses

•  We’re a Google Partner and Adwords Certified

•  We won the award for “Best PPC Campaign” in 2019 by DashThis

•  We were voted a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. by UpCity in 2019 and 2020

•  We’re based in Columbus so we know the local market yet have run many campaigns at a national level

•  We are communicative and have ongoing meetings to discuss strategy and ways to continuously improve performance

•  We’re well versed across numerous verticals (B2B and B2C)

•  We have eCommerce PPC expertise to bolster your return on ad spend

•  We have technical expertise in-house to allow us to properly track, pixel and use technology to enhance performance

•  Real-time reporting to keep you in the loop on key metrics


Are you looking for our Columbus PPC Management company to create your campaign from scratch? Do you have an existing campaign that a prior agency was running that you’d like us to analyze and potentially take over? Were you trying to manage PPC in-house but need an extra set of hands on the account for more oversight? Are your campaigns not profitable at the moment? These are the talking points we’ll go over during an intro call so we can figure out the best way to work together.

We encourage you to set-up an introductory call by contacting our agency so we can get a better understanding of your business and learn how we can assist with Google and Bing PPC.


If you move forward with The Media Captain for PPC services, your company will be assigned a Google Ads Certified Strategist that’s dedicated to your account. This account manager will ensure the right strategy and foundation is set. They’ll oversee budget, return on advertising spend and other key metrics that define campaign success.

Our team of PPC experts get to know your business so we can deploy the proper PPC tactics to ensure a profitable campaign.


The ultimate goal of any PPC campaign we run for our clients is generating a positive return on advertising spend. This means that we generate more revenue versus the actual ad spend for eCommerce. On the B2B side, this would mean we’re generating more leads that ultimately turn into new business opportunities versus the actual advertising spend.

We are able to generate profitable campaigns by working with our clients to understand the business inside out. It’s important to know the most profitable products and services. It’s crucial to understand growth areas within a business. We drill down on profit margin of product and services. We then take this information and set-up our PPC campaigns based on this data.

JendCo Safety is an eCommerce client of ours that constantly generates a 10:1 Return on Advertising Spend. This means for every $1 spent by JendCo, we’re able to generate $10 in revenue. This has led to exponential growth of the safety supply company. They’ve been able to drastically increase revenue and acquire more customers profitably through PPC.



Google Ads can drive instant, relevant traffic to your website. With the proper set-up and oversight from an award winning Columbus PPC Company, pay-per click ads can drive more leads and sales for your business.

In many instances, the first three results on the 1st page of Google are pay-per-click ads. Below are some statistics that reinforce the importance of PPC:


• On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page (WordStream)

• PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. (Unbounce)

Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. (Google)

• Google reports that search ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80% (Google)


The Media Captain has a team of PPC experts in-house in Columbus to set-up, manage and constantly improve your campaigns. What makes us truly unique is in addition to the millions of dollars we manage in Ad Spend for our clients, Jason Parks, the President and CEO of The Media Captain also started DermWarehouse, which is now one of the largest Dermatologist owned skincare and beauty sites in the country.

DermWarehouse generates millions of dollars per year in revenue and PPC is one of the main revenue driver. This entire account is managed in-house by The Media Captain’s team. We practice what we preach and we have the data to back it up.


DermWarehouse generates millions of dollars per year in revenue and PPC is one of the main revenue driver. This entire account is managed in-house by The Media Captain’s team. We practice what we preach and we have the data to back it up.

PPC has been one of the main revenue drivers for DermWarehouse.



We get to know important components of your business so we can deploy the proper PPC campaign. We ask your business the right questions so we get a better understanding of profitable services and products. This helps with the set-up of your foundation. If there’s a service area of your business that has low profit margins and isn’t a focal point for growth, we won’t want to invest the majority of budget into this service just because it has a low cost per click.  The Media Captain has an extensive questionnaire we utilize to get key information from your business so we can do our job with PPC. Whether you want to start with a $500/month ad budget or $50,000, we can come up with the right plan.


We research your competitors to see what they’re doing right and wrong via PPC. Do they have weak ad copy that we can improve on to provide a distinct advantage for your business? Are they not bidding on certain keywords where opportunity exists? Is their budget running out in the middle of the day, which will provide your company with a unique opportunity to obtain more market share? These are some of the areas we dive into with the tools we have at our disposal along with the our PPC knowledge.


Having the proper conversion tracking in place is crucial prior to starting a PPC campaign. If you have an eCommerce company, you need to track revenue to be able to justify sales versus ad spend. If you are a B2B company (like The Media Captain) you’ll want to set-up and track different goals to properly measure success. For example, on our website we track contact form submission, LiveChat’s initiated, phone calls on the site through CallRail and email sends. Prior to starting a campaign, we come up with a checklist so we have the right conversion tracking in place for your business. We have developers in-house to make sure this is seamless.


We put a lot of emphasis and effort into setting up the proper foundation. For B2B, we’ll segment campaigns by practice area and then further segment ad groups based on popular search queries. For eCommerce, we’ll segment by brand and price. Each business will have a different structure and set-up. Fortunately, we’ve worked with so many businesses across all verticals where we have a good idea of the structure strategy we’ll be taking after our initial meetings.


We’re PPC experts but that doesn’t mean we’re experts on your business and your industry. We have tools that help us come up relevant keywords but we’ll always run these initial lists by the business owner or marketing manager to make sure they are extremely relevant. Selecting the right keywords and monitoring search terms for quality is instrumental when it comes to PPC.

Below is an example of keywords we are bidding on for DermWarehouse for Alphalash, a popular brand. We are bidding on keywords using a variety of methods, which includes phrase match and broad match modifier and exact match. You can see in the example how we’re able to see how much each keyword spends along with total revenue. For this brand, we generated $5,913.51 in revenue from $1,282.36 in revenue, which is nearly a 4:1 return on ad spend. We were able to identify that the exact match keyword [Alphalash] was the top performer.


We’ll create multiple variations of ad copy within each ad group along with sitelink, callout, call and location extensions. We’ll make sure to align ad copy to relevant keywords to achieve the highest possible quality score. We’re constantly running A vs. B tests to determine which advertisement is driving the highest click through rate and lowest cost per conversion.

Below is an example of two variations of ad copy for DermWarehouse for the Alphalash brand. You can see the winning ad copy based on highest click through rate and lowest cost per conversion.


Once the PPC campaigns are up and running, we’re constantly overseeing and looking for ways to improve the campaigns. We utilize a checklist each month to make sure we hit on the following:

• Track budget and cost per conversions
• Display retargeting creation and implementation
• Monitors movers based on click-through rates and cost changes
• Adjust bids throughout campaigns and ad groups
• Monitor or pause poor performing campaigns, advertisements and keywords
• Look for missed opportunities based on impressions
• Split out ad groups to narrow and refine campaign
• Create new ads and ad copy and analyze and pause losers


You’ll have access during business hours to your dedicated strategist overseeing your PPC account. At the beginning of the campaign for 6-8 weeks, there will be either weekly or bi-weekly meetings between you and your dedicated strategist. You’ll have access to our team during standard business hours via phone or email if you have any questions. Instantly, we the capability to increase or decrease ad spend based on a client request or data we feel could justify such a move (with the clients approval).


•  Ad Spend Tracking
•  Conversion Tracking
•  Cost Per Conversion
•  Top Performing Campaigns
• Top Performing Advertisements
•  Top Performing Keywords  

When you work with The Media Captain, you’ll have an entire team of experts at your disposal. Get in touch with our team today