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Are you looking to drive more traffic and leads to your site through PPC advertising? The Media Captain’s team of certified paid advertising experts can help. We’re extremely well-versed in Google Ads and Bing Ads. We manage tens of millions of dollars in ad spend for clients across many different verticals.

Our Columbus PPC company prides itself on the ability to learn your business inside out. We set up proper campaigns based on your goals and objectives and continuously oversee and make necessary adjustments to hit your benchmarks. Our PPC Management firm is creative and technical, which is needed with online paid search.

Whether you need help setting up a campaign from scratch or want someone to improve an existing campaign structure, The Media Captain can steer your PPC management in the right direction.

Our PPC Experience

  • Google and Bing Certified
  • Manage tens of millions in ad spend for clients
  • In-depth analytics tracking to record leads and eCommerce sales
  • An in-house team of experts overseeing your account
  • Manage accounts for small, medium, and large-sized businesses
  • Access to key data points, metrics, and trends from our client roster
  • Real-time reporting for our clients


  • Drive instant traffic to your site.
  • Measure ROI based on calls, leads, and sales versus ad spend
  • Ability to increase or decrease budget based on performance
  • Exposure towards the top of major search engines, improving brand awareness
  • Bid on your desired keywords along with targeting precise location
  • No long-term commitment. Result-driven form of advertising

Our PPC Services that Drive Results

It’s important to have a PPC professional monitoring your account while making the necessary adjustments to improve your performance. Adding negative keywords, adjusting ad copy, and increasing the budget based on a strong conversion rate can drive more leads for your business. When you work with The Media Captain, you can rest assured that we will strive to hit benchmarks via PPC that yield profitability for your business.


We learn about your products and services to understand what makes them stand out. We need to know your business inside out to deploy the best PPC advertisements.


It’s essential to know the most profitable areas of your business, along with growth opportunities. We pick a budget that you’re comfortable with to start. The beauty of Google PPC is budgets can be adjusted at any time. We can increase or decrease the budget at any time based on performance.


Before launching a PPC campaign, we map out all the conversions we should track to gauge success. This includes phone calls, form submissions, eCommerce conversions, and more. 


We develop numerous variations of compelling ad copy for your PPC ads. We conduct A vs. B testing to determine winners and losers. We leverage AI and our team’s creative intuition to develop the best PPC advertisements, yielding a high click-through rate. [Related Blog: should you include pricing in ad copy]


We pick the best keywords to align with each ad group and campaign. We have tools to find keywords that will convert for your business.


We learn about your products and services to understand what makes them stand out. We need to know your business inside out to deploy the best PPC advertisements.


An excellent landing page can be the key to success for a PPC campaign. We analyze your landing page experience and have the development skill set to create a landing page for your business.


Your company will have access to a real-time report that gives you updates on ad spend, clicks, conversions, sales data, and many other key insights. We customize this for your company to ensure it paints the clearest picture of your performance.

Google PPC Success Stories

Learn about the results we’ve delivered for our clients with pay-per-click advertising


Increase in Leads

Sales Year

The Media Captain took over the PPC for Feazel shortly before the 2020 pandemic. The roofng leader in Columbus relied heavily on PPC as their sales reps couldn’t go door-to-door. Google PPC was the new sales rep for Feazel. The PPC efforts by The Media Captain helped generate 108% more online leads for Feazel. They also recorded their best sales year, largely due to Google Ads.


Occupancy Rate

Website Traffic

The Media Captain has managed SRE Group’s Google PPC Ads for over a decade. Since investing in PPC, Schottenstein Real Estate Group has retained a 98% average occupancy across all communities. Their website traffic increased 10x since adding PPC to the mix. SRE Group can bid on extremely relevant suburb keywords for each one of their properties.


Increase Leads

Increase in Website Traffic

The Media Captain increased leads by over 400% for Amedisys through Google and Bing advertising. Our agency established a robust PPC campaign with a corresponding landing page based on a unique quiz. This led to an increase in web referrals for the hospice division of its company.

Happy PPC Clients

How our PPC Services Transformed Businesses

Mike Fleming
“Due to the Media Captain's work, we generate 500+ new patient leads each month for our care centers nationwide. When we first engaged with the Media Captain, that number was below 50 new leads per month … meaning that we have experienced a 10x increase due to this partnership.”

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