Meet The Team

The Media Captain team consists of in-house experts across digital marketing, design and development. We pride ourselves on strong communication, transparency, alignment on project goals and objectives, plus of course, exceeding our Clients’ expectations. We view ourselves as industry leaders based on the many Clients we’ve worked with over the years. This is why UpCity Voted The Media Captain as a Top 1% Agency in the U.S. Our Clients view us as an important extension of their business and the proactive leaders for everything digital marketing and development related.

Jason Parks


Jason founded The Media Captain in 2010. Over the past decade, TMC has turned into a top rated digital marketing and web design agency trusted by all business types. The growth of TMC would not have been possible without its skilled and diverse staff. The Media Captain has also been able to scale thanks to its investment in digital marketing. Jason is a firm believer in practicing what you preach. In addition to Founding The Media Captain, Jason Co-Founded DermWarehouse, one of the largest dermatologist backed skincare & beauty sites in the U.S. with over 250,000 customers. Jason is a trusted expert in the digital space. He’s been a contributor for, Ohio State’s Fisher School of Business and has been quoted in many well known publications, such as the New York Times, Forbes & Search Engine Watch.

Michelle Dechicco

Development Manager

Michelle helps with the overall organization and ebb and flow of our development process. When a website request comes in from a client, Michelle puts this into our queue and either makes the change herself of assigns it to other stakeholders on our design and development team. Michelle also oversees the progress of our larger website builds. Michelle is proficient with HTML/CSS and is an expert on WordPress. Michelle also helps with debugging sites, improving site load speed time, pixel installation, plugin updates, pre-deployment checklists and technical oversight. Whether you have a quick change to your site or have a question related to your site during development, Michelle will confidently be able to answer this for you.

Cassidy Remley

Marketing Manager

Cassidy helps with business development and onboarding oversight. She introduces new prospective businesses to our team and gets them acclimated with our process and strategy. When a client signs-up for The Media Captain’s services, Cassidy will have extensive notes from prior conversations and discoveries that get relayed onto our digital marketing strategists. Cassidy then assists with the oversight of the campaign during the preliminary phases of the campaign based on our extensive onboarding checklist. Cassidy’s goal is for each new client to feel comfortable with our team while providing clarity on goals and objectives based on the services we’ll be performing. Cassidy is well versed SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC Advertising, which allows her to provide the proper oversight.

Katie Lepppert

Lead Designer

Katie is the lead designer at The Media Captain. She oversees the design on our website and marketing projects. Katie also works with other designers on our team to ensure brand standards are met and the style exceeds our clients expectations. Katie is well versed in PhotoShop and Illustrator. She’s created many successful logos, wireframes and mock-ups for businesses across a wide variety of verticals.  If you are looking for website enhancements, a website redesign, a new logo, marketing collateral or anything design related, Katie will guide you in the right direction.

Lori Hollinger

Admin Assistant

If you call into our office it’s Lori’s friendly voice that will greet you. She is responsible for much of the coordination with our clients during onboarding while also making sure the account is always in good standing. Lori is the one who collects your onboarding questionnaire, gets your meetings scheduled with your digital or development point of contact while making sure everything runs smoothly on your account. If you need to be connected to a specific individual on our team, Lori will quarterback this for you. Lori also oversees billing and invoicing. If you have a credit card that’s expired which impacts your advertising accounts, Lori will be in touch with you to ensure this gets resolved.

Alec Hider

Lead Digital Strategist

Alec is certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. He has strong knowledge in all areas of online advertising along with search engine optimization. He’s responsible for the development of strategy for his clients along with oversight and communication. Alec works closely with other SEO specialists and PPC experts in-house to make sure the plan he outlined is being executed and the proper benchmarks are being met. Alec is also responsible for getting the proper tracking set-up for our clients and communicating with the development team so all major metrics are being tracked, which helps us to measure the ROI of our Client campaigns.

Livi Wise

Digital Strategist

Livi Wise is a Digital Strategist for The Media Captain. She has a journalism background and a strong writing skill-set. Her storytelling ability is what makes her a natural when it comes to social media marketing and management. She knows how to promote a brand through social media posting and advertising. Livi is also proficient with Search Engine Optimization. Her writing skills bode well to on-site SEO changes. She also has a keen eye for site improvements, which can lead to an uptick in rank. Your messaging on social media is how many people will find out about your brand and makes an important first impression for current or perspective customers. You’ll be in great hands with Livi overseeing this component of your business. While overseeing client accounts, Livi  helps determine budget, selects the best channels to invest time and resources into and monitors the results. She’s in constant communication with her clients to ensure strong results are being delivered.

Sara Masters

Paid Search Strategist

Sara Masters is a Paid Search Strategist for The Media Captain. Prior to joining TMC, Sara managed Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads for Sears Home Services. She helped oversee and manage the SEM for Sears franchise owners throughout the United States. At The Media Captain, Sara helps Clients devise strategy and oversees the day-to-day execution with their paid ads to ensure profitable returns. Sara is also knowledgeable in SEO and Paid Social and assists Clients in these areas as well.

Gus Stahl

SEO & Social Content Specialist

Gus is responsible for crafting on-site content for our clients to improve their search engine optimization. Whether a page needs rewritten to better improve its changes of ranking better on Google’s search engines or if certain components, such as the title tag or H1 need adjusted, Gus makes it happen. Gus has a journalism background. He’s a skilled writer and delivers content that exceeds the Clients expectations. In addition to SEO content writing, he also helps craft social media posts for our Clients. His journalism background allows him to create captivating content that performs well via social. Gus has done in-depth interviews with Clients in complex B2B industries to create easy to read success stories. He has the ability to take hard to articulate subjects and bring them to life on a website, via social or in another marketing channel.

Alison Price

Project Manager

Alison is responsible for internal and external communication with the development team. She makes sure deadlines are met, questions are answered and roadblocks are overcome. She helps each client throughout the development journey with content creation and layout organization to ensure a solid flow. She serves as the key piece of the development project that articulates the clients vision to our internal team of developers and designers to bring the project to life. Alison has strong organizational and communication skills, which makes the position a natural fit based on her skill-set. She also is a strong writer, which helps with needed content creation throughout a site build. Alison will help take your blank canvas and bring it to life.

Bret Mette

Development Lead

Bret is a custom WordPress developer. He has the ability to create plugins from scratch or greatly modify existing plugins to bring a complex request to reality. Bret is well versed in HTML and CSS. He has strong familiarity with eCommerce development and API’s. Bret has the unique ability to take a complex project request, break it down into Lehman’s terms while making sure all key requirements are met. He can clearly articulate hard to understand development components with the Client so they understand all of the major milestones and events taking place. Even if you are unsure of whether or not an idea is possible, Bret could speak through it with you to provide you with ideas and a clear roadmap.

Daniel Haedge

Development Lead

Daniel is a full stack web developer with over 13 years of experience.  He enjoys creating dynamic, fully functional websites and web apps from initial concepts and designs. Daniel focuses on building stable, efficient solutions using the best proven internet technologies. Daniel is proficient in many programming languages, including MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. Daniel attended the United States Air Force Academy before proudly serving in the United States Air Force.

Brittany Ouelette

Graphic Designer

Brittany is a graphic designer here at The Media Captain. She helps bring the vision of the client to life. Brittany helps with many design elements on the web development side of the business. From wireframes and mock-ups to the on-page design elements. Brittany also assists with marketing design elements. She’s heavily involved in creating social media and other online assets for our clients. Brittany attended Iowa State University and received BFA in Graphic Design and Minor in Business.

Carlee Swartz

Social media Specialist

Carlee assists with the day-to-day initiatives for social media marketing. She has a PR background and is a strong writer and storyteller. She helps brands create compelling graphics, posts and advertisements that get seen by their target audience. She also assists with the copywriting for email marketing. If you are looking to enhance your social media marketing, Carlee can assist.