Meet the Team


About the Owner, Jason Parks

Jason isn’t your typical agency guy. At the age of ten, Jason’s parents left him home alone. He decided to take this opportunity to check out the neighborhood and noticed that there was a community garage sale taking place. Within an hour, with the help of his sister, he had all of their Beanie Babies (remember those?) lined up on the front lawn, ready to be sold.

In high school, while most people worked a standard job, Jason sold sports tickets throughout the country on eBay. In college, he posted a job as a tennis instructor on Craigslist and turned this into a three-year job with a steady flow of clients. Jason has always found a way to market services or products on the Internet to generate a profit.

Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit has been a key factor in The Media Captain’s growth into one of the largest agencies in Ohio. It is this spirit and love for what he does that enables him and his team to generate top-notch results for other businesses.

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Mike Cottrill – Director of Application Development

Mike is the development lead for The Media Captain. He will get his hands dirty and custom code a site or install a WordPress theme while also overseeing other developers on staff to ensure a smooth sailing project, from start to finish.

If you have a technical question pertaining to your website or want to make sure you are taking the right steps in choosing a certain platform or technology, you’ll speak with Mike directly.

Mike grew up in Chillicothe. He graduated from DeVry in 2000 and has over 18 years of development experience.

He leveraged his passion for development and sports by taking a job as an app developer for STATS, the sports data company in Chicago. Other development career opportunities for SafeAuto Insurance and Chase brought him back to the capital city of the Buckeye State, where he has resided with his family since 2008.

Mike’s development skillset on both the front end and back end of a website are second to none. He is well versed in HTML and CSS and is also proficient with all modern programming languages.


Michelle Dechicco - Front End Web Developer

Michelle is The Media Captain’s front end developer. She is proficient with HTML/CSS and creating stunning responsive websites for clients. Michelle ensures the overall feel of the site aligns with the clients vision.

She helps with debugging sites, site load speed time, pixel installation, technical SEO adjustments and graphic work on websites.

Michelle is well versed as a developer but has extensive digital marketing experience. She plays a key role in putting together client websites but also helps to create graphics, conduct on-site SEO audits, creates landing pages and implements dynamic retargeting and conversion pixels.

Michelle is a graduate of the Ohio State University. Her development and marketing background was molded when she worked for a local fitness company. She now strengthens all of The Media Captain’s client websites with her diverse skill-set and her creative eye.

Dylan Weaver – Digital Marketing Strategist

Dylan is a true jack-of-all-trades. He is an Adwords and SEO guru. He also has experience in video production, photography, editing and graphic design. To top it off, if there’s ever something broken that needs fixed at our office, he’s our guy (like we said, he’s a jack-of-all-trades!).

Dylan is responsible for overseeing and managing client accounts and making sure all of the pieces connect for each digital campaign. He will manage your budget and allocate your marketing dollars appropriately into the top performing channels. He will help cut the fat off of your Adwords campaign to lower your cost per acquisition and find technical issues holding your website back from an SEO perspective.

Dylan loves the outdoors. He often travels to Hocking Hills to hike, rock climb and whenever he gets the chance, camp outdoors. He is also actively involved in his church and runs the production of the Sunday services for Jersey Church.

Before joining The Media Captain, he worked for ABC 6 as a production specialist.


Stefanie Parks – Ecommerce & Adwords Strategist

Stefanie is an e-commerce and Amazon guru who just so happens to be Jason’s sister. If you’ve already read Jason’s bio, Stefanie is the very same sister who helped Jason sell all of those Beanie Babies at the garage sale many years ago. Stefanie also got started in sales early, taking orders and payment for handmade necklaces at overnight camp and then fulfilling the orders once she got home after the summer. She almost paid for her whole summer with that money! What can we say, sales and entrepreneurship must run in the Parks family!

Stefanie has been instrumental in helping Jason grow The Media Captain. Since day one, she has either worked full-time or consulted on certain projects for TMC. Now, Stefanie runs their second business together, DermWarehouse, and due to her hands-on experience, has become an expert on all things e-commerce, Google Adwords, and Amazon-related.

Alex Krempasky – Digital Marketing Strategist

Alex is an old school newspaper journalist at heart who thrives in the fast-paced digital environment.

In the past, he worked for the Columbus Crew and Oakland Raiders and in his spare time works the press box for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

His journalistic mentality perfectly carries over to the digital marketing world. Alex helps craft content for internal and external articles while overseeing clients’ SEO campaigns. He also handles the content creation and advertising campaigns on the social media side. His skill-set in copywriting and A vs. B testing drives stellar results on the social frontier.

Alex is one of the “last lines of defense” before a graphic, article, social post, email blast or anything else that touches the web is posted on behalf of the client.

Alex is also a huge Jimmy Buffett and Green Day fan. Back in the day, he started his own band. That, however, is a conversation for another time!

Alex Krempasky

Lauren Chemas – Digital Strategist

Lauren is a public relations guru and master content writer. She also loves music and always stays abreast on the latest fashion trends.

Lauren helps our clients generate exposure for their businesses, which has major SEO benefits. She will connect a local tennis club (for example) to major tennis websites blog where they can contribute article and video content. In turn, this generates referral traffic to the client’s website while providing a quality backlink, an important SEO metric. Lauren will help with link acquisition projects where she scours for brand references that have not been hyperlinked back to a clients website.

Lauren also spearheads the content creation side of things at TMC. She writes client blog content, email blasts, website copy and social media posts.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys going to concerts at Express Live and trying new restaurants around the Short North. She will help keep your brand on the cutting edge of your industry.


Emily Hatcher – Project Manager

Organization is the key to Emily’s success. You will never find her without her handy dandy notebook (yes, she still writes down her notes on actual paper). She takes managing client accounts seriously and will organize your campaigns in a way to drive more leads and sales for your business.

Emily has a firm grasp on all components of digital marketing. She is a fantastic writer and can help create website copy, articles and blogs along with social media posts. She is also analytical and can make key decisions with a clients budget and strategy.

In her spare time, Emily likes to explore Columbus. She is from Akron and is always impressed with the expansive amount of food and nightlife the Arch City offers.

Emily is a graduate of The College of Wooster with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Communication Studies.

Michael Kromer

Michael Kromer – Media Strategist

While his first name is Michael, at our office, we refer to him as “Kromer,” and so can you.

Kromer is the man in charge of content creation for The Media Captain. When we build a website and need video or photography assets, we rely on Kromer to come to your location to perfectly capture the essence of your business.

Kromer also helps with internal content creation for The Media Captain. Each week, he and Jason film a video for Entrepreneur, that is distributed to an audience of over 5 million people.

Kromer will also work on your website to upload photography and video assets and compress images to ensure the pictures he took look just as crisp on your site.