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Why Expert Content is So Important 

Google values high quality content. When someone comes to your website, there should be valuable content that educates the visitor about your product, service or information. The issue is there’s too much fluff on the internet. The reason is because experts aren’t writing the content. I’m going to share with you why it’s so important to have experts writing content for your website and how to acquire expert information. 

Too Much Fluff

I love Search Engine Optimization. I started my own SEO agency back in 2010. I’ll be honest. The SEO industry has ruined content creation on the internet. Let me explain.

Businesses hire SEO companies or freelancers to improve their rankings on Google. One key way to improve your rank is by enhancing the existing content on your website. Whether you write new blog posts or expand on pre-existing content, the more content you have, the more information Google can scan and crawl. 

The issue that’s developed over the years is the content being distributed isn’t quality. Experts aren’t writing the content. SEO firms and freelancers are publishing new content to hit on their deliverables but the quality is subpar. Low quality content can actually hurt your SEO. You can get dinged with thin content penalty or duplicative content penalty.

When you’re writing on complex topics, if an expert isn’t the one contributing their knowledge and thoughts, it’s either copied from somewhere else on the internet or there’s not enough substance, aka too much fluff.


Importance of Expertise, Authority and Trust 

E-A-T is a popular acronym in the SEO industry. It stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. Demonstrating good E-A-T both on and off your website can potentially help improve Google rankings.

Let me give you an example of how we demonstrate good E-A-T for our marketing agency and the eCommerce skincare company we own.


My Dad is a board-certified dermatologist. We highlight his medical degrees and expertise on our site on his bio page. He’s been quoted in publications like and HuffPost (to name a few). When he’s writing content on our site, he’s knowledgeable about products, procedures and conditions. He’s a true expert adding valuable content to our website. 

The Media Captain

For our marketing agency, The Media Captain, my sister and I write all of the content on our blog. We don’t hire freelancers. We know the digital marketing and eCommerce space so well and want to share our knowledge with the world. Our content is unique in that we’re not copying it from anywhere else. It’s coming from our day-to-day experience in working with hundreds of clients. In 2022, we were able to increase organic traffic to our website by more than 200% by sharing our expertise via our blog!

For DermWarehouse and The Media Captain, we’re fortunate that my sister and I love writing content and sharing our knowledge. We’re also lucky that we can easily get in contact with our Dad to extract his wealth of knowledge on skincare to post onto our eCommerce site.

How do you extract information from an expert if they don’t like to write or if you’re dealing with a busy business owner? Fortunately, we have this process nailed down based on our agency experience. 

How to extract information from experts 

As an agency owner, I can tell you first hand it’s hard to pull information from experts. They are oftentimes too busy running the day-to-day of their own business. They aren’t good writers. They don’t see the value in writing content for several hours. 

I’m going to share several tricks our agency uses to acquire great information from experts. 

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Phone Interviews 

We use to record phone interviews. We’ll have questions prepared beforehand. Within 15-30 minutes of interviewing an expert over the phone, we’re able to get many golden nuggets of information to help enhance our content.

Experts love phone interviews as they don’t have to prepare anything beforehand. They can simply share their knowledge over the phone when they’re driving, on the treadmill or anywhere else. 


We use Trint to transcribe interviews. We’re able to download an .mp3 of the recorded phone interview from and upload the file to Trint, which transcribes the conversation in minutes. This is a huge time saver for our team of writers. Trint offers a free trial but after the trial concludes, the cost is around $60/month. While the price point isn’t cheap, it’s well worth it for our agency based on the amount of content we write and information we extract from experts. We love Trint and recommend that you at least try the free trial. 

Written Questions

Some clients prefer articulating their thoughts by writing them down. We always give our clients the option to fill out a questionnaire. Our team will go through a client’s website, learn more about their product or service and jot down questions that we feel users will want to know more about. We feel our questionnaire really enhances the site experience because we’re viewing the site as a user, not an expert. The answers we get from our experts help showcase authority and expertise while enhancing the user experience. 

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Get Rewarded By Having Expert Information

There’s many benefits to having an expert write your website content. Below are the main perks of having strong content throughout your site. 

  • Google’s algorithm is getting better at identifying unique content versus copied content, even if it’s rewritten. 
  • Google knows when a user has a good experience versus a lackluster experience on your website. 
  • Your website rankings can improve when an expert is contributing high-quality content. 
  • Google’s entire algorithm can reward you for having content written by experts that showcase expertise, authority and trust. 
  • When you share information from an expert, more knowledge will be obtained from the person visiting your site. 
  • You will have a better chance of acquiring backlinks from other sites when you have quality content. 
  • Visitors will be more likely to turn into customers because they trust your content and the person publishing it. 
  • You will differentiate your brand versus competitors as your website content will be unique and not copied. 
  • You will have great information to share on social media, email newsletter and other marketing channels. 

In Closing 

If you are an expert and can write content yourself, you have an advantage over the competition. You’ll be able to showcase your knowledge and move at a faster pace when creating content.

If you need to extract information from an expert, conducting interviews, either in written form or over the phone is a great way to obtain the wealth of knowledge and information from someone with expertise and authority.

Earlier in the article, I ripped on SEO companies that do a poor job writing content. There are plenty of great SEO firms that do write great content and get information from experts. Many business owners and experts are not great at writing and distributing content. I can’t overstate the importance of hiring an action oriented person or company to guide you when it comes to content creation. You’ll reap the benefits from Google for years to come. 

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