30 Google Business Profile Stats and Facts


Google My Business Stats That Solidify The Importance of Local SEO

You will leave this article with 30 shareable Google Business Profile stats that showcase just how important GBP is for local businesses.

Having a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is essential for any local business. However, many companies don’t claim, complete or fully optimize their business profile. 

“Near Me” search queries have surged by more than 200% in recent years. For any local businesses to get found on Google, it starts and finishes with your Google Business Profile.

We compiled a list of 30 powerful stats and facts that demonstrate how important your Google Business Profile is to local search success.

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1) ‘Near Me’ Searches Have Increased By Over 200% 

When people change residences, go on vacation or are looking for a new service, it’s common for them to use Google to get a lay of the land: where to eat, what to do, and what to buy. The number of searches containing “near me” has increased by more than 200% over the last two years according to Google’s Consumer Insights

To take advantage of this trend, optimize your Google Business Profile page listing, so it appears near the top in local search engine results pages (SERPs). 

2) Over Half of Google Business Profile Interactions Produce Website Visits 

If you can compel potential customers to simply interact with your Google Business Profile, there’s more than a 50% chance that they’ll visit your website. Once they visit your site, you can convince them to make a purchase, try your products, join a mailing list, etc. – either online or in-person. 

Want to make the most of your GBP incoming traffic? Check out our blog about which pages should be linked to from your GBP profile.  

3) 97% of Users Primarily Learn About Local Companies Online 

Think about the last time you visited a local business for the first time. How did you know where to go? What convinced you that that business had what you needed? Chances are, you Googled it. 

Even if people drive past a business on their way to work every day, they’ll likely look at its Google Business Profile profile before making a purchase. A whopping 97% of users learn about local companies online, with the majority of those users learning about them through GBP panels.

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4) 64% of Consumers Have Used Google Business Profiles to Find Contact Information 

It’s common knowledge that Google has long since overthrown the Yellow Pages in providing business info. In fact, 64% of customers use the phone number listing in Google Business Profile panels to reach out to local companies, and this number will likely continue to grow. 

If you don’t already have your GBP optimized with a correct phone number and business information, do so now — you’re missing out on potential customers! 

5) There Was a 61% Increase in Calls from Google Business Profiles in 2020 

To build a connection with customers, you need to make it easy for people to call you. There’s nothing easier for customers than tapping a number on your Google Business Profile to gett in touch. 

6) The Average Google Business Profile Receives 33 Clicks Per Month 

People who visit your website are more likely to buy from you. While 33 clicks per month may not seem high, GBP clicks are especially valuable. They come from those who have a product or service in mind and have a strong intent to buy!  

Google searches become Clicks, which become leads, which become new customers for your business. 

7) 16% of GBP Listings Receive More than 100 Calls Per Month

Considering that many Google Business Profiles are poorly optimized, putting just a bit more effort into SEO than your competitors can pay off handsomely. Over 15% of all GBP listings result in that business getting more than 100 calls per month! 

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8) 72% of Local Searchers Visited a Business Within Five Miles 

One of the most essential factors of Google Business Profile relates to proximity to the searcher. While there’s not much you can do about your business location, it’s important to be available for those closest to you. Simply optimizing your Google Business Profile page can do wonders for attracting local customers! 

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9) Local Businesses Receive 94% of their GBP Calls on Weekdays 

It might not be surprising that weekdays have heavier call volume than weekends. What can be surprising is that local businesses get a whopping 94% of calls on weekdays. 

Always have someone ready to answer the phone on weekdays. It’s also important to list accurate hours on your Google Business Profile. When people do try and get in contact with you, you should be available from a customer service perspective.

Potential Opportunity: With less businesses open on the weekend, there’s an opportunity to get calls over competitors if you’re open for business on Saturday and Sunday. You’ll want to make sure you’re legitimately open and that you have someone answering the phones.

10) More Than 5% of GBP Views Result in a Conversion (and it’s Rising!) 

When it comes to conversions, we’re not simply talking about direct searches or visits. More than 5% of people simply seeing your business pop up in Google will book an appointment, submit a contact form to request more information, or make a purchase. For a stellar and optimized Google Business Profile, this percentage may be significantly higher.

11) Listings with Photos are Twice as Likely to Appear Reputable 

When someone is doing a local search on Google, they often dive into the photos to learn more about the business. Imagine if you are searching for a restaurant. You want to know what the food looks like and whether or not they have an outdoor patio. Make sure to add photos onto your Google Business Profile so people trust your business. 

12) Using Images in Google Buisness Profile Has Increased Revenue Per Visitor By 17% 

Even once people visit your store, whether or not you had images on your Google Business Profile still matters. If people were skeptical before they went in, chances are they’re going to hold their wallets a little tighter.  

Don’t miss out on 17% increased revenue per visitor, especially when it’s as easy as posting an image!  

13) Local Business Average 11 Photos Per Google Business Profile Listing 

More images on your Google Business Profile can help establish reputability. If you don’t have at least 11, adding more is an obvious path to improved results. 

Google recommends adding the following types of photos for your business, depending on your industry.

  • Exterior photos
  • Interior photos
  • Product photos
  • Photos at work
  • Food and drink photos (for restaurants)
  • Common Rooms
  • Team Photos

14) Google Business Profile Syncs with Google Maps to Display Your Business’s Location 

It is crucial to make sure that the listed address for your company is accurate. People hate getting lost trying to find you, and their frustration could turn them away permanently.  

Thanks to Google Maps, all you need to do is post your business address on your Google Business Profile and let customers use GPS to find you. 

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15) You Do Not Need a Physical Address for Your Google Business Profile 

If you own a mobile business like a food truck, you might not have a permanent address. Fortunately, Google recognizes thousands of business types in similar situations. Live location updates on Google maps can help people find you more easily when you’re on the go. There’s also the option to choose a radius for your business or hide your location all together. 

16) There are Nearly 4,000 Google BUsiness Profile Categories to Choose From 

Google Business Profile accounts are meant to accurately reflect every type of business. There are several specific categories and more general ones if you can’t find your exact business type. Amazingly, there are over 4,000 GMB categories in total. Business’s categories range from “Restaurant” to “Pinball Machine Supplier.” 

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17) Complete Listings are 7x More Likely to Get Clicks Than Those Left Unfinished 

With Google Business Profile playing an important role in local SEO, it’s vital to complete your profile entirely. Even small pieces of missing information can affect a searcher’s trust in your business.  For example, is your business women owned? Do you accept credit cards? Is it handicap accessible? These are all items to answer on your GPB that you may be overlooking. 

When discussing the incredible stats favoring Google Business Profiles, the outstanding results come from complete listings. With all else being equal, a business with a full GBP will generate more revenue than a business whose Google Business Profile  is missing vital pieces of information. An outdated menu or incorrect address can do more harm than good. While an up-to-date GBP enhances customer experience, an outdated one can lead to frustrated ex-customers. 

18) 84% of Searches are ‘Discovery Searches’ 

Most of the time, people do a “near me” Google search to find a business that meets their needs. These are called “discovery” searches because potential customers had no specific loyalty to a store or brand prior to the search query. 

With 84% of searches being discovery searches, you should make your GBP appealing to new customers and returning customers.  

19) More Searches on Mobile Than Desktop 

More people search the web with a mobile device than a desktop these days. This allows people to constantly have access to what’s around them as they travel, which explains the rise of searches with local intent. 

20) Google Holds The Vast Majority of the Search Engine Market 

Not only does Google outshine other search engines, but none can seem to compete — and not for lack of trying. There are 3.5 billion Google searches per day. Google properties account for approximately 92% of the US search engine market share. The second most popular search engine, Bing, holds only 3%. 

Needless to say, you’ll get the best bang-for-your-buck by optimizing for local Google users. 

21) 90% of Searchers Read Reviews Before Purchasing 

The customer may not always be right, but they have more power than ever before. What other customers say about your business can be the most influencing factor of your GPB profile. 

22) When Writing a Review, 20% of Consumers Expect a Timely Response 

Many customers simply wish to share their experience at your business and get on with their lives. However, around one-fifth of customers are expecting a quick response from the business owner. As a best practice, try to leave no reviews unanswered – whether they are positive or negative. 

It may be tempting to ignore negative reviews. However, customers like to see how your business responds to criticism. When you are actively righting business wrongs, people feel safer purchasing from you. 

Of course, you may not be able to do anything for unreasonable customers. In this case, show professionalism while explaining your business’s policies. Are you looking for a way to remove those negative reviews? 

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23) The Average Number of Reviews on a Google Business Profile is 39 

Focus on getting quality reviews for your business’s GBP page to up revenue. While the average number of reviews is 39, you shouldn’t view how you compare as a metric of success or failure. It can take time to garner authentic, quality reviews. 

24) GBP’s Q&A Section Allows You to ‘Pin’ Frequently Asked Questions 

The quicker people get their questions answered, the more satisfied they’ll be. You’ll save a lot of time by answering common questions in search results instead of answering the same question repeatedly via the phone! Google Business Profiles allow you to ‘pin’ these FAQs near the top of your profile. 

25) Google Business Profile is Free and Costs $0  

Claiming and creating your Google Business Profile is easy. The best part is it’s free and doesn’t cost a penny. Some people think it costs money to set-up a GBP and this isn’t the case. The fact that you can rank well on Google in the local pack and drive organic traffic from your Google Business Profile is further proof that you should claim and optimize your Google Business Profile!

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26) Google IS Outpacing Facebook and Yelp with Reviews  

According to BrightLocal, Google is the fastest growing review site, outpacing Facebook and Yelp. Since 2015, Google is seeing the fastest growth of reviews, which shows how much emphasis Google has put into its mobile search results. From 2015 to 2016, Google saw its percentage of new reviews grow from 125% to 300%.

27) Google Maps has Over 25 million Downloads 

Google Maps was used by over 51% of smartphone users in 2021 [source]. Google Maps is the most commonly used navigation app in the United States, with over 25 million downloads. Waze is the second most popular navigation app with more than 13 million downloads. Google owns Waze, which is further proof of how dominant Google is when it comes to maps and navigation.

If you search for a local business, Google prominently showcases directions, which comes from the Google Business Profile. When you input your address into Google Business Profile, it gets integrated with maps. There is a strong correlation between your Google Business Profile and Google Maps.

28) 40% of Businesses Have Never Posted on Google Business Profile 

Posting became available on Google Business Profile in 2016. According to Moz, 40% of businesses have never made a post. This is low hanging fruit that companies should take advantage of. When you post on Google Business Profile, the posts become visible in search when someone is searching for your brand.

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29) 56% of Retailers Hadn’t Claimed Their Google Business Profile 

According to On The Map, 56% of retailers have not claimed their Google Business Profile. Google is making more of a push towards eCommerce. Retailers can now add products on their Google Business Profile [source]. Yet many businesses with a storefront location are not taking advantage of this.

30) 42% of Local Searches Lead to Clicks on the Google Local Pack 

There are billions of local searches that take place each month. According to On The Map, 42% of local searches on Google involve clicks into the local pack. This emphasizes how important it is to rank in the local pack as it results in clicks to your website.

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