How To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews on Google

Have you ever had the “Aha” moment when you were working on a project and thought of the perfect idea? This happened to our agency about two years ago when we were working on an SEO assignment. We realized that there is much more potential to SEO than just appearing high in the search engines. Positive SEO can also improve your online reputation while potentially getting rid of negative reviews on Google and other sites.

Let’s face it; customers are more likely to leave a negative review versus a positive one. According to a Street Fight poll conducted late last month. The poll of 1,000 U.S. respondents found that 19.1 percent of respondents are more likely to write a review after a poor experience, and 16.8 percent after a pleasant one. Another 42.5 percent said they’re equally likely to write a review regardless of the experience, and 21.6 percent said they’re not likely to write a review at all.

If you are the owner of Jerry’s Barber Shop and give one bad haircut out of 100, if that one person leaves a negative review, this online rating can stick with your company for a long time. If you are proactive and formulate an online reputation strategy, you won’t have to be on the defensive if someone leaves a negative review.

How exactly does this strategy work? If your company receives a backlink on an extremely authoritative website, like, this has the potential to be one of the top results to appear on Google’s search engine associated with your business. The reason is because AOL has an extremely high domain authority, something that carries a lot of weight to Google.

If Jerry’s Barber Shop did outreach to Men’s Health on the “Top Ten Hair Styling Tips for Millennials,” if this specific media outlet decided to run with the article, this could be one of the most beneficial sites linking to back to their site. It also has the potentially to knock down a negative review or article.

Through a unique digital PR strategy, any business can get awesome links pointing back to their website from well known web properties. Not only can this improve your search engine ranking position, it will also establish your brand as an authoritative figure in its field.

If you are a dental practice, start getting reviews on your Google+ page from your patients that love their smile. There is nothing more satisfying for a business owner than seeing positive reviews from his or her customers. People doing a search for your company will also be more likely to give you business if you have a solid reputation.

According to Constant Contact, 90% of consumer’s online reviews do have an influence. This statistic proves the point that your online reputation does make a difference! Yet so many business owners and marketers ignore this crucial component of digital marketing.

Benjamin Franklin had one of the most famous quotes about reputation. “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Don’t let one negative review ruin your online reputation. Be proactive with your outreach strategy so you stand out within your industry with all of the positive feedback about your company.