What to Know Before Opening Up a Second Google My Business Location

A mistake we’ve seen a lot of businesses make is they open a second location prior to getting this second location verified on Google My Business.

The reason this is an issue is because customers will type in your brand name onto Google and will be taken to your original location, causing confusion and potential issues for your Google My Business page.

The 3-Week Rule for Opening a Second Location

I strongly recommend not opening your second location until it has been verified on Google. Consider your business open for operation once it has been verified on Google My Business.

You should request a postcard to verify your Google My Business 3-weeks before opening. Why 3-weeks? It can take 2-weeks to receive your Google My Business verification postcard in the mail. If for some reason you don’t get the postcard in the mail (which happens frequently when opening up a new business) you will have to wait 2-weeks before being eligible to go through the video verification process.

To make a long story short, 3-weeks gives you enough time to verify your Google My Business page prior to customers and employees coming to your location.


In the example below, you can see Bob’s Barber Shop opened their second location in a suburb. The original downtown location is verified. He was so excited for the grand opening of his second location, he forgot to get the second location verified on Google My Business.

What will happen is people will type “Bob’s Barber Shop”on Google to get directions. This will  take them to Bob’s original downtown location, since the suburb location isn’t verified and the downtown location is verified. This causes mass chaos and has the following ramifications:

  • Wrong Directions for Customers
  • User Suggested Edits for Wrong Location
  • Unverification of Page
  • Merging of Pages
  • Bad signals sent to Google

Business owners and marketers are busy. There’s so much focus on what goes into opening a second location that they can forget about something like verifying their second Google My Business page prior to opening.

Hopefully this information will make the opening of your second location a more seamless one!