The power of Facebook’s tracking pixel

Written By: Jason Parks, President of The Media Captain

When it comes to social media marketing, everyone thinks they are an expert. I’ve interviewed hundreds of job candidates for social media positions at our agency. Most people believe if they can get 50 “likes’ on an Instagram status, they are a true social media guru.

The comparison I like to make is LeBron James versus myself in basketball. Yes, I can play basketball and shoot a three pointer. Yes, I once considered myself a decent player. I’m on a completely different stratosphere compared to LeBron James. If I were placed on an NBA team, I’d be a huge liability and the thought of me walking on the court is laughable. Any team LeBron James is a part of becomes an instant favorite to win the championship. Yet when it comes to social media, people who post a picture and garner some interaction think they are experts.

When it comes to your social media, you want a true guru running your campaigns. Otherwise, you can be wasting valuable time and money. Fortunately, we have a team of social media experts who can confidently create and then execute on campaigns and come up with robust strategies.

Let’s get into Facebook’s tracking pixel
What differentiates the contenders versus the pretenders when it comes to social media marketing is how well they are utilizing Facebook’s tracking pixel. According to Facebook, the new Facebook pixel makes conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing easier than ever.

Imagine if you own an e-commerce company. You can create different advertisements for people who add items to their cart versus just visiting a product page. You can get very in-depth in regards to your targeting and messaging. If you want to run a special promotion but exclude people who have already made a purchase, you can do this, no problem.

My sister and I own an e-commerce skin care and beauty site, DermWarehouse. Below, you can see our Facebook pixel in action. We have different events set-up for the following action items that will happen on our site. We will then come up with creative based off of the event.

  • Page View
  • General Event
  • View Content
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
This is an example of Facebook’s standard event pixel for DermWarehouse.

How to leverage creative utilizing insight from the standard event pixel
Below is an example of an advertisement that is running if someone has initiated a checkout or added an item to their cart but excluding anyone who has already made a purchase. Why would we exclude someone who has made a purchase? If they didn’t see the 15% off promo, we wouldn’t want to offend them thinking they didn’t get a good deal on their order.

We created a specific campaign with unique creative and a unique promo just based on different variations of our standard events!














Tracking Performance 
We just launched this campaign but you can already see that we’ve generated 2 sales for an $18.46 cost per conversion. Not too shabby! If you have the Facebook pixel in the right place, you can also see how much revenue was generated from the campaign. For this campaign, $185.00 in revenue was generated, which makes this very profitable. This means we’ll likely invest more money into this campaign to drive more sales.

If you are generating sales from Facebook’s pixel, it is time to double down!





How to place pixel on your site 
There are many great plugins that will help you create standard event pixel, like PixelYourSite.

PixelYourSite will help you insert the Facebook pixel code on every page of your site with just one click and set up Custom or Standard Events. Check out the video below to see how this is done!

PixelYourSite is compatible with WooCommerce sites, which is what we use for DermWarehouse. There are plugins for Shopify, Magento and many others to help you streamline this process rather than having to rely on a developer.

If you still need development help to further customize this process, fortunately, The Media Captain has some great developers that can help you out 🙂

All-Star Performance
When you are game-planning on your social media strategy, make sure you are working with all-stars who will elevate your game to the next level, not hold you back.

Anyone who is serious about social media marketing should have a great understanding of the Facebook pixel, in addition to steller content creation and targeting options.