Setting-Up Video Remarketing in Google Ads


Article Updated: July 27, 2020

Note: This article was updated since much of the original content from 2015 was out of date. There is new information pertaining to Google Ads and Video Retargeting.

Video remarketing can yield one of the lowest cost per acquisitions for your business if the campaign is implemented correctly.

We go into detail about the steps to follow to set-up a video remarketing campaign in Google Ads. Once the campaign is launched, we’ll cover more details on how to track conversions and measure success.

You’re all familiar with the concept of remarketing. Just to refresh your memory, a remarketing advertisement allows you to deliver your branded ads to people who have already visited your website. When it comes to video retargeting, this has immense value as you’re able to showcase the personality of your business.

Our in-house eCommerce brand, DermWarehouse, sells dermatologist skincare and beauty products. We carry thousands of products from hundreds of brands. This is a family business. I started the company with my sister, who runs the day-to-day operations. My dad is the dermatologist backing the company.

We want potential customers to get to know our family story so there’s more of an emotional connection. That’s why each time someone drops off our site (if they haven’t purchased), we serve them a video about our family business (watch below).


This video added a personal touch that can’t be matched with another form of media.

We’re now gonna teach you how to set up a video remarketing advertisement so you can turn a prospect into a customer.

First, You Must Understand Audiences in Google Analytics 

For starters, you’ll need to create a video about your business with pertinent information to lure potential customers back to your site. Keep the following in mind when you’re filming the video:

  • Customized message since users have already been on your site
  • Make sure the video is high quality so it properly reflects your brand image
  • Give the viewer the option to call in or visit the website
  • Have a strong and memorable call to action at the end of your video 
    • Offering 10% off to people who mention the video will get their attention

In the case of DermWarehouse, we wanted to showcase personality while simultaneously offering value with a percentage off products. 

Uploading your video to YouTube is the easiest way to integrate the video with Google Ads. If you need help, here’s some guidance

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Create a Remarketing Audience in Google Analytics 

Google Analytics records all website traffic and nearly every trackable metric pertaining to your website. The metric we need to Retargeting is “All Visitors” (Remarketing and Retargeting are interchangeable terms in the Digital Marketing world), and we’ll use this to create the remarketing audience to serve your video to past website visitors on YouTube.

To begin, click on Admin > Audience Definitions > Audiences, highlighted in the screenshots below. 

  • On the audience page, click on the “All Website Data” and then click “Next Step.”

  • You’ll then want to define your audience. For most retargeting campaigns, you can select “All Users.” You can select a timeframe for how far back you want to serve ads to past visitors of your site. If someone hasn’t converted, do you want to serve them ads for 30-days, 60-days or 90-days? This will be predicated based on your business model… Next, you’ll name the audience. To keep things simple, we’ll name the audience “Remarketing” then define our audience destination.

  • Lastly, we’ll add the linked Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts as destinations and then click “Publish.” This creates your remarketing audience and shares it with Google Ads, allowing us to create our remarketing campaign and begin sending traffic back to your website!

Setting up the Video Remarketing Campaign 

You now have an understanding of a retargeting audience, which is important for setting-up a video retargeting campaign in Google Ads.

To create a new Video Remarketing campaign within Google Ads, begin by pulling up your account.

  • Click on the blue + then click on + New Campaign
  • You’ll then see numerous options for goals to select 
    • When it comes to video retargeting, we like to test “Website Traffic vs. Brand Awareness and Reach” to determine which goal drives the lower CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). We also like to see if brand awareness and reach can drive a lower cost per click than website traffic.

  • Next, you’ll want to choose the video option. 

  • Select the Campaign Subtype 
    • We typically select skippable in-stream ads. You only get charged if viewers watch more than 15-seconds of your video. This gives you a lot of exposure for those who skip the video beforehand and you don’t get charged. For more information on campaign subtypes for video, click here.

  • Name Your Campaign, Select Bid Strategy and Select Your Budget 
    • Campaign Name
      • Simply Name Your Campaign
    • Bidding Strategy
      • It should already pull in your bid strategy based on your campaign subtype
    • Select Budget
      • You can either select daily or campaign total

  • Networks, Languages, Locations, Inventory Type, Excluded Types and Labels 
    • Networks 
      • We typically don’t change this and keep it as is (Campaign Name, Bid Strategy and Budget + Dates)
    • Languages
      • We typically keep this as just English
    • Location
      • We typically select “United States” as the country. The reason is that if someone visits our site, regardless of their location, they are likely interested in our services. If you are a dentist in Columbus, Ohio though, you may want to just select “Ohio” as traffic outside of Ohio wouldn’t convert for your business.
    • Inventory Type
      • We leave this as standard inventory
    • Excluded Types and Labels
      • We leave this Google’s default options

  • Ad Group Name & Demographics 
    • Ad Group Name
      • For the sake of this article, we named this, “Video Retargeting.”
    • Demographics
      • Since DermWarehouse sells luxury skincare products, we typically exclude 18-24 from our audience, even for retargeting. We go back and forth on this though.

  • Audiences 
    • This is what we’ve all been waiting for! Your audience is where you pull in your retargeting audience that was created in Google Analytics. This is what allows you to serve your video advertisement ONLY to people who visited your site.

  • Selecting Target CPM Bid 
    • According to AdStage, the average CPM for YouTube is $9.88. We recommend starting around $6.50, since it’s retargeting on your own site, and monitor to make sure you’re getting the necessary impressions based on the bid.

  • Selecting Video & Launching 
    • We’re almost done folks! You’ll now enter your YouTube URL. You must have the video uploaded onto YouTube in order to get retargeting on Google Ads for a video. After this you’ll enter your destination URL and your display URL. You’ll then create a call-to-action and a headline and you can launch your campaign! 

We did it! Now, every time someone drops off your website, they will see the new video advertisement. The goal is to maintain awareness and hopefully result in the viewer taking action, whether that’s going back to your website or reaching out over the phone.

Jason Parks

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