5 Video SEO Tricks

Did you know that Google has owned YouTube since late 2006? You might be wondering how this will effect your search engine optimization results. Ever since Google took control of YouTube, the search engine giant has given credit to YouTube videos in the organic search results. If you have conducted a search on Google over the years, there is a strong likelihood that you will have stumbled upon a video thumbnail in the organic results. Have you ever wondered how exactly this video appears in the organic search results?

Later on in this blog post, we will provide 5 Video SEO Tricks for proper guidance to get your video to appear high on the search engines. The beauty of having a video rank well on Google is that the thumbnail image will instantly separate itself within the search results against regular websites. Additionally, by having rich media that will convey the overall message of your company, a video has a strong likelihood generate more leads and ultimately, more conversions.

Follow the 5 Video SEO Tricks and you might just see your video appear on Page #1 of Google!

  • Choose Title Tag
    • Choose a relevant title tag that people will be searching for within your industry and include this title tag within the YouTube video
      • If you have an apartment community in the West End of Nashville, make sure to include “West End Nashville Apartments” within the title tag of the YouTube video. This presents the opportunity to rank well for this keyword
  • Upload a Transcription
    • If you type out a transcript of the YouTube video, an opportunity presents itself to add this transcription for your YouTube video which will provide more content to get indexed by Google
      • According to Google, in order to create a transcript file, type the text of what was said in your video and save it as a plain text file (.txt). You can do this by converting other formats (like Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF) into a plain text file or you can use native programs on your computer like TextEdit or Notepad.
  • Embed Video
    • The more websites where you can embed your YouTube video, the better! This will allow for the YouTube video to receive more views and exposure. In the eyes of Google, this will differentiate your video as “popular” compared to other videos out there and could potentially lead to better rankings.
  • Include a Lengthy Description
    • YouTube allows for you to create a description for each video. This is a great place to add more relevant text that could be indexed by the search engines. This content should also be beneficial to someone who might be looking to obtain more information on your video.
  • Increase Interaction
    • The more interaction you get on your video, the better! If people are commenting on your video and interacting (Which includes sharing) this will only help your exposure in the search engine ranking positions.

If you follow the 5 Video SEO Tricks mentioned above, you could start to see your YouTube video ranking well sooner rather than later. Just remember, you will want a high quality video so people will actually enjoy watching your content and interact. High quality content at the end of the day is what really drives results!

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Columbus SEO Company.