A List of Best SEO’s to Follow on Twitter

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A frequent question I get asked an agency owner with a strong focus on SEO is, “What books do you read to understand and stay up on top of SEO?”

By the time books are published, the content is outdated in the fast-paced world of SEO. There likely would have been 1-2 major algorithm updates in this timespan. Twitter is hands down the best place to tune into what’s happening in the SEO world.

Whether you want to know about algorithm updates, local SEO and Google My Business, Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Analytics and much more, Twitter is where you can gather and absorb industry information.

I posted some of my favorite SEO’s to follow on Twitter (view original tweet). What transpired in the comment thread was awesome. So many experts and legends within the SEO community started adding onto the list of their favorite people to follow. This allowed me to compile the 40 best SEO experts to follow on Twitter along with the area they focus on. If you are looking to gain knowledge and insight on a daily basis in SEO, make sure to start following these great industry leaders.

I plan on updating this list so if you feel someone worthy was left out, send me a tweet, @jason_parks1

40 Best SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter

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