Three Benefits of Display Advertising

If you have recently browsed the Internet, there is a high probability that you’ve been hit with a display advertisement.

What exactly is a display ad? A display ad is an advertisement placed on a website which displays text, logos, photographs or other images (see below).

Think of a display advertisement similar to a billboard on the freeway. Many people pass a billboard in their car, so we’ll count that as an impression. While you might have only seen the billboard for a second, it helps with brand awareness and ultimately, the advertiser on the billboard hopes it converts into a sale.

The same can be said for display advertisements. They are billboards on a website. People may not pay attention to them initially, but you’d be surprised with the amazing ways that an advertiser can target these display ads to a custom audience.

So the question you may be asking is how can you make display advertisements beneficial for your business? Below, we’ll list the 3 top reasons why display ads can be very important for your online marketing campaign and result in a positive return on investment.

  • Retargeting
    • If someone were to visit your website, there is a high probability that they won’t initially convert into a lead or a customer. That being said, they visited your site so they are probably interested in what you have to offer. You can retarget this user by placing a tracking pixel on your website. What this will do is serve your display advertisements to different websites that the user visits. This will help dramatically with top of mind awareness for those potential customers.
  • Brand Awareness 
    • Are you just trying to get your company’s message out to the masses? By serving a display ad on a wide variety of websites that interest your customers, you will receive a massive amount of impressions. Whether or not this will result in clicks to your website depends on how well you are placing the advertisements on different websites
  • Tracking
    • With many forms of marketing, it is tough to track. This is not the case for display advertising. Let’s say someone doesn’t click on your display ad, they simply see it on a website they are browsing. You can set-up what is called a view through window. This will monitor anyone who has seen your display ad in a specific time frame, and tell you whether or not they converted into a customer or lead in the future. Pretty neat, right? You can limit the view through window to 2 days, a week, 14 days, heck; you can even make it a month! At the end of the day, you’ll be able to gauge the return on investment from your display ad.

Sure, you might think display ads are annoying when you’re visiting a website.  You may be so accustomed to display ads that you completely tune them out. At the end of the day, they have been very effective for many advertisers, which is the reason you continue to see them for years and years to come!
Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Firm.