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Showing Price in Google PPC Ad Copy

Whether you have the lowest or highest price, including pricing in your ad copy has many benefits to consider.

One of the best ways we see improved performance with click-through rate and conversion percentage is when our clients share their pricing information within the PPC ad copy. Below are reasons why pricing in PPC advertisements are so effective:

  • Provides transparency 
    • When you list your pricing, you are being very clear with people viewing the advertisement how much your service costs or starts at. 
  • Eliminates lower tiered client 
    • You don’t want to waste money on someone that can’t afford your services. By showing your pricing, if it’s outside of someone’s budget, they likely won’t click on your advertisement, saving you money while generating higher quality clicks. 
    • If you can beat the competition on pricing, sharing this with the world via your PPC ads.
  • Stands out versus the competition 
    • We generally see a higher click through rate and stronger ad performance by listing the price for our clients within their advertisements. If your competition has ad copy that is soft and not direct, surpass them with a hard hitting copy showcasing your price.

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Examples of Pricing in Google Ad Copy

Below is the ad copy we are running in the Columbus, Ohio market for marketing agency related keywords for our firm. You’ll notice we state the following within our ad copy: “Marketing Starts at $800/Month.” 

I wanted to walk you through my critical thinking behind the pricing shared within my PPC advertisement. This should help you formulate thoughts for how to list pricing for your business. 

  • Our pricing varies based on the suite of services selected and the size of the account. By listing our starting price, it provides the ability to upsell while providing clarity on the entry point. 
  • We get a lot of inquiries from businesses wanting SEO or Social Media Marketing for $300/month. We want to make it clear that we are not the right agency for these business types.
  • The cost per click for marketing related keywords on Google can be more than $15 per click. It’s important for us to save our clicks for people who have the budget for our suite of services. 
  • We’re comfortable with the competition seeing our entry point for pricing. By listing the pricing in our ads, we’ve amassed more clients than keeping it a secret from our competitors. 

Example of Pricing in PPC Ad Copy from a Roofing Client

A painting client of ours had a limited budget to work with. There’d be days where they’d exhaust the budget with 4-5 clicks and there’d be no leads to show for it. His exterior projects started at $4,000. Once we started listing the price within their ad copy, we saw a 30% increase in leads. This painting company was also converting at a higher percentage on the new leads since the potential customers were able to afford the $4,000 paint job versus having expectations it would only cost $800.

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Common Questions About Pricing in PPC Ad Copy

  • Should I include pricing in my PPC ads? 
    • I firmly believe you should incorporate pricing into your PPC ads. This provides more transparency and eliminates wasteful clicks. 
  • Does including pricing in PPC ads affect performance?
    • We generally see a higher click through rate and uptick in quality leads.  
  • What are the cons of including pricing in PPC ad copy? 
    • Your high pricing could scare people away if you don’t have the quality standards, reviews or experience. 
    • Your competitors will see your pricing so be prepared for this. 
  • How to test effectiveness of pricing in PPC ads? 
    • Look at the click through rates and conversion rates of your advertisements with and without pricing so you can A vs. B test. 
  • Best practices for including pricing in PPC ads
    • When you are selling a product, pricing is straightforward. When you offer a service, the pricing can vary. Include “Starting At” for service based pricing is a best practice that we recommend. 
  • What if you have a low product or service? 
    • I still recommend listing your pricing in the PPC copy. Lowest price wins in many instances and should be showcased in your advertisements.

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In Closing 

  • We encourage our clients to include pricing in their PPC ad copy. 
  • We practice what we preach and incorporate pricing into the ad copy for our agency. 
  • Whether your pricing is the lowest, middle of the pack or highest, there are benefits to showing your price in the ad copy. 
  • It can feel uncomfortable at first listing pricing if you’ve been secretive about marketing this but you can expect to see an increase in click through rates and conversion rates. 
  • Our clients generally see a higher quality client type that aligns with their ideal client when pricing is listed. 
  • Being transparent with your pricing eliminates wasteful steps in the sales process. 
  • You can always A vs. B test your ad copy with and without pricing to determine the effectiveness. 

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