Benefits of Google Adwords Responsive Display Ads

Google took a book out of Facebook’s playbook and made it easy and attractive to create display ads. No longer do you need to work with a graphic designer to ensure your display ads are compelling. With Google’s responsive display ads, anyone can set these powerful ads up in minutes.

What are the benefits of Google’s responsive display advertisements?

  • Saves Time
    • You can set this up yourself without relying on a designer
  • More Flexibility
    • You can change messaging on your display ads as there is an option for a title, description and headline
  • Easy Image selection
    • Google will scan your website and find images from your site that you can use in your responsive display ad
      • Google will also find recommended images that are free to use
  • Retargeting Diversification
    • It is now easier to retarget to different pages on your site with various messaging and image selection based on the page the person visited
  • Responsiveness
    • Your ads will now be compatible with all image ad sizes since you are not relying on exact specifications from your designer

Below are example advertisements that were created in less than 5-minutes for our digital marketing agency utilizing Google Ads responsive display feature.

Not too shabby, eh?


I’m not a designer but these look pretty pretty good 🙂

If you have any questions on Google’s responsive display ads or anything related to online advertising on Google, don’t hesitate to contact The Media Captain!