3 Tips to Drive Instant Internet Traffic Using PPC Advertising!

It is mind-blowing to imagine that if you were wanting a marketing strategy to drive new potential business to your website, it could be done tomorrow! This is the beauty with pay-per-click advertising across Google and the major search engines.

If you were the owner of a hair salon in Cleveland, Ohio, you could bid on the keywords “Hair Salon Cleveland” on Google around a 15-mile radius of your business. The next day appointments at the salon could be all booked thanks to the high quality web traffic and the set-up of you advertising campaign.

It is easier said than done to maximize a return on investment with a PPC campaign.

Below are THREE TIPS to achieve optimal results:

Compelling Title

You only have 25 characters for the headline so you want to make sure that you grab the users attention and incorporate important keywords into the title. The title below is one that The Media Captain would recommend for the Cleveland Hair Salon. It is recommended to create 3-4 different sets of ad copy so you can see which one performs the best.

EX: #1 Hair Salon in Cleveland

Keyword Selection

Are you familiar with the Adwords keyword planner? You can search for new keyword and ad group ideas by simply adding your product or service, landing page and product category. Creating a list of valuable keywords that will drive new business is crucial. Just start with 10 keywords and measure the top performers! Be sure that you know the difference between phrase match, broad match, exact match and broad match modifier. These small details make a BIG difference for a PPC campaign.

EX KW’s: “Hair Salon Cleveland”
“Hair Salon in Cleveland”
“Hair Salon”
“Hair Salon”

Business can boom thanks to a PPC strategy!

Google Analytics Integration

So you think you’ve created compelling advertising copy and high quality keywords and are ready to launch your campaign! Hold on one second… How exactly do you plan on measuring success? Making sure that you add conversion tracking to Adwords and integrate the campaign with Google Analytics is a MUST! This will allow you to gauge which keywords have the lowest bounce rate; most page visits and ultimately drive the most leads. It will teach you how you should be allocating your budget for your campaign!

There are plenty of businesses, like “Cleveland Hair Salon” that have grown tremendously using pay-per-click advertising. A perfect example is a Divorce Lawyer in Tampa Bay who increased traffic and conversions dramatically by implementing a proper PPC strategy. Remember, the right strategy and execution must be in place, otherwise you’ll be flushing your money down the toilet (or in this case, giving it to Google). The beauty of the internet is that you could grow your business tomorrow by implementing a pay-per-click advertising strategy.