Importance of a Pre-Launch Landing Page


A pre-launch landing page is a simple one-page site that goes live while your website is being built. This page will help legitimize your brand and give visitors some information about your company before site launch. When someone types in your domain name, they will arrive at your landing page with key information about your business.

Building a website from scratch can take several months to complete. The pre-launch landing page serves as a placeholder before the launch of your site. These landing pages are frequently used for new businesses before their fully completed website launch, although there are other scenarios for these landers as well. 

Don’t get a pre-launch landing page confused with a traditional landing page. A traditional landing page is used for paid advertisements and other marketing initiatives. The pre-launch lander is used before the launch of your site. 

Below is an example of a pre-launch landing page from The Foundation, the NIL for Ohio State.

Importance of a Pre-Launch Landing Page: 

  • Legitimizes brand 
  • Locks up and secures domain name 
  • Showcases branding and style 
  • Builds anticipation prior to launch 
  • Collects contact information for marketing purposes 
  • Shares key messaging 
  • Improves SEO

Different Types of Pre-Launch Landing Pages 

  • Fully operating business
    • A pre-launch landing page can still help you capture leads while your larger-scale site is in development. You’d be surprised how many active businesses still operate without a website. Including some basic information and a contact form on your landing page can be very effective in capturing leads while your site is in development.
  • Coming Soon 
    • If your business is opening on a future date, you’ll want to promote this in a unique way to build anticipation. 
  • Under Construction 
    • If you’re not happy with your existing site and want to take it down while working on a new website, you can showcase that your site is under construction.

What to include on a Pre-Launch Landing Page 

Below is essential information that our marketing agency frequently incorporates onto pre-launch landers that we build. 

  • Branding 
    • Include your logo, color scheme and font family on your landing page. It’s good for the landing page to align with other marketing materials that are being distributed. 
  • Key Messaging 
    • What are the important messages you want to get across on your landing page? Are you promoting a product launch? Are you promoting the grand opening of your business? Do you want to capture leads? This message must be clearly conveyed to your audience. 
  • Establishing Authority and Trust 
    • What makes you an expert? Why should people trust your business? Include this information to help legitimize your brand so people can learn more about your company. 
  • Opening Date 
    • When will your business be opening? A countdown clock is a great way to build up anticipation prior to launch.
    • The purpose of the landing page example below for Luca’s Barkery was to announce the opening of this Cleveland pet store. This page helped build excitement and buzz around the store opening.

  • Contact Information 
    • You want people to know where you’re located and how to get in contact with you. Be sure to include information such as the following: 
      • Physical Address
      • Hours of Operation
      • Phone Number 
      • Email Address 
  • Photography 
    • Any photos you have to show off the personality of your brand are important. You can showcase pictures of your owners and staff, your physical location, menu items, products, etc. 
  • Social Media Channels 
    • Every new brand should create a social media strategy. We recommend pulling in your Instagram feed to your landing page so these visual updates can be seen by site visitors. You should also have a link to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other key channels that’s important to your business. 
  • Email Sign-Up 
    • Let people sign-up for special announcements about your company via an email sign-up form. MailChimp is our preferred email marketing platform for non eCommerce businesses. Klaviyo is what we recommend for our eCommerce clients. Once you capture emails, you can enter them into flows so they start getting automated marketing messages from your company. You can contact our email marketing experts to learn more. 
  • Contact Form 
    • If you have an operational business that can take on new customers, have a contact form for people to learn more about your services. 

Are you looking for a stellar landing page for your business? Contact our web design company for assistance!

Examples of Pre-Launch Landing Pages

Below are two other example landing pages we built for a roofing company and a moving software company. In each instance, the client wasn’t happy with their existing website and wanted a landing page in place prior to the launch of their new and improved website.

Landing Page for Roofing Company

This  landing page does a great job of showcasing the services that the roofing company offers, showcases personality with company photos, and allows them to collect information from customers who may be interested in working with them.

Landing Page for B2B Company

This landing page showcases the different software plans that Movepoint offers. It explains what the company offers and allows potential customers to get in touch.

In Closing:

  • As you’re building a new website or updating an existing website, building a pre-launch landing page can help you legitimize your brand, showcase your products or services, collect customer information, and build anticipation prior to launch.
  • If you’re looking for a landing page for your business, contact The Media Captain.

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