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How Marketing Agencies Should Leverage AI Tools

At The Media Captain, we work with hundreds of clients across numerous industries. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies like AI to amplify our marketing strategies and provide results-driving solutions for our clients.

While AI should not replace human creativity and expertise, when used properly, it can significantly improve efficiency, enhance content, and lead to better outcomes. Let’s dive into some of the critical AI tools we leverage and how we use them to benefit our clients:


ChatGPT by OpenAI has become an invaluable tool in our marketing toolkit. With its advanced natural language capabilities, we use ChatGPT for:

  • Questionnaires 
    • ChatGPT helps us put together targeted questions on very specific topics related to our client’s business. We can ask very specific questions related to customers or industries, which helps with personalization and overall results.
  • Keyword research
    • While we use SEMRush for keyword research, ChatGPT provides us with a great preliminary list to expand on.
  • Title tags & meta descriptions
    • ChatGPT can quickly generate unique, optimized title tags and meta descriptions for each page. While these have decreased in importance for SEO, they still provide value.
  • Ad copy
    • ChatGPT gives us creative starting points for ad copy across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. We still refine and personalize the ad copy, but this helps expedite the process. This is also really helpful when you need to come up with ad copy that fits certain character requirements. 
  • Transcriptions
    • This is huge for our agency. Client interviews can now be transcribed through ChatGPT and extract key talking points. For example, we helped a personal injury lawyer rank on the first page for “medical malpractice” keywords by interviewing them and having ChatGPT transcribe and summarize the content.
  • Other uses for ChatGPT include:
    • FAQs
    • Website navigation structure and organization
    • Job postings and descriptions 
    • Composing emails
    • Email marketing campaign ideas
    • Social media post ideas

ChatGPT-4 | DALL·E 3

In addition to text, ChatGPT can also generate completely original images through integration with image AI DALL-E. By providing detailed prompts and context, we can have ChatGPT design customized graphics and assets tailored to each client’s brand and needs.

For example, say we want to create stylized Instagram posts promoting new products for Park Perfection, a luxury skincare client. First, we would analyze the brand aesthetic by uploading a screenshot of their website to ChatGPT and asking it to describe the color scheme and design style.

ChatGPT reports that Park Perfection utilizes mint green, white, soft gray, and black in a minimalist, elegant, and luxurious style.

Armed with this context, we then switch to ChatGPT’s DALL-E integration and prompt it to “Create stylized social media images to promote new products and specials for Park Perfection. Generate overhead view images for Instagram with a white background, mint green and soft gray accents, and space in the center to overlay text and product photos. Ensure the design is minimalist, modern, elegant and luxurious. Park Perfection is a luxurious skincare brand focused on natural ingredients and therapeutic self-care.”

ChatGPT’s DALL-E then generates multiple fresh graphic options that perfectly match the requested look, dimensions, and copy space. We can then incorporate these visuals directly into Park Perfection’s Instagram campaign.

This example demonstrates how ChatGPT’s dual text and image generation can be leveraged in tandem to quickly create completely custom branded graphics on demand. The possibilities are endless for crafting visual content that aligns with each client’s unique aesthetic and goals. is an AI assistant that excels in summarizing large blocks of text. When we conduct client interviews, can take long transcriptions and condense them down into concise, actionable insights.

For example, we recently interviewed a dental client for over an hour about their practice. generated a summary highlighting the most important aspects that we could then turn into website content.

An example of a summary from an interview with a dental client provided by Claude.AI
An example of a summary from an interview with a dental client provided by Claude.AI


For creating specialized content at scale, is a game-changer. With we can create client-specific projects, create a unique “brand voice”, and access various content generators like email campaigns, blog ideas, SEO content, and more.

For instance, you can use to quickly generate a customized outreach email for a client simply by plugging in their LinkedIn profile URL and have a custom-tailored message in minutes instead of hours.

A screenshot of writing a customized email using a LinkedIn profile URL
A screenshot of writing a customized email using a LinkedIn profile URL


When it comes to imagery, Midjourney allows you to instantly generate custom images and assets. Instead of stock photos, we can create original visuals optimized for each client and campaign. These unique images stand out and engage audiences across websites, ads, and social media.

For example, you can use Midjourney to create images of a person signing a legal document, perfect for a lawyer or bondsman-related clients. Think AI can’t generate hands? Think again!

An example of AI-generated photos of a person signing a document
An example of AI-generated photos of a person signing a document

Bing Chat

While fairly new, Bing Chat has intriguing capabilities. The AI chatbot is able to cite external sources and generate images based on conversational prompts. This allows us to quickly research and analyze clients, competitors and industry trends through Bing’s vast search indexing.

Bing Chat references its sources when providing answers, allowing you to verify information
Bing Chat references its sources when providing answers, allowing you to verify information


As Google’s new conversational AI, BARD aims to provide helpful, high-quality responses by combining external sources with its own knowledge. BARD can help generate schema markups and even analyze your on-page optimization.

The Media Captain: Combining AI and Human Expertise

These are just a few of the AI tools our marketing agency leverages to enhance workflows, content, and strategy for clients. The key is finding the right balance between AI efficiency and human creativity. We consult with clients to determine the best application of AI based on their specific business needs and goals.

And remember, while AI has many benefits, it should not fully replace expert content creators and strategists. 

If you’re looking for an agency at the cutting edge of integrating AI and human experience, look no further than The Media Captain. We would love to explore how we can incorporate these technologies into a tailored marketing solution for your business.

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