Sears Home Services – SEO

Sears Home Services had an issue where numerous individual franchise owners signed up for link building services from non-reputable companies, which resulted in low quality links pointing back to their site.

The Media Captain analyzed their backlink profile and disavowed the low-quality links. Simultaneously, new backlinks were being acquired by The Media Captain’s team of digital marketers to improve the authoritativeness of their link profile.


  • Over $1 Million increase in revenue from uptick in organic in the calendar year for both divisions of Sears
  • Organic traffic increased over 30%
  • Goal completions increased 22%
  • Goal value increased 23%
  • Over $1 Million increase in revenue from uptick in organic in the calendar year

The Media Captain also conducted on-site analysis to better understand the thousands of pages of content under each franchise domain. It was evident that there were unnecessary child pages, which The Media Captain redirected into the parent page to improve the user experience and make the site more easily understandable to Google.

Between disavowing the backlinks, building new quality links and redirecting low trafficked pages, organic traffic increased over 30% for both Sears Clean and Sears Garage, which resulted in over a $1 million increase in revenue for both divisions of Sears.

“As a digital marketer with over 6 years of experience in SEO it was very difficult to hire an agency to help move the needle for our business. The reluctance I felt was overcome when I met Jason and his team at The Media Captain. Their understanding of the key components that make up a successful SEO strategy and ability to stay current on trends made hiring them one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career.”

~ Mike Buckner, Marketing Manager, Sears Clean

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