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Dr. Daniel Wilson is a chiropractor in Davidson, North Carolina.

Before working with The Media Captain, his SEO was nonexistent. His biggest concern was people not being able to find him in his local market for his brand name, which was an issue.


  • 15 tracked keywords on page one of Google
  • 103% increase in organic website traffic
  • 06% increase in search visibility
  • 82% increase in organic leads via the website
Inspire Chiropractic Dr Dan SEO Services

The Media Captain quickly realized that he needed to increase his domain authority to establish credibility [learn more about domain authority HERE].

The first move The Media Captain made was submitting Dr. Wilson to a local directory, to establish credibility within his own local market. The next step was auditing and optimizing Dr. Wilson’s website to ensure all technical components were sounds and the proper keywords were placed throughout the site.

Link building was also needed to bolster Dr. Wilson’s domain authority. The Media Captain team could find local events, such as 5K runs to sponsor to help Dr. Wilson gain awareness, while generating valuable hyperlocal backlinks.

Not only does Dr. Wilson rank for his brand name, his website ranks near the top of Google for coveted keywords that can drive net new business, like, “Skybrook Chiropractor.”

TMC created an on-site SEO strategy to ensure SparkSpace had the most profitable keywords placed strategically throughout its website. Popular search terms were also identified and tracked versus competitors to gauge where SparkSpace ranked.

The Media Captain helped formulate a link building strategy for the team at SparkSpace to execute on.

After just 3-months, SparkSpace saw a significant increase in organic traffic and leads, all due to The Media Captain’s SEO strategy.

“I could not be happier with my experience with The Media Captain. I am seeing continuous growth month after month in our office. They keep in touch and let me know what strategies we are using to grow and drive traffic to our website and in a short time we have seen our website become a tool to grow our business rather than just an informational page on the web. Highly recommend!”

~ Dr. Daniel Wilson, Owner, Inspire Chiropractic

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