How To Select The Right Keywords for an SEO Campaign

Keywords for your SEO campaign don’t just appear out of thin air; they come after a solid research. If done well, your time is well-spent, as ranking for the right keywords can attract more traffic and in turn, convert more visitors. Here are some tips on how to select the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

1. Go for the Long Tail

In an ideal world, all your keywords that get hundreds or thousands of daily searches would rank high. But in reality, those only make up about 30% of all searches performed on the web. The other 70% of the searched are comprised of “long tail” keywords. These keywords don’t get a lot of search volume, but when added together, the volume can be quite significant.

According to Moz, long tail keywords also convert better because they capture visitors in the later stage of a buying cycle. Someone searching for a generic term like “RV” is probably just browsing, but “2006 Winnebago Rialta used Portland” is most likely highly motivated to buy.

2. Avoid Being Too Broad

Having given you the RV example, that’s not the term you’d want to try to rank for anyway. It doesn’t reveal a lot about the user behavior or type of audience you’re seeking. For example, are you optimizing keywords for a dealership to find more potential buyers, or are you running a website that provides information on RVs?

3. Avoid Being Too Specific

The good thing about being specific is that you’ll likely face less competition. But there’s a catch – less competition means there are less people searching for specific keywords. Anyone can rank on front-page for “Used Winnebago Rialta 22HD 21ft solar panel Portland” but it doesn’t mean you should.

To see what the search volumes are for certain keywords and how they might perform, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It’s free and will help you lay down solid groundwork for your campaign. It is also a good idea to run a PPC campaign for several weeks with the keywords you plan on implementing for your SEO campaign. This will allow for you to analyze the quality and traffic coming to your site.

Metrics that can help determine a successful keyword is average time on site, conversions and bounce rate. If a long tail keyword is getting half the search volume but twice the amount of conversions, it is probably a good idea to make this the primary keyword in your SEO campaign.

Online marketers underestimate the importance of coming up with the perfect keyword strategy for an SEO campaign. Make sure you invest the proper amount of time and resources so you will get high quality organic traffic coming to your site.