Why Watching Football on TV Has Surpassed the In-Game Experience

Attendance continues to decrease in the NFL.

I never thought the day would come where I’ d find myself declining a ticket to a football game. As a kid, the day the NFL schedule was released, I would mark games within driving distance from Columbus that the New York Giants were playing in (praying that my dad would take me). It is tough for me to publicly admit this, but if offered a ticket to a football game, nowadays I’d have a tough time saying yes.

Football is the best sport to watch on television, hands down. With the advancement in HDTV, the picture is so crisp that regardless of where your seat is in the stadium, it’ll be tough to get a better view than the one in your living room. Not to mention, the 30-40 seconds in between plays is the perfect amount of time for the commentators to dissect the last play, show 1-2 replays, and prep the viewer for the upcoming play. If you are at the game, the half-minute in-between plays with no commentary can seem like an eternity.

Every network carrying football games shows more replays each year. The large amount of advertising is understandable as this is the stations revenue generator. When you are controlling the remote though, this is not a big deal as you have other great games to choose from. If you are at the stadium in less than ideal weather conditions, watching the overweight fan next to you scarf down his fourth hot dog during the TV timeout isn’t exactly entertaining.

Certain aspects of being at a game in-person are unmatched.  The atmosphere of the crowd, meeting other fans, yelling a play call to the coach (even though he can’t hear you) and being able to say, “you were there” are all awesome! Hell, you can even get 15 “likes” when you post a photo of your fifty-yard line seats on Facebook. That being said, twelve-dollar beers, expensive tickets, no cell phone reception and waiting ten minutes to take a piss aren’t so great.

As technology has advanced and social media has become a part of our every day lives, the in-game experience at football stadiums has been diminished. This isn’t just my opinion. Since 2007, NFL attendance has consistently dropped, as there has been unprecedented growth of TV audiences.

I’ll choose watching the game with my friends from my living room, having good conversations for four quarters, splitting a 24 pack and saving $100 any day of the week.

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain
The Media Captain specializes in HD Video Production and Online Marketing in Columbus, Ohio and New York City.