Why Has Nobody Heard of Scout Mob?

I don’t know about you, but regardless of where I’m living, I love to explore my city. A great way that I’ve found to do this is to utilize daily deal sites for activities, restaurants, etc. so that I can see and do it all without breaking the bank. I love the Groupons, Living Socials, Urban Daddy’s, etc. but I’ve found one that’s doing the same thing… for FREE!

Of course, there’s nothing like getting a discount on a good meal or fun activity, but with the majority of the daily deal sites that have become so popular over the past couple of years, you have to pay an upfront price in order to receive that discount. What if you end up not being able to go? What if you can’t find a friend to join? What if you’re just too busy to use the deal by the time it expires? Well, most deal sites say that you’re SOL.

Scout Mob offers users these same great discounts (though mostly on restaurants), but for free. Receive a daily email with a discounted restaurant (usually up to $25 off) and all you have to do is print the coupon and show up. Yes, you heard me right. Just print the coupon and show up at the restaurant. What’s even better (I know it’s hard to believe it gets better than that) is that with the Scout Mob app, you can browse past deals and use those too! Oh, and you can take mustache pictures (check it out to see what I mean), which of course is just another added bonus on the intuitive, fun, and easy to use app.

I moved to NYC 6 months ago and have been using Scout Mob weekly to discover the great restaurants around the city. Beer and wings for under $20? Yes, please! 50% off coffee at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop? Sign me up! But then come my questions… Why would I ever buy a Groupon or Living Social when I can get essentially the same thing for free? (A: I wouldn’t!) More importantly, why have not one of my friends heard of this amazing site? I have heard that the Scout Mob selection isn’t so great in cities other than New York. And, I must say that it would be nice to have a better NYC selection outside of the East Village… But hey, who am I to complain? Thank you Scout Mob for helping me discover the great food in NY… for half the price!

Stefanie Parks is the Vice President of The Media Captain 
The Media Captain is a Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing Company in Columbus, Ohio and New York, New York.