When it Comes to the Election, Ohio Matters!

For some reason, whenever I tell people that I’m from Columbus, Ohio, they seem surprised. This started years ago at overnight camp. Most of my friends were from the East Coast, and when I told them where I was from, they asked me questions like “Where is Ohio?” or “Is there McDonald’s in Ohio?”  Then I went to college in Maryland and same thing. At this age people knew were Ohio was and obviously they knew that there’s McDonalds in Ohio (I mean is there anywhere without a McDonalds these days?), but still they certainly hadn’t met anyone from there and they couldn’t believe that’s where I was from. They couldn’t believe they had a friend from Ohio!!!

I don’t really get it, but that’s just always how it’s been. I’ve always gotten that reaction when I tell people I’m from Columbus, Ohio. It doesn’t bother me at all, really I just find it funny and even a little odd.

Anyway, while watching the election coverage this week (and in years past), I am always proud of the amount of love that Ohio receives. Ohio is important. It matters. Whole elections come down to the state of Ohio. My friends probably think that I can singlehandedly change the outcome of the election because I’m from Ohio. And hey, maybe I can. You’re vote really counts, they say. And, it does!

Really, all I can say after years of being made fun of for being from Ohio (well, not really made fun of, but you know), I was proud of all the attention us Ohioans got on Tuesday and throughout the election. We deserve it! Go Ohio!

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