What should I look for when hiring an SEO company?

Having an online presence has become a crucial part of staying competitive and relevant in today´s business environment. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process aimed at improving your search ranking so people can find you easier on their search engine results.

Appearing in a prominent position in the organic listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing has become so essential for businesses that finding a good partnership with an SEO Company can make a huge difference in generating more business. Based on a study on Google by Slingshot SEO, the #1 (1st) position receives 18% of organic clicks followed by 10% for the #2 (2nd) position, and 7% going to the #3 (3rd) position. Can you imagine the benefits of appearing in one of these organic positions for your company?

Search engine optimization not only requires flawless execution, a strategy has to be developed that will bring the ideal traffic to your businesses website that can convert into new customers.

At the end of the day, SEO is a crucial part of the sales funnel that can grow your business. If the proper foundation is in place, search engine optimization can provide one of the lowest cost per acquisitions for your company. According to Think Intuitive, roughly 75% of users focus on organic results, ignoring paid ads.

We have shared some statistics on the importance of a strong organic presence. Here is a quick  guide though on what you should look for in hiring an SEO company:

Look at your unique needs

Each business has its own unique set of needs so finding SEO companies that are specialists in solving your needs is the best way to begin your search. Ask the SEO Company that you are interested in hiring about the strategy they plan on implementing for your business. Each industry is different and if they don’t have a unique strategy in mind for your company, they might not be the right fit.

One of our clients is a real estate development company focusing on apartments communities We realized that there was 3X the amount of conversions at a lower cost per acquisition going after keywords at the suburb level compared to the city level. If this strategy were not devised, the entire campaign would have been a waste of time and money. Now we are able to generate an amazing return on investment for the leads we generate through our unique strategy.

Interview various SEO companies

Take the time to interview various firms or individuals that specialize in this service until you find one that you feel matches closely with your needs.

According to Russell Reynolds Associates, a CEO and Board advisory service, having multiple views on the possible outcomes of any action makes for a decision-making process that is more likely to take into account the various risks, consequences and implications of possible actions.

You will learn more about the SEO process when you interview multiple companies. There will also be questions and ideas that come up from speaking with other companies that will help with the decision making process.

Ask for references

Ask the SEO company for a list of previous clients they´ve done work for. When other businesses endorse an SEO company by allowing their names to be used as a reference, you can be confident that the SEO Company in question has done a great job in the past and will do for you in the future.

You should also ask for a document highlighting past SEO “Success Stories.” It is one thing to speak with a reference. It is another to see how they devised a strategy for one of the most competitive keywords and helped an underdog catapult past the competition for numerous keywords.

SEO is a powerful aspect of online marketing that no business can afford to go without. Looking at key areas of strength, talking with various companies and getting references will point you in the right direction in hiring a great SEO company for your business.

This article was written by Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain.