What Did I Do Before Social Media?

Who didn’t love this guy back in the 90’s?

Yesterday evening, a simple tweet about my Ray Ban’s turned into a full-fledged conversation between seven of my friends on Twitter. Hashtags were being thrown around like a Dan Marino 1983 spiral and plenty of inside jokes were taking place. After the conversation settled down, I thought several things to myself… One, Twitter is the shit. Secondly, how did I used to interact with friends before social media?

To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed thinking about life before social networking. I’m constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ (just kidding, nobody uses Google+).  There was a day and time though when I did interact with my friends without social media, let’s rehash:

AOL Instant Messenger:  I had two categories separating my Buddy List. “Guys” and “Girls.” I can remember between 8:30-9:30 PM each weeknight an influx of friends would sign on and we’d have great conversations… What PG-13 movie were we going to see that weekend. What was the latest shirt from Abercrombie you were rocking. Did the Easton mall cops catch you after curfew. Yup, it was awesome!

House Phone: When there was a girl I liked in middle school, to communicate with her; I’d have to call the family house phone. Wow, that was awkward. I’m not sure how I managed but I’d have a five-minute conversation with the Mr. and Mrs. of the household before talking to my crush. Young teenagers should be extremely grateful that they don’t have to take this route of communication.

Notes: I’m not sure if cool kids do this anymore, but back in the day we would pass around notes during class. Girls would decorate their notes in different colors and it was pretty awesome.  Sometimes you’d be walking in the hallway and “boom” a note would slip into your hand. I honestly have no idea how it was coordinated but receiving a note was the greatest morale boost of all times. The notes were long too! What did these young teenagers have to write about? The only things on my mind were my mom’s lasagna for dinner that evening and the Buckeyes and Giants games that upcoming weekend.  I think I responded with more details than that though.

I guess there was a form of communication before social networking (that actually wasn’t that bad). While I do love my fix of social networking, I’d take a handwritten note from a girl over a Facebook post any day of the week!

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