Video: Fear The Beard – James Harden Wins Best Facial Hair in the NBA

When it comes to playoff beards, the NHL normally dominates the discussion. With James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder making it to the NBA Finals, basketball has received amazing publicity in the facial hair community.

James Harden’s Beard, @HardenBeard, actually has its own Twitter account with close to 15,000 followers.

I was waiting for @HardenBeard to compile a list of the best facial hair in the NBA. Since he hasn’t done this, The Media Captain took the honor of ranking the top 5 NBA players facial hair.

#5 Baron Davis – The current New York Knickerbocker has extreme thickness while also pulling off a clean look. He’s been rocking a beard for so long that when you glance back to photos from his playing days at UCLA when he was clean-shaven, he almost looks unrecognizable.

#4 Lebron James – Lebron hit puberty when he was 6.5 years old so he has had a lot of experience maintaining his facial hair. Since Lebron is balding at a rapid pace, the beard does helps distract from his receding hairline.

#3 Kevin Love – The first and only Caucasian to make the list but Love’s beard adds maturity to his appearance. It is tough to get recognized when playing in Minnesota and I’m sure the thick beards helps keep him warm during the frigid winter.

#2 – Vince Carter – You can tell Vince spends a lot of time maintaining his beard and has a unique style you don’t see every day.  The intellectual appearance for Vince works well as many fans are counting down the days until he retires.

#1 of course is James Harden. When your beard has its own Twitter account and there is an entire marketing campaign centralized around your facial hair, obviously you’re going to take home the gold medal in this category. He has thickness and length while having a Mohawk that compliments the beard tremendously. Congratulations James.

There you have it, the top five NBA players facial hair. If have some other suggestions, let me know on Twitter, @TheMediaCaptain. I want to give a special shoot-out to Joakim Noah for not only having the worst facial hair in the NBA, but possibly the entire world.

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