Vice Presidential Running Mate Paul Ryan (@PaulRyanVP) Weak with Social Media!

Can Paul Ryan Becoming an American Political Social Media Icon?

The breaking news over the weekend was that Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate for the upcoming 2012 election. There will be countless articles and media coverage analyzing whether or not selecting Ryan will benefit the Romney campaign.

The Media Captain is not here to examine the decision made by the Republican Party. Instead, we will closely scrutinize Paul Ryan’s social media abilities (or lack thereof).

Let’s start with Ryan’s Facebook page. 131,000 “Likes” puts him above both of the other vice presidential contenders (Thumbs Up for Paul).  Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has 100K “Likes” while Ohio Sen. Rob Portman has a mere 28,000 “Likes.” The “Republican Paul Ryan” page is inconsistent in terms of content distribution as they average a post every other day. There is a lack of quality tabs and they could definitely use a little graphic design work to uplift their cover photo.  Additionally, the page is lacking of compelling photos and has little fan interaction, which makes the page not very compelling for viewers.

Now, moving over to the micro blogging website Twitter. Ryan’s past Twitter account, @RepPaulRyan, was similar to his Facebook page in terms of inconsistency. From July 18th-24th he didn’t make a single tweet! Paul Ryan was has over 168,000 followers while only following one. Who is the lucky Twitter handle that the new vice presidential nominee is following?  @NationalDebt.  Ryan can now be followed on Twitter @PaulRyanVP.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s campaign will certainly focus on their revitalization plans for the United States economy. With Ryan in the spotlight now more than ever, The Media Captain is just hoping that Paul Ryan can revive his social media efforts… And of course, we are always willing to help 🙂

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain.
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