Top Ten Brands on Social Media

Oreo is known to be one of the most successful brands on Facebook and Twitter. In order to reach such great heights on social, the world’s favorite cookie had to receive approval to freely post its creative content.

This is the exact reason Oreo won the 2013 marketing Super Bowl with a timely blackout ad on Twitter. When the lights went dark in the Super Dome in New Orleans during the big  game, Oreo was clever and timely, which resulted in nearly 15,000 retweets and 20,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Big-name brands like Oreo are leveraging social media extremely well to gather an increasing number of followers and grow their global presence. Social media marketing has allowed large companies an additional medium to reach out to customers and retain their loyalty.

Wittiness, creativity and timeliness are some of the characteristics brands must posses to be considered an elite brand on Facebook. Below are the top ten brands dominating social media at the moment.

Coca Cola

The iconic carbonated soft drink that was established in 1886 has adapted very well to social media. They have over 94 million fans on Facebook and gained an impressive 27,865,291 new views to its Youtube channel in 2014.

Their social posts correlate well with the primary marketing message that they produce. They also have a nice diversification of new and old content, such as showing Elvis endorsing the brand from many decades ago, which is great nostalgic content for Coke.

When Jim Cramer of the famous television show, “Mad Money,” interviewed Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle, he proclaimed that Dominos has been “dominating the digital space.”

Domino’s says that 45 percent of its U.S. sales now come from customers ordering online and that they are running up a higher tab than people who call in their orders.

Social is definitely a driver of digital sales for Dominos. With over 10 million “Likes” on Facebook, Domino’s has properly utilizing social to generate a 137.5% increase in volume on social media since 2013.

Red Bull

Red Bull is a great example of a brand built almost entirely on social media.

In 2012, Red Bull launched a marketing campaign that invited users to engage with the Red Bull team on all major social media sites. For the launch, Red Bull filled their website with thrill seekers and dare devils performing their craft. It projected the image of a cool and daring brand which is a fitting persona for a high energy beverage. In that year they sold 5.2 billion cans of Red Bull!

Red Bull’s former global head of social media had the following tips which Red Bull implements for its social strategy:

– Understanding how people actually use the various social channels so you can effectively use them too.

– Having a good social media strategy.

– Being authentic.

Pretty straightforward, right? Red Bull follows its guidelines to continue to increase the brand awareness for the energy drink.


The California based company proves why it occupies the number one spot in social media by adding the most fans in 2014. With an astounding 30.9 million new fans, Facebook is definitely winning the popularity stakes with over 170 million “likes” on Facebook.

The question I have always wondered is does Facebook have unlimited advertising dollars on Facebook? Think of it, wouldn’t the money go back into their own pocket if they were to purchase advertisements?


If you are looking for an inspirational account to follow, add Nike to your list. Nike leverages sponsorships in an extremely clever manner through its Instagram and other various social accounts.

Combining inspiration with sponsorships works very well for Nike.

In 2013, Nike started getting serious about its marketing on social media by releasing videos of some of the world’s biggest sports stars that ended up going viral. Nike has been rewarded for their efforts with 12,573,089 new followers on Facebook in 2014.


The family movie specialist had another stellar year on social media. Disney released 12 films in 2014 of which “Big Hero 6” and “Into The Woods” were first and second fan favorites respectively. Walt Disney World was also the section leader in the hospitality field on Facebook.

National Geographic

Famous for its captivating documentaries and incredible footage, National Geographic is also doing well in marketing itself online. Building off its success as the most popular brand on Youtube in 2013 (160 million watches!), it added 853,705 new Facebook fans in 2014.


Mentos aren’t just keeping their customers breath fresh with their scotch mints, their also keeping their social marketing campaign fresh with the addition of 9,419,825 new followers to their Facebook page.


Being part of the Google brand, you would expect Youtube to have its social media campaigns in top order. Youtube doesn’t disappoint, as it took the top spot for new Twitter followers with 929,395 joining up to receive its tweets this year.


Editing and sharing photos is big business nowadays. If you want proof, just look to the 488,907 new followers Instagram acquired on Titter this year. Not bad, especially after gaining 16 million new followers for its own profile on Instagram in 2013.