TMC photo of week: Picture of North Market in Columbus

About Our June 29th Photo

The beautiful clouds hovering over the North Market made this photo opportunity too tough to pass up. After a rainy weekend, Sunday finally brought some good weather to Columbus, which is evident by the biker on the right hand side of the photograph. With Comfest taking place down the street, Columbus patrons were thrilled that there was sunlight behind the clouds instead of rain.

Interesting Facts about the North Market

  • Launched in 1876, the North End Market (as it was called then) was located at 29 Spruce Street, at the city’s public cemetery, the ‘North End Graveyard’. The market was the second of four public markets in Columbus.
  • A fire destroyed the North Market in Columbus in 1948.
  • Today, more than 30 merchants vend a wide variety of fresh, local, authentic food.

Picture of the North Market