TMC Photo of the Week: Michael’s Goody Boy Diner

Michael’s Goody Boy Diner is located two blocks away from our office at 1144 N High St. If we have an early morning project for a client, Michael’s is the go-to breakfast spot for our team.

If you drive down High Street, it is impossible to miss their iconic neon sign and old fashioned diner. With redbrick buildings in the background and flowers trailing along their patio, their restaurant has so much character. Combine the charm on the outside and inside with a breakfast dish of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and chipotle ranch all in one, and it stands to reason that Michael’s is a downtown Columbus breakfast staple.

We snapped a picture in the early morning on Saturday, August 1st. We wanted to capture the character of their memorable sign, which features the old-fashioned burger waitress with bright red, yellow and blue colors. It’s hard for commuters going down High Street to miss their signage!