TJ Oshie’s Twitter Following Grows After Shootout Goal vs. Russia

TJ Oshie might not have been a household name for most American sports fans. That all changed on the morning of February 15th. The Minnesota native delivered the game winning shootout goal for the United States over their long time rival Russia to propel the Americans to a 4-3 win.

Oshie delivered the knockout punch in the eighth round of the Shootout. In the Olympics, coaches can have players shoot multiple times. Oshie scored four shootout goals for the U.S. and quickly became a celebrity all over the country.

The evidence of Oshie’s fame could be found on Twitter. He was trending worldwide after he scored the winning goal on Russian goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. According to ESPN Business Analyst Darren Rovell, TJ Oshie gained 39,500 followers, up 39.8%, in the first hour after the game winner. Additionally, celebrity accounts, such as the White House with 4.7 million followers, were congratulating the forward who plays in the NHL for the St. Louis Blues.

24-hours after the dramatic shootout win, Oshie had over 221.5K followers on Twitter. According to, this made TJ Oshie the 14th most followed player in the entire NHL. Russian player Alex Ovechkin leads the NHL with over 683,000 followers.

TJ Oshie had an American sports moment that will be remembered for years to come. Oshie was able to single handedly take down the Ovechkin led Russians in the shooutout. We’ll have to see whether @OSH74 will be able to eventually overtake @Ovi8 as the NHL player with the most followers.

Image Courtesy of: Washington Post

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