The Media Captain’s Coffee Obsession

**This article was updated on July 11th, 2020. The article is written by Jason Parks, President of The Media Captain

When you step into our office, our obsession with coffee is quite evident. In front of the coffee maker, there is a sign that emphatically states, “Give me coffee and no one gets hurt.”

While the sign is somewhat of a joke, there’s truth behind it. If the coffee maker was broken and there was no caffeine, there would be slight panic amongst our team. There have been rare occasions when I arrived to the office and we were out of coffee or we needed to reload on filters. There’s never been an instance where someone on our team didn’t go on a coffee run or go to the grocery store immediately to restock. 

Our agency has been named a “Top 1% Agency in the U.S.” We also won the “Best PPC Campaign.” We owe a lot of our success to the coffee we consume. When we’re onboarding a client or on a tight deadline, coffee turns us into superstars.

How Much Coffee Do We Consume?

We estimate our team consumes over 10,000 cups of coffee per year. Each day, we make two pots of coffee, each pot has 12 cups within it. When you multiply 24 x 250, which is the estimated work days per year, that equals 6,000 cups of coffee. We then take into consideration the number of staff members that don’t drink from the coffee pot, they prefer their own coffee. We don’t hold grudges against those that don’t drink our house coffee. We just refer to them as our “coffee elitists.”

We estimate our coffee elitists drink another 2,000 cups per year. The coffee pot connoisseurs also need a break every now and then from the daily house coffee. There’s a great coffee shop right next door to our office, The Roosevelt, that we constantly visit. We also do our fair share of Starbucks runs. In total, we estimate outbound coffee accounts for another 2,000 cups of coffee per year amongst our entire team, taking us above the 10,000 milestone. Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration coffee consumed on the weekends or holidays. That will be a study for another day.

Jason Parks, Owner of Media Captain, consuming his morning coffee!

Why is Coffee in our DNA? 

What’s funny is that I didn’t drink coffee until after college. Once I got into the marketing world and agency life, I realized I needed caffeine to function from the early morning into the evenings. It’s not like I always had an obsession with coffee. I wasn’t fond of the taste until it became a part of my daily routine. There’s been no turning back since starting The Media Captain back in 2010. It’s now gotten to the point where I hardly have cream or sugar in my coffee. I drink it black and prefer it that way. Although on the weekends, I do sometimes splurge for a Splenda and some cream.

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Like many other business owners, there are early mornings and late hours that come with the job territory. I’m an early riser. I start my workday around 6:30 AM. To function throughout the entire day, especially during the afternoon, I need my coffee. Below is my coffee schedule: 

  • Cup 1 | 6:30 AM 
  • Cup 2 | 9:00 AM 
  • Cup 3 | 1:00 PM 
  • Cup 4 | 7:00 PM 

I try my best to avoid having an evening cup of coffee. If I’m on a tight deadline and need to crank some work out at night, a late cup of coffee is unavoidable.

It became a running joke that we only hire coffee drinkers (this isn’t true, don’t worry). Each new team member we bring on does get a Media Captain coffee mug on their first day of the job! In a lot of our marketing material, we incorporate coffee mugs into our photos and assets. Over time, coffee has become synonymous with The Media Captain.

In Closing – Last Sip 

Since we work with a lot of small business and medium sized business owners, coffee is something we have in common with many of our clients. While some people like to talk about the weather as an ice breaker to kill the time, we much prefer asking, “so, how many cups of coffee do you drink per day?”

In all seriousness, we do love our coffee. We also love getting great results for our clients [view success stories]. We work hard to get great results for our clients on the digital marketing and development side of the business. Although coffee is a part of our daily routine, we’re confident we’d achieve similar results with tea. If there was caffeine in the tea, of course.


Below is a video we filmed back in 2015 about interesting coffee statistics!