The Media Captain’s in the Holiday Spirit!

People’s attention often times shift to the holiday season right after Thanksgiving. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers are flooded with advertisements and want to be a part of the “can’t miss” holiday deals.

Being an online marketing and digital video company, The Media Captain has been preparing for the holiday season since the beginning of September. “We’ve been getting ready for the holiday season right after the summer ended,” said Stefanie Parks, VP of The Media Captain. “It’s an exciting time for companies because their business increases and we’re always excited to help with that process.”

From creating video scripts, coming up with the creative for social marketing campaigns and creating display and PPC advertising for various businesses, The Media Captain has had the holiday jingles in their mind for quite some time now. “It’s always funny having to mentally prepare for the holidays at the beginning of September when it’s 70 degrees outside,” stated Parks. “In this field that we’re in, that’s what you have to do though.”

Cyber Monday saw a dramtic uptick in traffic to many of The Media Captain’s e-commerce client’s websites due to the campaign effectiveness. “At the end of the day, the best present we can give a client come holiday time is amazing web traffic and exposure.”

The Media Captain, specializes in Online Marketing and Digital Video in Columbus, Ohio.