The Media Captain on the Move!

New office space. Let the renovation process begin!

If you are familiar with The Media Captain, you are well aware that we’ve literally been on the go since the company started in 2010. From regularly going into client’s offices, traveling for video shoots and getting work done anywhere that has high-speed internet (thank you Starbucks and Cup of Joe) the past couple of years has been exciting.

We are pleased to announce that we have moved into the Short North area right off of High Street and 5th Avenue

(across the street from American Apparel). We will have a full video production studio inside of the

The Media Captain just moving in!

office space with an infinity white/green screen to produce commercials. The office will also provide a creative environment where clients can stop by to discuss their upcoming marketing initiatives.

The next month will be busy, as we will have to completely renovate the office space to make it compatible for video shoots and the exact setting that we’re looking for. Stay tuned to The Media Captain’s Facebook page, as we will be posting photos and videos of the move-in process.

The Media Captain at a trade show in New York this past year.

  The Media Captain is an online marketing and digital video company located in Columbus, Ohio. For more information visit or call 614.571.5242