INFOGRAPHIC: The Importance of Digital PR

Written By: Jason Parks

Public relations has come full circle. In 2011, media outlets such as Forbes were publishing articles stating that, “PR is Dead.” If you are trying to increase credibility and exposure for your website, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to boost your domain authority (a metric used to gauge how well your site will rank on Google) you need to have other websites mentioning and linking back to your website. This is how Google’s PageRank algorithm operates. In a prior blog post, I wrote in detail about domain authority and how it impacts your SEO.

Any business owner or marketer who wants their website to rank on the first page of Google needs to understand that you need to have a digital public relations strategy in order to get Google to recognize your site as credible. You can accomplish this by contributing content externally, providing valuable quotes within your industry for media outlets and forging relationships locally where your business is located.

Let’s take our agency, The Media Captain, for example. If I were to write an article for the “SEO Times” about the future of search engine optimization, and thousands of business owners, marketers and industry folks were to read this content and share it, this would be one step to establish our agency as a credible source within the industry. Well, Google sees it no differently. When the SEO Times links back to our site, they understand that you are becoming an authoritative figure within the industry you do business in.

Think of your SEO strategy as building a new home. One of the most important components is the foundation of the house, which we refer to as on-site/technical SEO. You want to make sure your website has the right foundation so the user experience is top notch. You also want to set up the site to be user friendly to the search engines so they know what market you are located in and what industry you are looking to target.

There is also the off-site SEO, which we refer to as digital PR. Think of the off-site component as decorating your home. Just because you have a foundation doesn’t mean a family is going to move in. The same holds true for your website. Just because your site is great doesn’t mean you’ll generate traffic. In order to generate organic traffic, you need to establish credibility, which can be done by getting other websites and social outlets referencing your brand.

Below is an infographic provided by Visme which highlights the importance of digital PR.