The Importance of a Digital PR Strategy for SEO Success

If you were to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and search for “Digital Marketing Company,” the competitiveness of this search query is ranked as “High” in Columbus. It is actually so high that if you were to pay to be in the top position for this keyword (through pay per click advertising) Google suggests that the bid for this keyword is $51.32 per click.

Let’s say this search query generated 50 clicks per month. The value of ranking in the #1 overall position organically is $2,566. (50 x $51.32 = $2,566)

This puts into perspective the importance of search engine optimization and ranking well on Google. You can either pay for each click (which has its benefits) or if you rank well organically, the click is essentially free!

Over the past year, The Media Captain has been working hard at developing a strategy to excel at search engine optimization. How exactly do we do this? We have developed a Digital PR Strategy where our content reaches millions of readers and generates hundreds of thousands of social media shares. This is the EXACT type of high quality content that Google is looking for. In turn, this often times can help boost search engine ranking positions.

For each one of our clients, we create a customized SEO strategy that will result in high quality content for their brand. This results in businesses becoming an expert within their industry by contributing content on some of the most well known websites.

For instance, we went after various keywords, UNCC Apartments and SouthPark Charlotte Apartments for two different rental communities. We also added to the mix the keywords for The Retreat at McAlpine and Quarterside Apartments. The strategy for search volume must be in place beforehand.

High Quality Content + Social Shares + Large Readership = Digital Success

If you are curious how high quality content can positively impact your company in the search results, CONTACT THE MEDIA CAPTAIN! You can be on your way to a smooth sailing experience on the search engines!